Soul Knight Cheats

Soul Knight is well known among mobile gamers for its fast-paced, innovative, and extremely fun gameplay, as well as its difficulty due to the high volume of bullets coming in from every direction.

Soul Knight Cheat Codes

If you enter these secret codes you will get more than one thousand orbs, so make sure to take advantage of them, and also put them to good use.

This is what you have to do:

Navigate to the menu of your phone and launch the app by simply tapping on its icon.

You should now see the settings button on the login screen. Press on the “Settings” button and a new window will open up.

Tap the “Secret” button at the top of the screen to enter one of the following codes:

  • 100000
  • DRUIDgives
  • TFFT

If you enter “SKGIFT” you will get 500 orbs, enter “SKNIGHT” and you’ll get 488 orbs, and, if you enter “100000” I really don’t know what will happen, because this is the only secret code that I haven’t tried yet.

Update: One of our readers used it and says that the last secret code on this list will get you almost 1000 orbs. So, if they all do work, you will get 2000 orbs or more for free, which is simply amazing, don’t you think?

These cheat codes will help you get a lot of orbs, which will in turn allow you to get better weapons and increase your abilities to become a more powerful player.

According to another reader, the following cheat codes also work, and will allow you to get more health, weapons, ammo, increase attack damage, etc.

Additional secret codes:

  • Get more gold: bu3YcN
  • How to instantly increase attack damage: C21mKo
  • How to unlock new locations: JipxQl
  • How to play offline: PLsW6a
  • Restore character’s health: VE2Xzx
  • Secret boost: klT9C0
  • Get unlimited energy and ammo: QPjKnR
  • Unlock all weapons: u92SbI

Honestly, I haven’t tried any of these yet, but I thought you might want to give them a try. If they do work, well, great, more power to you.

But, if they do not work, don’t get discouraged, there are still a few things you can do before throwing in the towel.

Just use the guide below to quickly master the game. Simply follow the steps in each lesson and you’ll basically become invincible.

Soul Knight All Gift Codes

100000 – 500 gems
SKGIFT – 500 gems
SKNIGHT – 488 gems
SKBACK – 999 gems
DUOSHOU – 500 gems
DRUID – 999 gems
NDAYSK – 800 gems
KLWYX – 666 gems
XNYDJ – 500 gems
SFXMAS2017 – 666 gems
SFESTIV – 888 gems
DCDYX – 333 gems
VDAYKLE – 600 gems
ZSDHMK – 500 gems
LWYXZYBGX – 800 gems
HMBSJ – 369 gems
QDKYS – 577 gems
DXGTM – 600 gems
NEWHALL – 999 gems
BYETIGER – 777 gems
GOSDAD – 666 gems
DESTLAD – 1111 gems
18NTDRO – 1010 gems
ROMMO – 800 gems
GDX6KK – 888 gems
6KKNTQE – 1000 gems
SUPER5 – 666 gems | Free Trial Voucher x 3
Expired codes (Change your phone’s time to 1 May 2017 to claim):
DZBKQ – 888 gems
51KUAILE – 1000 gems
LBLGYB – 1000 gems
ZIJIREN – 666 gems
LTZJR – 666 gems
SQSHBB – 500 gems

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