Sonic Superstars Final Boss Guide (Eggman and Fang’s Mech)

Seeking tips for handling the game and confronting the final bosses? You've come to the right place. Explore our Sonic Superstars Final Boss Guide for in-depth information.

Welcome to the mystical adventure of sonic superstars where you can shapeshift, swim waterfalls and more! If you are looking for information on how to handle the basic game and the last bosses of the journey in this adventure, you are at the right place! Check out our Sonic Superstars Final Boss Guide for details.

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Sonic Superstars Final Boss Guide

Are you looking for a text-only guide on how to handle the base game and the final bosses of the journey in Sonic Superstars? Then you are in the right place! You can find all the information you need in this Sonic Superstars Final Boss Guide.

The Meat

There are a few visual guides on Youtube, but I know some of you guys are freaks like me who prefer text. I’ve beaten both bosses, and both are doable. Eggman can be done reliably and frankly, without much effort on replay. Fang is a bit more difficult due to the terrain and the mashing in the web being a bit unreliable, we’ll get to that. So grab yourself a snack and a glass of orange juice and let’s begin.

Eggman’s Final Mech

Start running right and get behind him, you cannot damage him from the front. The missiles are predictable and rarely deviate from their pattern of impact. When behind him, he’ll fire 1-2 Blue missiles, the blue missile will drop on the same side it’s fired from, this is important to note for later in the fight when you only get one. This should be the easier portion

He will occasionally send a red ‘screen’ with holes to fit through towards you. There is ample time to align with them, but even if they hit you, you will not instantly die if you have rings. His biggest threat in this form is he will occasionally use his chainsaw to split the track. Jump and run in the opposite direction while avoiding the glowing bullets. Unfortunately the bullets are something you just have to adapt to, there isn’t really a trick. If you have a surplus of rings and can afford to go Super for a few seconds, you can do so. Remember to press both triggers to immediately snap out of Super if you intend to use Super mode to cheese the boss.

After 5 hits he will change to his second form. You want to run, but not to the edge of the screen so you can short-hop the obstacles while he swings. When he revs up the big overhand swing, run to the far right and he’ll be stunned after destroying a chunk of the stage. Hop on his head, do NOT fly or glide, just jump and you’ll bounce back.

Following this, he’ll turn off gravity and put you through a minor Bullet Hell, stay on the far right and if there are any pillars on the ground, you can simply hide behind them and be untouchable.

Following that, he’ll align three lasers to zap you. There is a warning period with a glowing line before the laser shoots. The period is fairly ample and a short hop should be fine, be wary of the small platforms and don’t let them trip you up. Amy excels at this portion. Try not to ever over jump, short hopping is your friend in this boss fight. Repeat this process until he’ll suddenly move into desperation mode and move to the foreground.

You may have noticed that until this point aside from mentioning Super Sonic, I did not bring up Chaos Abilities, this is largely because unlike Fang, they don’t reset and are best saved for here. I recommend slowing down time as he is going to start moving extremely quickly while destroying platforms. It’s a mess, and I find slowing time and immediately following with the Avatar ability is ideal, and is a guaranteed kill. If you’re feeling brave and still have your rings, you can try to bump him as a Super, but I don’t recommend it, the collision detection is a mess in this fight. It’s also why I don’t recommend using the Bullet ability.

Fang the Hunter’s Final Mech

I assume if you’re reading this, this is the more likely reason. The first form is thankfully straightforward and gives you time to adapt to the wavy platforms you’ll be fighting on. The first is a volley of missiles. As the fight goes on the amount increases but the method of handling them doesn’t change, run right and jump when necessary.

Following this, he’ll move in front of you and start sending spinning instant-death bars. These look scarier than they are. They move very slowly and getting under them is simple a matter of pacing yourself, and he leaves himself open to be attacked for a while. Beyond that, if you’re feeling brave, you can stand at the top of a hill, and as he moves onscreen, you can attempt to spin dash under him. He cannot harm you if you’re behind him, and you can hit him at your leisure. Towards the end he will send a lot of them at you, using Bullet to get over him is a valid strategy as your Abilities reset before his second form.

His last attack is he will set two instant-death bars on your left and right and create five illusions. One is the real Fang and you can identify him because he’ll be brighter. These illusions will take off and fall to attack you, the order they shoot is the order they will fall. You can jump into Fang from the side to damage him as he falls. I don’t do this because the collision detection has killed me doing this many, many times. Time Slow may help with this, and the typical Special Move projectile can be of use here.

Repeat this a few times and he’ll move to the new form, the one I’m sure you’re familiar with if you’re reading this.

Fang is a mess with a few abilities to keep tabs on. The easiest is when he spits up a bunch of minor enemies. Much like Eggman, run behind him, and jump on any enemy spawning near his back and it will be bounced back to impact him. The next attack is also simple so I’ll keep it in this paragraph, he’ll fire a bunch of corks. Run behind him and when the corks hit the ground they will split into a red and a blue bouncing damage bubble. hit the blue one to damage him. This can be a bit rough, and if you have rings to spare, there is no shame using post-damage invincibility to hit a blue and then grab your rings back. Avatar can be used here if you want.

Next is where I see people struggle, and that’s the web. Three aiming reticle will circle you, and you need to wait until they either stop in a triangle around you, or if one is one you directly. If they are in a triangle, hop over the one beside you. If it is on you, run to the right. You will need to focus as this is his more dangerous ability and towards the end you will be enduring five of these in a row. Do not run too far to the right if you can, because after his webs, he will start shooting at you. If you run too far, you’ll find the stage ends and that can be a cheeky kill against you.

Luckily these shots are very projected and will not kill you. If you are shot while in a web however, you will die. You can sometimes mash out of a web, but it’s very unreliable and your best bet is learning to not get electroweb’d at all. Some people swear by pausing over and over to get the timing correct on the web, this hasn’t worked for me, and has thrown off my groove and usually gets me killed. You may be different.

As a rare and usual last ditch effort, sometimes Fang will headbutt you. He will grab both sides of the stage and slam his head down, destroying the center. I have not mentioned using Time Slow until this part for a reason. Using it here makes it far easier to land on the small bit of safe platform by his arms. Do not touch his arms, you will likely die. If you’re desperate, Bullet can also trivialize this situation. On the bizarre chance you still have 50 rings, going Super here is also a fantastic way to avoid one of his better kill moves.

Repeat this a few times, and he will be downed, and you will either feel really happy or just glad it’s finally over. Either way, if you’re reading this and it helped you out, groovy! My biggest advice is if you’re getting pissed to the point of being unhappy, just turn the game off and try again later. The final level isn’t that hard to redo, and going in fresh is almost always the best option against a difficult boss. Don’t give up, these aren’t easy bosses but they are far from unbeatable. Be patient, analyze and reflect on when you die instead of raging, and you’ll win. Good hunting.

Written by CrunchyTime

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