Sons Of The Forest Survival and Combat Tips

This guide will show you survival and combat tips in Sons Of The Forest! Sons Of […]

This guide will show you survival and combat tips in Sons Of The Forest!

Sons Of The Forest Survival and Combat Tips

Welcome to our Sons Of The Forest Survival and Combat Tips guide. In this guide you will find everything you need to do and everything you need to survive.

We know that there are people who have a hard time finishing the Sons Of The Forest game. If you are one of those who find it difficult to finish the game, let’s take you to our Sons Of The Forest guide.

Survival Tips

Avoid attacking enemy units during the first hours of the game, they offer no benefits and the only thing that will change after annihilating an enemy patrol, is that it will intensify them, sending more numerous groups of mutants, curious about what happened to their brothers. The simplest way, which is more rewarding in the long run, is to simply get out of their sight and wait for them to leave.

You should never, ever, decide to move out of your camp when the sun goes down, unless you clearly have no options and are forced to do so. There are a few reasons for that statement: there are many more enemy patrols in the forest at night, you will have (due to lack of light) trouble moving and to get out your flashlight (or other light source, such as flares and / or lighter) you are perfectly visible to the enemy from a great distance.

As you move around the island, especially while in the forest, you must keep your eyes in the back of your head (literally, because enemies can climb trees and jump on you from the air), and be very careful not to stumble upon an enemy patrol. The stealth mechanics in the game work very well, and you can be sure that if you are well hidden, there is no chance of the enemy detecting you.

If you are unsure, if your environment is safe, you should always move while crouching (refer to the key shortcuts section of the guide if you don’t know how to do this), because you make less noise while doing so, even walking a A few meters away from the enemy, there is a high probability that you can go unnoticed.

Pay attention to your character’s physiological needs: if he lacks energy, feed him, otherwise you won’t be able to fight effectively or even run. If he is hungry, feed him too, because hunger leads to certain death. Don’t ignore blood on your hands (which means an infection) or hypothermia (symbolized by an icy screen); in both cases, your character is on a fast track to an illness, which will result in lower stamina (which makes fighting or sprinting difficult).

If you defeated a group of cannibals, unload them and collect the leftover elements (head, hands and legs). You can use the elements to build dolls to scare your opponents.

Patrols increase in size and aggressiveness along with the amount of enemies defeated. The groups will increase in number and will be composed of more powerful cannibals and mutants. As a result, avoid fighting with the enemy to prevent the conflict from escalating.
If your character has been soaked with water (e.g. you have been outdoors during rain) and you will receive a message that your hero is suffering from hypothermia, seek shelter quickly. Enter a roofed space (e.g. one of the shelter types) and stand next to a heat source (e.g. a campfire). Your character will heal after a moment.
Watch your step. During a quick trip, you can often fall off a hidden bluff that will cost you much of your health or end in instant death.

Combat Tips

The opponents are more powerful than they seem: a few normal cannibal attacks are enough to eliminate your character. You will receive access to better armor as time goes on, but the first few hours of the game can be difficult.

When you see an enemy patrol nearby, be sure to hide behind cover (crouching) rather than going straight into combat. Some of the enemies can travel fast and may simply run away to return with reinforcements after a while.

Save the toughest enemies for last. If you have been attacked by a group consisting of cannibals and a mutant, defeat the cannibals first and leave the mutant for later; your task will be much easier.
Strive to build a better weapon than the initial axe. Combat will be easier, while you will be able to customize your equipment according to the situation; not all weapons are effective against a given opponent.

Even if you don’t see the enemy, the enemy can see you. These situations are usually signaled by enemy shouts or a change of music. If something like this happens, look around and be sure to spot opponents – don’t let them surprise you!
Your character can block incoming attacks. The attacks of most opponents can be easily blocked even when armed with a simple axe, allowing you to avoid damage.

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