Something Strange Achievements Guide

How do you get achievements in Something Strange? In this guide you will learn! This game may only have 4 achievements, but it takes some time to get them all! Basically, check out our Something Strange Achievements guide on how to get these achievements!

Something Strange Achievements

Welcome to our Something Strange Achievements guide. This game may only have 4 achievements, but it takes some time to get them all!


  • We refer to him as Steve in this guide, as we never know what to say to the character known as Seen/Steen/Evn!
  • Clicking auto will scroll through text, and you can make it very fast if you go to settings and set auto-forward time towards the furthest left.
  • Focus on what can be interacted with. There is basically one way to interact with the game, and that is naming your character.
  • The game is short! If you feel stuck, playing through the game again might give you some ideas on how to get achievements!

The End

Some Strange Achievements

Considering this is called The End, you might be able to guess how to get it.

To get The End, you need to finish the game, and then reopen it and wait until it closes by itself.


Some Strange Achievements

I don’t trust Steven knowing my name. What do you tell people when they ask you for your name and you don’t want to tell them?

When Steven asks you for your name, don’t tell him. Just press enter without typing anything.

Praise Death

Some Strange Achievements

Read through the dialogue of the game and see if there’s anything interesting or something strange that stands out to you.

During day 2, before Steven talks to you, you will say a series of endless repeating Morse code.

When Steven asks you for your name tell him PraiseDeath.


Some Strange Achievements

I am not 100% sure what I did to get this achievement. Please, if any of you have ideas on a consistent way to get this achievement, let me know! I have a feeling it might be a random event, since when I tried to replicate what I did, it didn’t make it happen again.

But here’s what I did anyway:
I didn’t click auto any time during the playthrough. When entering my name I entered nothing, and then when prompted again, I entered ‘Help’. During the third morning was when it popped. The fan on the ceiling in the morning was red and black, and dialogue came up saying help me.

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