Soda Dungeon 2 – Achievements Guide

Achievements Guide Progression / Plot These are achievements that comply with the ‘tale’ of the game […]

Achievements Guide

Progression / Plot

These are achievements that comply with the ‘tale’ of the game – as long as you are progressing and shifting the tale forward, you will get these:

  • Ruin – You get this routinely after the prologue
  • Step Into Darkness – Beat the Dark Lord for the primary time on ground one hundred, finishing Dimension 1
  • Whoops – Failing a quest appears counter-intuitive, however the quest you fail is given through the Dark Lord and also you fail it through defeating ground 300, finishing Dimension three
  • Stomp Into Darkness – Defeat ground 400, finishing Dimension four
  • Lady Of The Darkness – Defeat ground 600, finishing Dimension 6
  • Light In The Darkness – Defeat ground 800, finishing Dimension 8
  • The Darkest Darkness – Defeat ground 1,000, finishing Dimension 10

Although their names suggest that defeating particular measurement bosses is the success cause, the measurement of of entirety achievements may not truly cause till you development to the following measurement.


These are a mixture of luck-primarily based totally and grinding. Long tale short, preserve gambling and you may get them quicker or later. That said, in case you best play lengthy sufficient to finish measurement 10, you may not get all of these.

  • You Sneaky Rat – Be ambushed through enemies
  • Crikey – Whole 50% of the bestiary

Easier than it sounds: best the Throne Room takes time to fill out as it has all of the measurement bosses, and you may get the success lengthy earlier than they are all defeated.

  • Rare Opportunity – Discover a uncommon object

Having a thief in your crew can pace this up, as you will open all praise chests instead of simply one. Allowing keys for use for bonus treasure also can boom your chances. I do not know if object discover continues to be bugged, however possibly more secure to ensure you do now no longer have tools or a puppy with extra object discover equipped. *Edit* As of the 1.0.four update, this have to be constant in order that object discover works greater as intended, boosting the threat of uncommon and mythical items.

  • Eat Your Veggies – Withstand one hundred reputation consequences

Resisting the poor consequences of ‘bad’ fairies would not appear to remember toward this. Probably one of the achievements so as to take longest to randomly pop, except you do a committed grind with reputation withstand tools / puppy. I best have three resists as of measurement three / ground 500ish.

  • Fumigate – Kill 500 enemies
  • Exterminate – Kill 1,000 enemies
  • Obliterate – Kill 5,000 enemies
  • Partial Mastery – Attain mastery stage 25 with any character
  • Full Mastery – Attain mastery stage 50 with any character
  • Wet Floor – Defeat the janitor

Each measurement’s boss / darkish lord can best be defeated once, and then you will discover the janitor on that ground instead. If you are afk grinding, you could get this with out truly seeing him.

  • Cleanup On Aisle 10,000 – Mystery success beat ground 10,000

Some Input Required

These are quests that you may get through accident / with out intentionally commencing to get them, however aren’t assured as they require unique classes / magnificence combos or key settings.

  • One Of The Good Ones – Discover a recuperation fairy

Healing fairy is one of the alternatives while ‘selecting a path’, together with bonus treasure, mineshaft, and warp. If you get a fairy it can be a ‘good’ fairy (heals hp/mp to full), or a ‘bad’ fairy (inflicts one in all numerous reputation consequences in your birthday birthday celebration members, despite the fact that they have got a danger to face up to it). So a ways it appears that evidently recuperation fairies from locked portals are assured to be good, while the ones from open ‘????’ portals are much more likely to be bad, despite the fact that having a huntress makes all fairies much more likely to be good. The default settings for computerized key use will see you get this fulfillment without having to do anything, however gambling manually or converting the important thing use settings should alternate that. Unlikely, however possible!

  • Fetching – Entire a fetch quest

I assume there may also absolutely be a ‘required’ quest introducing the fetch quest idea that pops this fulfillment, however I clearly can not remember. If now no longer, this fulfillment may be neglected if (for a few reason) you do not flip the quests in – converting measurement does not affect/save you flip-in, so again, it is not likely you might not get this, however you should!

  • Gross – Burp 50 instances in struggle with a soda junkie

This is the soda junkie’s stage 25 talent, so first you want to apply them sufficient to hit stage 25 (now no longer hard), and you then definately want to apply them sufficient that they use the talent 50 instances. Easy sufficient in case you do it manually.

  • Alchemist – Flip an enemy into gold ore

This is the miner’s stage 25 talent, so first you want to apply them sufficient to hit stage 25. On pinnacle of having them to apply the talent (which every miner can handiest effectively do as soon as in keeping with struggle), the ore you get appears to be random and prompted through your ore locate (convey geodes!), and the impact may be resisted. It’s additionally a piece of an mp-hog, so that you’ll need at the least one stage 25 mystic withinside the birthday birthday celebration in case you’re looking to get this.

  • Never Had A Chance – Mark, stun, and back-assault an enemy

Mark is the huntress’ stage 25 talent, and stun is the blade master’s stage 25 talent, so first you will want to get them each to stage 25. After that, if they are in a celebration with the huntress going earlier than the blade master, there may be a danger of this happening randomly, however it is virtually simpler to move manual.

All On You

These require you to exit of your manner to get them, despite the fact that ‘from your manner’ truely simply way now no longer ignoring sure sport mechanics, which includes questing and crafting.

  • Quest Love – Entire 10 quests
  • Questing Beast – Entire 30 quests

I do not know if there are greater than nine quests that you may simply ignore, so Quest Love would possibly absolutely belong withinside the Progression section. If it is primarily based totally on ‘fetch’ quests, those must be grew to become in, so that you should entire the sport with out getting those achievements.

  • Apprentice – Craft an item
  • Smithy – Craft 25 items

Crafting is a mechanic that may be ignored, as you generally tend to get maximum of your tools from loot and buy/locate levelling crystals. Chances are you will get Apprentice, however Smithy you would possibly now no longer (unless, like me, you’ve got got a uncontrollable urge to fill out the whole compendium, as tools is handiest indexed after you personal it, and a few tools is handiest obtained thru crafting).

  • Soda Brain – Create, assign, and use a soda script in struggle

This mechanic turns into to be had after you construct the area, and the in addition you development in the sport, the much more likely you’re to dive into it and get this fulfillment. I suspect it is now no longer strictly vital to ‘entire’ the sport (beat measurement 10) though.

  • Are You Not Entertained – Compete in 25 area battles

Each area struggle includes some of fights, and there may be a cooldown among area battles, so this can make an effort if making a decision to get it. There’s additionally at the least one quest that desires you to combat withinside the area.

  • Fancy Digs – Personalize the tavern with a brand new decoration

To alternate the tavern’s appearance you want to pick out the appearance you need (a lock icon will suggest which you want to buy it), then click on the green ‘back’ arrow, so that it will activate a buy window to pop up. The ‘normal’ search for the stools/tables/bar is 5,000 gold every, so it is now no longer in particular expensive, however it is ‘only a cosmetic’

  • Everything Must Go – Earn at the least 250,000 gold from a liquidate

This is a blacksmith mechanic that (kind of) enables you stock control through clearing out all however a fixed quantity of every item. You do not must use it, however in case you do, the first-rate time is simply earlier than converting measurement, while you may ‘liquidate’ all of your assets (likely aside from resources), after which both inventory up on levelling crystals, essence (thru the essence fountain), or each.

  • Crag Combo – Mystery fulfillment flip an enemy into stone after which pickaxe it

Stone is the end result of ‘curse’, the darkish mage’s stage 25 talent, and the pickaxe is the miner’s simple magnificence talent, so first you will want to get your darkish mages to stage 25. Afaik, miners do not robotically use pickaxe on cursed enemies (in contrast to ore), so that you’ll both want to have a custom script, or pull off this blend manually.

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