Sonic Superstars: Chaos Emerald Locations (7/7)

Looking for the Chaos Emerald Locations? Check this Sonic Superstars guide for locations, powers, and levels!

Welcome to our ultimate guide on Chaos Emeralds in Sonic Superstars! If you’re looking to unlock every unique power and dominate the game, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve mapped out where to find each of the seven Chaos Emeralds, how to nab them, and the special abilities they unlock. From the Avatar power that’s a game-changer in boss fights, to the Bullet skill that lets you dash through the air, we’ve got you covered. So let’s dive in, grab those emeralds, and power up your game!

All Chaos Emerald Locations

Unlocking the true potential of your gameplay in Sonic Superstars comes down to collecting Chaos Emeralds. This in-depth guide will walk you through how to find all seven Chaos Emerald locations and utilize their unique Emerald Powers to get an edge in the game.

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Chaos Emeralds and Emerald Powers: What You Need to Know?

Before we dive into the specific locations, it’s essential to understand that each Chaos Emerald comes with its own Emerald Power. These powers grant unique abilities, which we’ll also cover in detail.

Bridge Island Chaos Emerald Location

Bridge Island Chaos Emerald Location in Sonic Superstars
Bridge Island


  • In Bridge Island, you’ll encounter the first act’s checkpoint underneath a massive waterfall.
  • Just before this checkpoint is a large, unmistakable floating ring.

How to Collect:

  • Jump into this ring to initiate your first hookshot minigame.
  • Hold down ‘A’ to latch onto various grapple points.
  • Keep an eye on the countdown timer; collecting rings can give you more time.

Pro Tips:

  • If you see marked grapple points, make sure to hook them; they often contain bonus rings.

Emerald Power: Avatar

  • Allows you to create multiple clones of your chosen character.
  • Your clones will run rampant on the screen, taking down enemies.

Speed Jungle Chaos Emerald Location

Speed Jungle Chaos Emerald Location in Sonic Superstars
Speed Jungle


  • One minute into the level, look for a set of three springs on the ground.
  • Take the spring on the far left to enter a tunnel.

How to Collect:

  • You’ll land near another large floating ring.
  • Use the same hookshot minigame technique from Bridge Island to collect the emerald.

Pro Tips:

  • The grapple points in this level move faster, so be prepared to hook quickly.

Emerald Power: Bullet

  • Allows for mid-air propulsion.
  • Activate by holding down ‘Y’ after jumping.

Sky Temple Chaos Emerald Location

Sky Temple Chaos Emerald Location in Sonic Superstars
Sky Temple


  • Early in the level, you’ll find a vertical column filled with fans.
  • Do not go all the way to the top; the floating ring is on the left halfway up.

How to Collect:

  • Float into this space and initiate the hookshot minigame.
  • Use grapple points to get closer to the emerald.

Pro Tips:

  • The column’s fans can throw you off; balance your ascent to stay aligned with the ring.

Emerald Power: Vision

  • Enables you to see invisible platforms and secrets for a limited time.

Pinball Carnival Chaos Emerald Location

Pinball Carnival Chaos Emerald Location in Sonic Superstars
Pinball Carnival


  • Start by heading downwards from the beginning of the level.
  • After the first checkpoint, you’ll encounter spinning wheels.

How to Collect:

  • Use these spinning wheels to launch yourself down a corridor.
  • Skip the first pipe and use another spinning wheel to access a higher corridor.
  • Take the pipe there to find the Chaos Emerald portal.

Pro Tips:

  • Avoid the pipe at the end of the first corridor; it’s a decoy that won’t lead you to the Emerald.

Emerald Power: Water

  • Transforms your character into a water blob, enabling you to swim up waterfalls.

Lagoon City Chaos Emerald Location

Lagoon City Chaos Emerald Location in Sonic Superstars
Lagoon City


  • At the start, you’ll traverse flumes that loop you in an ‘S’ shape.
  • After that, jump onto a crumbling ledge.

How to Collect:

  • The ledge will fall apart; jump off to the left, hugging the wall.
  • You’ll find a hidden corridor. Navigate through it to reach the Emerald portal.

Pro Tips:

  • The water jet in the corridor will send you back; jump over it to continue.

Emerald Power: Ivy

  • Summons a climbable vine from the ground, granting you access to higher areas.

Sand Sanctuary Chaos Emerald Location

Sand Sanctuary Chaos Emerald Location in Sonic Superstars
Sand Sanctuary


  • After the first checkpoint in Act 1, you’ll see a sandy waterfall.
  • Ascend and then jump to the left to find another waterfall.

How to Collect:

  • There’s a grind rail leading left. Follow it and use your Ivy Emerald Power to access a high ledge.
  • On this ledge, you’ll find the Chaos Emerald portal.

Pro Tips:

  • If you’ve not yet collected the Ivy Emerald Power, you won’t be able to reach this Chaos Emerald.

Emerald Power: Slow

  • Slows down time, giving you a chance to maneuver through difficult sections.

Cyber Station Chaos Emerald Location

Cyber Station Chaos Emerald Location in Sonic Superstars
Cyber Station


  • Halfway through the zone, you’ll find an open space with bats and trampolines.

How to Collect:

  • The Chaos Emerald portal is up near the ceiling. Use the trampolines to jump up.
  • At the peak of your jump, activate your Bullet Emerald Power to shoot straight into the portal.

Pro Tips:

  • Be cautious of the red electrical beams on the ground; they’re deadly.

Emerald Power: Extra

  • Turns you into a ball, allowing you to charge at enemies.

List of All Chaos Emeralds Powers

Here are all the Chaos Emeralds and their corresponding powers, listed in the order you’ll come across them in the game:

  • Dark Blue: Grants you the Avatar ability, where you can spawn multiple clones that wreak havoc on enemies for a limited time.
  • Red: Unveils the Bullet skill, letting you make short airborne dashes.
  • Purple: Activates Vision, making invisible platforms and hidden collectibles visible for a short duration.
  • Light Blue: Enables the Water power, turning you into a blob that can swim upstream.
  • Green: Opens up Ivy, allowing you to generate a climbable vine.
  • Yellow: Introduces Slow, giving you the ability to decelerate time.
  • White: Bestows Extra, a special attack move that’s especially handy for tough situations.

You’ll find the Chaos Emeralds in these specific Zones and Acts:

  • Bridge Island Act 1
  • Sky Temple Act 1
  • Speed Jungle (Sonic’s Level)
  • Sand Sanctuary Act 1
  • Press Factory Act 1
  • Golden Capital Act 1
  • Cyber Station Act 1

Don’t sweat it if you skip an Emerald while progressing in Sonic Superstars. They aren’t essential to beat the game. However, it’s worth noting that the Avatar ability is incredibly useful for boss battles and is the first skill you’ll get—so it’s practically unmissable. You can buy Sonic Superstars from Epic Games and Steam.

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