Sonic Frontiers Koco Punch

Welcome to our Sonic Frontiers Koco Punch guide. This will be a very in depth tutorial on how to properly punch your Koco! We know that there are people who have a hard time finishing the Sonic Frontiers game. If you are one of those who find it difficult to finish the game, let’s take you to our Sonic Frontiers guide.

Sonic Frontiers Koco Punch

This will be a very in depth tutorial on how to properly punch your Koco!

How to find a Koco

Koco’s are found all around the map after you complete the tutorial so you’ll be punching them in the face in no time flat!!!

How to properly punch a Koco

Alway’s remember you can collect more then one Koco which means the more Koco’s you have the more satisfying it will be when you punch them!

The more Koco the better

I HIGHLY recommend finding as many Koco’s as you can as it will make the punch 10x more satisfying. But people like different things and if you’re fine with only punching one in the face then more power to you my fellow Koco punchers.

How to properly punch a Koco

Pick the right location

This is extremely important especially if it’s your first time punching a Koco. MAKE SURE YOU PUNCH THEM IN THE RIGHT SPOT. You don’t want your fist time punching a Koco to be anywhere right? Find a perfect place to punch one like at the top of a structure,by the sunset or during the majestic rain at night. Always remember, the right spot is always important.

How to properly punch a Koco

Don’t let your first punch go to waste.

Making them appear

Okay we’re in the home stretch. Koco’s probably know you’re trying to punch them so they hide away from you anytime you’re running or doing anything. Luckily I know how to find them. Just stand still for about 5 seconds and eventually the Koco’s will get a false sense of security and think it’s safe to come out…… Too bad they’re wrong.How to properly punch a Koco

Going for the punch

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for! Time to punch!

  • Firstly: Start stretching because you don’t wanna hurt yourself on your first punch
  • Secondly: Find the most punchable Koco (the most punchable Koco is the most satisfying)
  • Thirdly: Try not to cry. It’ll be hard to hold back the tears of joy but try to hold on
  • Lastly: Click that awesome punch button and give that Koco what for!!!!!!!!

How to properly punch a Koco


YOU DID IT!!!! YOU PUNCHED YOUR FIRST KOCO!!!!!! I hope this guide was very helpful in your quest to punch a Koco. Enjoy being able to punch a Koco as many times as you want. Hope you all enjoyed this very helpful guide on punching Koco’s!

How to properly punch a Koco

Secret Final Step

You thought I was gonna leave you hanging without one more tip? Well think again! Listen close to this very import final tip.


Apologize to your Koco for punching them and give them tons of love everyone!

How to properly punch a Koco

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