STALCRAFT Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Welcome to our STALCRAFT Tips and Tricks for Beginners guide. In this article, we will superficially […]

Welcome to our STALCRAFT Tips and Tricks for Beginners guide. In this article, we will superficially go through the basic mechanics and gameplay features of this game. We know that there are people who have a hard time finishing the STALCRAFT game. If you are one of those who find it difficult to finish the game, let’s take you to our STALCRAFT guide.

STALCRAFT Tips and Tricks for Beginners

In this article, we will superficially go through the basic mechanics and gameplay features of this game.


After completing the training, you will be asked to choose a faction. I advise you to familiarize yourself with their nuances in advance:

The most basic: Stalkers and Bandits
The choice of your main faction CANNOT be changed, as well as the nickname. Example: if a character is a stalker, he can’t become a bandit in any way!

In addition to stalkers and bandits, there are official groups in the game.
Depending on your main faction, you can join:

Stalkers — Duty or Freedom
Bandits — Mercenaries or Covenant

You can freely leave the official grouping and join the opposite one. Remember that you can only play in the same squad with members of your chosen grouping.

Looking ahead, I will tell you another advantage of official groupings — in the north of the zone, members of the same grouping remain neutral to each other, unlike stalkers and bandits. So joining them opens up new prospects for development, content, as well as significantly facilitate the farm.

Stalcraft — Initial Stages
Tips and Tricks for Beginners

STALCRAFT Tips and Tricks for Gameplay

Stalcraft – MMOFPS game,
(Massive multiplayer first person shooter)
And this means that most of the time will have to be spent among the players.

Like any guest of the exclusion zone, you probably want to raise some money, loot swag and buy better equipment to explore the zone or poke newcomers … advice and guidance:

– First: Everything here is tied to equipment. It provides a tangible advantage in PVP, so leveling equipment is the foundation of the game.
– Secondly: Playing alone is difficult in the later stages of the game, I advise you to call your friends initially and develop together. Don’t worry, the lack of friends is not a hindrance to finding a true comrade during the game!
– Thirdly: This game will test your strength, play with your emotions and play on your nerves. I think this will turn a lot of people off, but where else can you get incredible, unforgettable memories playing with your comrades and learn to control yourself?
That’s right – in STALCRAFT!

STALCRAFT Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Mechanics of personal items

The most basic mechanic! In the game you will die, and you will die often, but your weapons and armor will always be with you, as they are personal (they are marked with a gray lock). Such items cannot be transferred, sold, thrown away … They are yours forever. They can only be dismantled, upgraded, or bartered with NPCs.

About personalization rules:
A non-personal item can be exchanged, sold and thrown away
An item is personalized if:
– you took it in your hand
– put it on yourself
– put on a personal kit (sight, butt, etc.)
– after bartering, the thing immediately becomes personal
A personal item can only be placed in a personal warehouse and storage, dismantled when not needed, improved by a mechanic or exchanged through barter if there is a continuation of the line.

STALCRAFT Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Safe Zones in STALCRAFT Tips and Tricks for Beginners

After choosing a faction, we get to the Swamp location. The location is walkable and more PVE than PVP. I advise you to collect all kinds of quests at the base and delve into the gameplay. Let’s talk about how the bases are arranged …

The bases function as a spawn point and a safe zone where you can only die from starvation, ejection (if you stand in the open or close to windows, etc.) or suicide. There are bases in the game at such locations as: Swamps, Cordon, Rostock, Way of Fools, Army warehouses. All of them, with the exception of the swamps, have the following NPCs:

  • Equipment Merchant – sells and trades weapons (barter)
  • Buyer – buys artifacts, the remains of mutants and other trash
  • Supply Merchant – sells ammo, health kits, etc.
  • Mechanic – repairs and upgrades equipment
  • Auctioneer – gives access to the auction
  • Courier – works like a post office, you can send a package or receive
  • Researcher – researches artifacts and improves them
  • Contract Provider (board) – you can take daily quests
  • Contract Provider – Daily Quests by Type: Deliver the Package
  • Storage – just a box in which it is convenient to store non-personal items
STALCRAFT Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Exit About the Open World

Leaving the base, your journey for resources begins. Be vigilant and cool! Each player is a potential enemy and rival, but also do not forget about humanity … I advise you to stock up on first-aid kits and cartridges, because you can’t do without them.

Almost all over the open world you can find events (spots), during the farming of which we get consumables, tradable items and components for barter. Such events are marked on the map with a hexagon, by pointing at which we get brief information about what awaits us at this spot and what we can get for it. Be careful, anomalies will be waiting for you in the world! There is no advice here at first, just throw bolts in front of you if you see unknown formations.

Remember that not everything is so simple! By clearing spots, in addition to barter resources, you get various trash that you need to sell to a fence for currency. Other players will want to profit from this trash, so you need to be careful. If you do get killed, all the barter resources will go into a special backpack that only you can open! So killing other players for the sake of barter resources will not work, but it will be possible to sell the bag to the owner through an auction.

STALCRAFT Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Base Levels

When you returned from your first trip, you probably noticed a level strip at the bottom. It informs you about the leveling of your base. Each base needs to be pumped for: opening new NPCs, continuing bartering, getting bonuses. So, for example, in the swamps, upon reaching the 5th level of the base, we will unlock all 4 slots in the storage, and the entire range of “swamp” barter will be available to us. Leveling up is a necessary activity that will help you in the future to develop and save money through discounts.
Base level farming is carried out by clearing spots, completing quests, contracts. Thanks to the bases, we can upgrade equipment, join official factions, and discover new ways to earn money.

We strongly recommend that you engage in the progress of authority on the bases as soon as possible, because as you advance in the level, more opportunities will open up for you to make the game easier.

STALCRAFT Tips and Tricks for Beginners


The main way to get and upgrade equipment! The barter system in the game is implemented as follows:

You buy the initial element of barter and follow its branches, pumping equipment with the help of barter components.

In the swamps, they are: Swamp Stone and Green Mold.
To get them, you need to clear spots, red hexagons on the map. Information about where a component is mined can be found by hovering the mouse over it.

STALCRAFT Tips and Tricks for Beginners
STALCRAFT Tips and Tricks for Beginners

It is also worth mentioning prikopy. This is a game activity that farms differently than human and mutant spots. It requires a metal detector, as well as knowledge of spawn zones, since they are not displayed on the map, but for you we have a map with the distribution of mines in all available locations! In the agricultural industry and in the dark valley you can find aluminum wire, in the landfill – copper.
Stalcraft — Initial Stages


At the initial stages, do not bother with the choice of equipment. I advise you to choose a line of research and scientific suits, as well as make all body kits (sights, muzzles, etc.). As soon as the quests lead you to the cordon and you finish all the things in the swamp, then do not hesitate, because. a beautiful location will open before you, as well as a lot of content: new activities, more frequent PVP, new branches in the barter line and much more! Next, we will tell you about the landfill, the bar and other more northern locations! This was an introductory part for beginners and people learning about this game for the first time. The second part will correspond to the game, which means it will be more complex and in-depth.

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