Star Trek Legends: General Guide

General guide to game mechanics, quests and game basics.

When starting Star Trek Legends, mastering the game’s mechanics, missions, error list and many basic information will allow you to determine your strategy correctly. We have explained all the details for you in this general guide.

Star Trek Legends Guide

Star Trek: Legends is a turn-based video game in which players form a team of four players through a wide variety of different combat challenges. This guide will be an overview of the game mechanics, basic information, a list of bugs and some suggestions.


Gameplay Basics

Combat is turned based in an initiative order, where you can chose a number of attacks, buffs, enemy debuffs, until the renaming enemies number is reduced to 0.

The initiative order is displayed at the top middle of the screen. Initiative is based on a crew speed. Clicking on a character will let you see their abilities.

Speed, Autoplay, and Pause are listed at the top right of the screen.

  • Speed: Chose between x0, x2, x4 times normal speed
  • Autoplay: AI automated combat if you don’t want to chose what your abilities or targets
  • Pause: Pauses combat where you can abandon the mission.

Cover: Two spots on each team will have cover which will have some health of their own and must be destroyed before that character can be targeted. Some abilities ignore or do more damage against against cover.

Bridge – HUB

Gameplay Basics

  • Daily: Daily orbs bonus (freebies), available each day on a seven day rotation
  • Bridge: Where you select your bridge crew, giving you in-game bonuses
  • Goals: In-game achievements, their requirements, and rewards
  • News: Updates regarding new Operations
  • Shuttle: Away missions, where you send crew away for a time in exchange for rewards
  • Operations: Weekly events to unlock characters and gain rewards in a level system
  • Shop: Where you can spend your latinum, crystals, and survival tickets
  • PVP: Where you can combat other players’s teams
  • Alliance: Combat where you gain crystals once meeting requirements
  • Events: Updates for Operations and where you can view your progress
  • Survival: Survival mode where you can semi-select a team with progressive difficulty
  • Summon: Where you use orbs to summon new crew from the Nexus
  • Collections: Unlocked crew, and where you gain some rewards for completing sets
  • Crew: View and upgrade your unlocked crews
  • Missions: Story missions

At the time right of the screen in most features of the game is your latinum collection, one of the main currencies in the game.


Gameplay Basics

This feather lets you log in once a day and collect a various amount of orbs on a seven-day rotations. These freebies allow you to summon new characters to your crew.

Bridge – Feature

Gameplay BasicsGameplay Basics

From here you can select certain crew to fulfill the role of a bridge team. slected crew meembers have bonuses to your team from:

  • 10% Resistance to Scan, Wound, or Stun
  • +3% stat such as Attack, Health, Defense, Tech, etc
  • +5% stat for a certain group such as Klingon, Starfleet, etc

Only one crew member can be selected for each role


Gameplay Basics

Goals: Goals are minor achievements for learning gameplay basics and completing early story missions. At the time of writing this, mine is bugged an although I’ve completed the last goal I cannot collect my reward.

Achievements : As listed on your Steam profile, these are the same Achievements and they do offer a latinum bonus once completed. You can see your progress for each achievement.


Gameplay Basics

News displays some brief details about new operations, and what characters is the reward for completion.


Gameplay Basics

Upon completing a story-based mission, you can send away team of up to 4 to go collect XP, latimum, and a number of other listed awards. You can send this team away fro up to 12 hours and can recall them at any time, but the longer they are away the better the rewards. You can send up to 3 away teams at a time.

Crew sent away will be unavailable for story-based Missions and Operations.


Gameplay Basics

Operations are a progressing difficulty for higher rewards. Doing so will reward you with Events Points. You can use these to collect rewards (from the Events tab) and eventually you’ll unlock a character if you play enough. These are on a rotation and remaining time tables are listed in many places.

Crew sent on Shuttle Missions are not available for Operations.


Gameplay BasicsGameplay Basics

This is where you spend many of your currencies to gain the materials needed to update your crew

  • Front: Rotates daily, sale price for a listed material and characters tokens for rank increases
  • Crew: Bio-mimetic gel for crew XP, and protomatter for skills increases. Daily limits apply
  • Particles: Crew can have up to 2 at a time, and these give bonuses in combat and can be upgrades
  • Gear: Communicators, Tri-corder, phasers, and PADDS, used to increase certain stats
  • Alliance: Where you spend crystals from alliance battles. I have not used this feature yet
  • Survival: Where you spend your survival points for orbs, Bio-mimetic gel, particles, and power cells for particle increases


Gameplay Basics

This is where you get to battle another players, although you get some choice you don’t get to just fight newbies til you unlock the achievements.

  • Hub: Main PVP menu
  • Logs: Your PVP history of victories and defeats
  • Seasons: Lists rewards for winning a rank tier from from high 100 to 10,001+
  • Ranking: Bank page, not used?
  • My Rank: Your rank from 1 and up. There is an achievement for getting Rank 5
  • Daily Replicator: Points gained from PVP fights will let you unlock materials. Rotates daily

Gameplay Basics

This is the selection screen when you’re about to face another player. When you select your crew you will see who gets the Cover spots. You will also see the enemy team, the enemy player rank, and their particles used.

  • New Enemy: Lets you randomly select a new enemy and they could have a higher or lower rank than you. You can do this up to 3 times before you must win a PVP fight.
  • Battle: Engages the fight. If this is grey you cannot begin combat. Try unselecting and reselecting your crew again.

BUG: If you get an error saying ONLINE CONNECTION FAILED during PVP you will be prompted to restart the game and you’ll be sent back to the main menu. This is not an error on your part or your connection, but it means you’ve hit your limit for PVP fights for a short time. According to a post in the discussion section where this limit is lifted after 2.5 hours or so.

Gameplay Basics

A PVP fight will player very much like any other fight, only you’ll be fighting a crew put together by another player. The enemy is not present playing against you. Typically, if the enemy team has a crew member you are also using, that enemy will have the initiative on you crew member.

TIP: Do not use Auto-play if you’re trying to win. Your team will use all their buffs but not choosing your targets or abilities hinders you.


Gameplay BasicsGameplay Basics

Alliance battles are fights with a progressive difficulty. Once you select an alliance and complete a number of missions you can gain a replicator reward. Raids run on the same cooldown as PVP so you can’t just play to your hearts’ content.


Gameplay Basics

This is where you view your progress during certain Operations. The duration of the Operation will also be listed here. Once you’ve received a number of points you can also collect your reward in the form of replicated materials.


Gameplay BasicsGameplay Basics

Survival is progressive diffuclty. Although you get some chance to pick from a pre-selected team. There’s no guarantee you will get to pick your dream team. For 100 survival points you can reshuffle the pre-slected crew.

Survival will play like story missions since there will be a number of fights before you end the level and progress to the next. Instead of Explore or Intel, Survival will let you choose one of two paths, one likely giving a type or reward and the other path offering another or even a Boss fight for greater rewards. Some parts will let you select a team upgrade or enemy debuff for a listed number of fights. There will also be Resource sections where you will gain freebies.

Once you have the resources (latinum and survival points) you can upgrade some some team stats for Survival mode only.


Gameplay Basics

This is where you will randomly summon new crew members to complete your collections. Duplicate crew summoned will generate tokens you can use to upgrade their ranks. Crew have a set rarity so some characters appear more frequently than others.

You can choose to summon crew, or select a bridge type such as Command, Medical, Security, and Engineering to summon a crew from that group. This is great if you want finish a collection for a certain group or increases you chance to certain favorite character.

Gameplay Basics

Once your ready to summon you can choose how many orbs you want to use. 50 – 75 are required depending on what group you want to summon. You can summon multiple crew if you have the orbs and this will summon an appropriate amount of new crew or duplicate tokens.


Gameplay Basics

This is where you can view your summoned crew grouped in the series they appeared and types such as aliens, Captains, Crew Types, etc. Once you’ve filled a group, you can click the relicator icon to get some freebies.

Collections only lets you view your summoned crew, not look at their states, gear, or particles.


Gameplay BasicsGameplay Basics

This is where you can view your crew, organizing them bu Role, Rarity, Power, and Tone Count. Characters can be viewed even if they are not summoned. Upgrading gears require a number of latimum and materials. Gaining and upgrading skills require latinum and protomatter of that crew type.

Selecting a character will let you view their skills and stats, select and upgrade available particles and great, and rank up with character tokens. The icon (i) next to rarity will show your their in-game stats. Enhance will allow you to gain xp from Bio-mimetic gels.


Gameplay BasicsGameplay Basics

Missions are the story of Star Trek: Legends, with a plot revolving the Nexus where the game takes place. Iconic characters will appear in an 8 Chapter story.

You will choose your team and engage in a number of combats till you complete the section. There are six sections per chapter and the difficulty increases as with the story.

  • Intel: Gives you some flavor to the story but not in-game effect
  • Explore: Gives you a series of options that affect your game play. This is where you can Negotiate your way out of a fight, explore a different path, use Science or Engineering to make something happen, etc. This will branch you away from the path to another. You can go back to these sections once you have the required crew member and their skill cost to choose the road not taken
  • Power-Ups: Gives your team a buff for a few rounds, or the enemy a debuff

Once all your crew are defeated the mission is a failure. You can abandon the story and return at a later time but must star the section of a chapter over.

After completion, a region around the story can be explored by a Shuttle.

Written by Landon Keyser

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