STAR WARS Jedi: Fallen Order – DLC Like Area After Finishing The Game

DLC Like Area After Finishing The Game To be clear for the trigger-happy flamers out there: […]

DLC Like Area After Finishing The Game

To be clear for the trigger-happy flamers out there: No it’s not a DLC, yes it’s already included in the game, and yes it’s DLC-like as is typically done with many games such as Tomb Raider, Batman etc.: an area that’s accessible just off the beaten path, that is decently long, includes new lore, and some interesting fights. And yes, EA with their track record certainly could have tried to sell this off as a DLC (and would have gotten rightfully criticized for it).

The thing is, contrary to a DLC that you’d buy and it’d be clear where to go to start it, this area is already in the game you paid for, yet there’s a good chance you didn’t play it!

Instructions for the DLC-like Area

Go back to Zeffo, and head for the Crash Site section of the map. Then, go up the very large reactor structure in the middle of the map, and keep going up all the way to the top (if you need to neutralize some flying robots as you head up, you’re going the right way).

You’ll be able to enter the reactor, into the Venator Wreckage map. This is a fairly large map which feels like a small DLC, plus it has nice rewards.

There’s also the Broken Wing map section to complete, in which you’ll need to get past a serious Boss then move on to a small section with a puzzle etc. This one is reached by going up one level above the big nasty guy you see on your left when you reach the Crash Site map (not the one in the arena, the other one).

And if you care for Chests, there are many to be found in Crash Site which you won’t have found the first time around.

More Content

The following are shorter than the Zeffo areas mentioned above, but are well worth completing as well since we’re on the topic.


Head to Dathomir. As you leave the Mantis, go left. Go up the ramp (now accessible if you hadn’t noticed, makes a nice shortcut!). Head toward the Tomb as you’ve done a few times by now. Once you’ve jumped across the multiple gaps to get to the tomb, I would recommend going indoors and using the save point, and backtrack to head outside. Now as you’re exiting walking down the stairs outside, in front of you are the multiple jumps you would take to head back to the ship. Don’t. Head left instead. You should see a darker-colored path, which heads toward a section with 2 facing walls you have to wallrun across.
And there you go, enjoy… and reap the rewards!


Head to Bogano.

Area 1: (Revisiting this reveals new stuff)
Go back to Hermit’s Abode. You might find a few surprises there.

Area 2: (Interesting goodies previously inaccessible-I recommend doing this before the last planet actually)

Explore the Abandoned Workshop, top to bottom, left right and center. A rewarding venture you’ll find.

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