Songs of Conquest Map Locations in Detail

Welcome to our Songs of Conquest Map Locations in Detail guide. If you enjoy the unknown […]

Welcome to our Songs of Conquest Map Locations in Detail guide. If you enjoy the unknown and a sense of discovery, come back now! What lies ahead is the unboxing of the different locations you’ll find around the map.We have divided them into four sections according to their types.

Songs of Conquest Map Locations in Detail

The reward type can also be set in the Map Editor, but in my experience it usually stays the same. For example, instead of the 900G and 3W listed here, you find a Looted Car with only 400G and 2W. Sadly less than you might expect but expected resources are still Gold and Wood.

We know that there are people who have a hard time finishing the Songs of Conquest game. If you are one of those who find it difficult to finish the game, let’s take you to our Songs of Conquest guide.

Map Locations

Effect (one time)

  • Abandoned Cart: 400G, 4C
  • Armor Rack: Artifact (blue tier armor)
  • Ancient Amber: 4A
  • Bandit Hideout: [20 Brigands, 30 Wolves] guard [3700G, 9W, 9S, Artifact (green tier)]
  • Blacksmith: (green tier weapon)
  • Bubbling Pot: 400G, 3W, 3S
  • Burnt Building: 500G, 3W, 3S
  • Caged Prisoners: recruit 800-1600G Troops or 1500X
  • Celestial Ore: 4C
  • Dead Commander: 2300G or Artifact (green tier)
  • Forgotten Grove: 5Gw or Artifact (green tier)
  • Glimmerweave: 4Gw
  • Graveyard: [20 Oathbound, 20 Risen, 20 Legionnaires, 40 rats] guard [2400G, 3Gw, Artifact (blue tier)]
  • Large Camp: recruit 2000-2600G Troops
  • Looted Cart: 900G, 3W
  • Old Bones: Artifact (blue tier)
  • Old Camp: recruit 800-1600G Troops or 1900G
  • Old Urns: 700G or 4Gw
  • Pile of Gold: 1100G
  • Pile of Stone: 5S
  • Pile of Wood: 5W
  • Pouch of Gold: 800G
  • Treasure Chest 1: 1500G
  • Treasure Chest 2: 1900G
  • Treasure Chest 3: 2400G, 2A, 2Gw, 2C
  • Treasure Trove: 3400G
  • Weapon Rack: Artifact (blue tier weapon)
  • Wooden Idol: 1000X or 4A

Effect (each visit)

  • Aurelian Milestone: 2M/t
  • Bountiful Oasis: [500G, 3W, 3S]/every 5t
  • Bubbling Bog: [7W, 3A]/every 5t
  • Burning Rune Stone: [-10D, 20O]/b
  • Cozy Tavern: 5M/2t
  • Essence Anomaly: [1 of each essence]/b
  • Giant Mushroom [1M (troop), +1 damage (troop), -25D]/b
  • Granary: 1900G/every 5t
  • Old Battlefield: [20D, -10O]/b
  • Orchard: 900G/every 5t
  • Portal: teleport to matching color Portal
  • Shrine of Aurelia: [1M (troop), +5 initiative (troop)]/b
  • Stone Altar: [5O, 5D]/b
  • Stone Circle: [10O, 10D, 2M (troop)]/b
  • Tribute to (Arcana/Chaos/Creation/Destruction/Order): 1(essence)/b
  • Waterfall: 3M/2t

Effect (when claimed)

  • Ancient Amber Excavation: 1A/t, 6map
  • (Arcane/Chaos/Creation/Destruction/Order) Spire: 1(essence)/w
  • Celestial Ore Mine: 1C/t, 6map
  • Fallen Beacon of Power: 11map
  • Farmhouse: 75G/t, 6map
  • Farseer’s Vessel: 15map
  • Glimmerweave Grove: 1Gw/t, 6map
  • Gold Mine: 500G/t, 6map
  • Large Farmhouse: 150G/t, 6map
  • Lumbercamp: 2W/t, 6map
  • Stone Deposit: 2S/t, 6map
  • Watchtower: 12map
  • Water Mill: 200G/t, 8map

Upgrade (per unique Wielder visit)

  • Ancient Ruins: 1000X
  • Archway Ruins: 200X
  • Aurelian Statue: 3O
  • Cairn: 1O, 1D
  • Crumbling Monument: 600X
  • Crumbling Tower: 1250X
  • Ever Burning Fire: +10% Spell Damage Power
  • Faey Offering Tree: 1000G > [3O, 3D]
  • Forgotten Sanctuary: 750X
  • Gallows: 250X
  • Guardian Monument: 3D
  • Levitating Obelisk: 1M
  • Marsh Monument: 1Sc
  • Mystic Hermit: 1 Skill (may be different for each Wielder)
  • Petrified Tree: 5Gw > 1 Level
  • Reflecting Pools: 500X
  • Rider Statue: 3O, 3D
  • Road Sign: 50X, +1M/t
  • Scholars Lectern: 1O, 1D, 1M
  • Snake Monument: +10% Spell Damage Resistance
  • Secluded Monastery: 1000X, 1 Skill (may be different for each Wielder)
  • Sunken Statue: 10O
  • Sword of Giants 5O, 5D

Abbreviation Key

  • O(ffense)
  • D(effense)
  • M(ovement)
  • Sc(outing)
  • X(experience)

  • G(old)
  • W(ood)
  • S(tone)
  • A(ncestral Amber)
  • Gw (Glimmerweave)
  • C(elestial Ore)

  • /t (per turn)
  • /b (next battle)
  • /w (each wielder)
  • map (the radius revealed on the map)

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