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How to Unlock Assassin He can be unlocked at the cost of 4,000 gems. Alternate Skins […]

How to Unlock Assassin

He can be unlocked at the cost of 4,000 gems.

Alternate Skins

  • Since version 1.6.5, his skins can also affect the skill effect.

Death – Cost: Not available

  • Available from promotional events in some regions.
  • Changes the color of the Dark Blade to blue.

Techno Cat – Cost: 5,000 gems.

  • Changes the color of the Dark Blade to blue.

Chinese New Year – Cost: $1.99.

  • Changes the color of the Dark Blade to bright red.

Easter – Cost: 2,000 gems

  • Default skin of version 1.7.0 (Easter).

Mayan Mask – Cost: 5,000 gems

  • Default skin in 1.8.5.

Crimson – Cost: $2.99

  • Based on Takeda Shingen the famous general in feudal Japan.
  • Activating the skill will show a sunset effect above head, and swinging the Dark Blade will also cut the sunset into two pieces.

Assassin Statistics

  • The Assassin has slightly lower health and armor than the other heroes which makes him vulnerable when taking damage.
  • Energy is normal, so watch out for energy consuming weapons.
  • He has the highest chance of all to perform critical hits.
  • He is also good at melee without weapons.


Each upgrade changes the stats slightly.

  • +1 HP – cost: 500 gems
  • +1 Armour – cost: 1,000 gems
  • +20 Energy – cost: 1,500 gems
  • -2s Skill Cooldown – cost: 2,000 gems
  • Skill Upgrade – cost: 2,500 gems
  • “Melee weapons repel enemy bullets” buff – cost: 5,000 gems
  • Enhance Starting Weapon – cost 8,000 gems

Assassin Skills

Dark Blade

Charge forward and perform a powerful melee attack.


Using the skill will set the Assassin into a dashing mode. This mode lasts for 2 seconds, or until an enemy is killed.

If there is any statue effect, it is used upon activation.

In this mode:

  • The movement speed is greatly increased.
  • The Assassin is immune to all damage, until the skill ends normally, or 1 second after the kill.
  • However he is not immune to Slow tiles even when stepping on them during dashing mode.
  • The first hit will be substituted by a Dark Blade hit.
  • This blade is a long distance melee swing, can deal 8 damage and can destroy enemy bullets (or even reflect them with buff).
  • The Assassin can use it by pressing the attack button, or when he finds an enemy within melee range (in this case the swing will be done automatically).
  • If the Assassin slays an enemy within the skill’s duration, the cooldown will be reset instantly. This progress can be repeated up to 4 times, after that the player will have to wait for the cooldown.
  • This reset does not happen if the kill is caused by Statue of the Elf or Statue of the Thief upon activation.
  • However if the Double Statue buff triggers, kills caused by the second push can cause reset.
  • This reset can happen even if the kill is caused by another weapon.
  • The skill has a cooldown of 11 (9) seconds.

Skill Upgrade

Increase melee attack damage.

  • The blade damage is increased from 8 to 12.
  • Despite saying “melee attack”, it only affects the skill, but not the common melee attack.


  • Create a shadow duplicate of the Assassin.

How to Unlock

  • Use 7,000 gems to unlock this skill.


Makes a clone of Assassin with the currently holding weapon, similar to the effect of Staff of Illusion. The clone’s health equals to the sum of Assassin’s current health and armor.
The clone will disappear after receiving enough damage and will not persist through floors.
Pet buff adds 25 health to the clone.
The clone can benefit from weapon attachments that increase direct damage (like Grindstone), but not those with extra effect (like Energy Hilt.)
If the player tries using this skill while the clone is active, it will reset the clone’s health according to the Assassin’s Health and Armor, and the weapon he is currently using.
This skill has a 9 (7) seconds cooldown.

Skill Upgrade

Increases the maximum number of duplicates created.

  • Up to two maximum clones can be active at any given time. Using the skill while both are active will reset the last summoned clone.


“Be careful out there”

When you interact in the Living Room.

“Want to give me a red packet?”

When you interact in the Living Room during Chinese New Year update.


When you interact in the Living Room with the Mahjong table.

“I’ll tag along”

When met during a run.

“I’ll cover you”

After deciding to assist the player.

“No worries, I’ve got you covered”

Random talk after clearing a room.

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