Spirit Of The Island Beginner’s Tool Guide

Welcome to our Spirit Of The Island Beginner’s Tool Guide. This guide will show you everything you need about tools!

Spirit Of The Island Beginner’s Tool Guide

This guide will show you everything you need about tools!

Tools and Degradation

In this game, most tools degrade with use.
Namely, axe, pickaxe, hammer, shovel, fishing rod, bug net, machete, all swords.

What doesn’t degrade?
Watering can, wooden bucket, iron bucket, bottles

Note: When your watering can tells you that it’s broken, it wants to be refilled.

Tool Tiers

There are three tool tiers: iron, silver and gold.

Beginner's Tool Guide

They can all be crafted at your Workbench (crafting table).

Tier 1 tools degrade faster than higher tier tools.

Tip :

Tier 1 tools degrade faster and take longer to fell trees or break down rocks.
However, the amount of XP awarded is linked to the number of times you use your tools.
So, if you want to level up your mining and foraging skills quickly, you should use the tier 1 tools until you are at level 5.

N.b. This doesn’t count for swords: There, you get XP based on the level of your enemies. So level up your sword as soon as you can.

Breaking and Repairing

In order to check the state of any given tool, you can

a) Look at the yellow bar on said tool in the quick access bar

Beginner's Tool Guide

b) Click on the tool in your inventory and see the exact percentage under “Resistance”

Beginner's Tool Guide

In order to repair your tools, you need to have a hammer in your inventory.
You can then select the soon-to-be-derelict-tool, click on the « repair » button and hey presto, your hammer will lose a bit of its life span and the tool will be repaired.

A broken tool will disappear.

What to do when it’s broken

You cannot buy tools anywhere.
Neither can you buy wood, or nails, or iron bars.
You can buy leather eventually, but that alone isn’t enough for tools.
So make sure you check the state of your tools often, keep a stack of the materials squirreled away, or craft and keep spares.

As a last resort, there is a set (axe, pickaxe, hammer) of golden (tier 3) tools hidden in locked boxes around the two starting islands. You will need iron keys to access them.

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