Species: Artificial Life – Custom Initial Creatures

This Guide will help you in getting a custom set of creatures that you made or you found on the workshop to initiallize into your world, to either challenge yourself with poor creatures which should die and need a gods helping hand or have some OP worms that know whats up.

First Exporting a creature

-Export Your Wormy Monsters

Click on a cool creature and click the [Export Creature] Button. It is the box down on the right of the screen. This should bring up a window which is empty. You can also create a creature by clicking the [Genetic Engineering] button.

Save Your Wormy Creatures

Then name the Creature what ever you like and save it by clicking [Export] Button. Once you have done that, you will have to quit the game and completely close it before going into to the game files and editing anything.

Finding your Steam File to add the folder for the new mode

This is pretty simple to do this cool modifcation i found while tinkering around with the game files!
First your going to wanna go to this location on your computer and find this file, its different on mine but it should look something like this.

(Your location)\Steam\steamapps\common\Species ALRE\Creatures

Copy the creatures you want in your pack

-First Make Your Folder

Create a new folder in the Creatures Folder, Name The New folder whatever you want appropriately And Follow the Next step.

Moving The Creatures Into The Folder

-Begin Moving The Creatures Into the Folder

Drag the selected creatures’ files and pictures that go with them that you want to have in the new file(please note that if you cut them from the main folder they will no longer show up as importable)

Throwing the stuff into the folder!

-Just throw the poor Creatures in there

Once You Have Created the new folder And dragged the selected creatures’ files and images you want inside of a new folder. Name folder whatever you want appropriately. Once done and it looks like this, you’re ready to start the game up

Final Step In The Files!

-When Done it should look like this

Place all the creatures inside of a new folder and once done and you have completed the past steps you should have it looks just like this, Now that it is done you’re ready to start the game up and have the fun part.

Starting up the game with the new settings

-A new Game and a new Day

Press the [New Game] button and select your setting from the tab. Everything else is up to you, but now you can have custom starting animals in your game! Only thing that changes are the creatures. so dont worry about it creating a new save.

That is all guys. You can ask everything.

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