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Soulstone Survivors Houndmaster Build

Refer to our guide for building the essential houndmaster in Soulstone Survivors, including tips and strategies for success

Check our guide to learn how to build the houndmaster you’ll need in Soulstone Survivors.

48 Houndmaster Build

Just sharing curse 48 hound master build to help others!

Detailed Build Information

For this build I use the following skills:

  • Weapon skills: both skills from the epic 4ith-tier weapon, which are bolt barrage and cyclone shot
  • Build ballista
  • Might (replace with exorcism if doing more than 1 round)
  • Bloodlust
  • Frag shot


Houndmaster Build in Soulstone Survivors


  • Weapon expert (allows you to start with both skills for your chosen weapon)
  • Skill mastery: holy (use this to select exorcism for healing if you are doing more than 1 round)
  • Skill inclination: projectile (used to target ballista and frag shot in early levels)
  • Surefooted (damage reduction)
  • Ready for battle (only active skills first 5 levels)
  • Harmony (increased summon damage, buffs ballistas)
  • Lord’s bane (increased damage during bosses)


  • Focus on cooldown reduction and multishot
  • Especially look for extra summons and damage of ballistas
  • As always, use the magnetic skill at least a few ranks if you’re doing 1 round, more if staying in. More pickup = more upgrades.
  • Pick up extra health. Hound master has pretty low base health. Try to get to at least 300+ HP so if you get caught in something you don’t get 1-shot and/or lose lives.


  • You can honestly be fine with any of the other weapons as well, based on your personal preference; however, I found that the basic weapon really falls off in higher curse levels. The green and purple background weapons are in my opinion, the best ones to use.
  • Bloodlust and might buff your ballistas and are necessary; might is optional, if you have bad rng take it until bloodlust shows up, and if you’re only doing 1 round, just take both buffs.
  • If you’re not using the green background weapon, then use frag shot to apply fragility and kill enemies faster. If you’re using the green background weapon, you don’t necessarily need to use frag shot, but still can anyway. A replacement for frag shot when using the green background weapon could be chain lightning or storm of arrows, these are both great skills that hit a lot of targets.
  • Make sure you are maintaining the maximum well fed buff for your hounds; it maximizes their efficiency to shorten match time.
Written by GothicCatMom

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