Splatoon 3 Side Order: How to Unlock All Badges

List of all badges and how to unlock them.

Badges in Splatoon 3 Side Order affect your achievements and there are 24 badges you need to unlock. We’ve told you how to get them in this guide.

How to Get All Badges

Badges offer players a chance to flaunt their achievements on their Splashtags in Splatoon 3, and there are 24 of them achievable through Side Order. While some DLC badges may come naturally as players engage with the Spire of Order, obtaining all requires a concerted effort. This guide aims to assist players in obtaining every badge in Splatoon 3: Side Order.

Regarding the badge tied to Eight’s Palette, a weapon obtained by unlocking the final locker in Splatoon 3: Side Order, the maximum number of hacks remains under discussion within the player community. However, it’s confirmed that the badge is attainable with four hacks or fewer, granting access to at least 12 Color Chip slots during runs.

Note: Each active hack (excluding Risky Reward) when using Eight’s Palette reduces available Color Chips by six. This reduction ceases once the number of Color Chip slots reaches six.

Unlock Badge

Complete Side Order’s tutorial run.
Complete Side Order’s tutorial run.
Complete a 30 Floor run of Side Order.
Complete 30 Floor runs of Side Order with every Palette.
Unlock and buy every item from Chiper’s shop in Splatoon 3: Side Order.
Achieve a 30-floor run in Side Order utilizing the “Low Hacks” Eight’s Palette. Further information regarding this badge is provided below.
In Side Order, there are 18 Color Chip groups, distinguished by connecting lines in the Color-Chip Collection menu, with a corresponding badge for each group. These badges are earned by unlocking all three commentaries for every Chip within a group.
All Badges List

For players struggling to earn the Low Hacks Eight’s Palette badge, two strategies prove promising. Firstly, opting for all four available hacks, with a combination of Max Lives, Damage Reduction, and Attack Damage suggested, limits Color Chip slots to 12. Alternatively, selecting a single hack like Max Lives and utilizing additional slots to craft a potent Color Chip build in Splatoon 3: Side Order.

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