STAR WARS: The Old Republic – Leveling Guide

You can learn from our topic STAR WARS: The Old Republic Leveling Guide. When beginning out your first impediment is to get off your starter planet, i advise doing elegance quest till you get your first associate/follower then try this planets heroic missions (placed close to its spaceport or commute on a console). in case you plan to degree with elegance quest then simply forget about heroics and preserve going!

STAR WARS: The Old Republic Leveling Guide

Level up via Way of Means of doing Tale and Quests

This is via way of means of some distance the maximum exciting revel in and may be speedy to boot. Doing tale quests and not anything else will via way of means of the stop of it take you to the max degree, and award titles and swag whilst there. If you want the tale ensure to degree this manner as even in case you enhance to max you’ll need to do the tale sooner or later in any case, so may aswell degree up doing it.

A tale quest is marked with a red triangle and could mechanically come up with the subsequent quest withinside the storyline after completion. Note that there also are planetary questlines or area questlines in different words. Unlike predominant tale questlines those stop whilst they’re completed and do now no longer hold to new zones/planets, alternatively every area/planet has their very own separate line that may be finished independently. Like predominant quests they’re additionally marked red but they’re now no longer required to development. they’re a laugh to do aleven though and could come up with greater xp.

They commonly require you to visit places which you are already in because of your predominant quest so i advise doing those too. Your predominant quest is picked up at starter planet and later for dlc your ships console. And planetary questline is picked up in maximum spaceports or stations.

Level up via Way of Means of doing Heroics

Heroics are unique organization quests that a chunk like fates from ffxiv. They are very severa and speedy to do. Intended for a set those quests are tougher than maximum however can without difficulty be soloed without or with a associate npc. They additionally show up to be the quickest manner to degree up, heres how:

Heroics are very speedy on account that they award plenty of xp and feature bonus goals which additionally offers xp. They additionally scale you to the planets max degree which means even a max degree participant benefits! whilst doing a heroic you get an xp bonus consistent with participant for your organization as much as the max of 4. This xp bonus makes it so that you need to run with a complete organization if possible (ask guilds or fleet for that). you could additionally run by myself or with simply one pal and nevertheless be very effective. Make positive to ALWAYS do the bonus quests as they supply plenty of xp.

To choose those heroics you should both visit the planets spaceport/station/touchdown region or really visit fleet – fight region and test the yellow triangle icon marked console subsequent to the holo table. the search will come up with a consumable teleport object which lets in you to get there speedy. ensure to apply it for each unmarried heroic you do. in case you are low degree a few quests may not be available, that is because of them being degree locked so ensure to get enaugh xp earlier than you do your subsequent row of heroics!

Level up via Way of Means of doing Flashpoints

Flashpoints is the second one quickest manner to degree up and is quite simple to do. A flashpoint is what different video games name dungeons and may be qued for similar to them. To try this open the sports menu via way of means of hitting “ctrl + G”.

Flashpoints scale your degree upwards and are very smooth to do. ensure to boom your xp from kills and such whilst going there which i can provide an explanation for the way to do later. All in all flashpoints are pretty a laugh and praise plenty of xp however heroics take shorter time to do supplied you’ve got got a set.

Level up via Way of Means of doing PvP

Pvp is a very feasible manner to degree up. It is but, unbalanced till you hit max. Its the slowest manner of this manual via way of means of some distance but in case you discover it a laugh move for it. There isn’t always plenty to mention right here aside from be a part of the que via sports menu and ensure to choose up the quests for it whilst inside.
Ways of dashing up leveling.

There are many approaches to make it faster, a number of that are tougher than others.

For starters there may be an xp bonus from a fixed that a few human beings have but that is not available so in case you dont have it dont worry, its best 50% more which facilitates however wont make or ruin it. I advise beginning your legacy menu via way of means of pressing “y”. You free up it at degree 25 if i recollect accurate and it lets in you to shop for unlocks consisting of greater xp from kills in flashpoints greater xp from elegance quests and so on. I advise you study all of them and upload anything works first-class in your method. in case you dont have credit simply ask a guild mate or a pal as they’re honestly now no longer luxurious at all.

Next up we’ve got xp boosts, those come up with plenty of more xp and are smooth to get, purchase them on gtn (public sale house) or really do your elegance quest to your starter planet to have some for free. preserve doing all your elegance quest in case you want greater.

Be in a guild, guilds supply various xp bonus relying on their length and facilitates you out plenty whilst you want assist and such. Some guilds have guild unique skills that may be accessed out of your cappotential menu (p) which could boom xp gained. So ensure to apply that.

Make positive to get a associate/follower as they may upload for your velocity a LOT. you’ll get one quick to your starter planets questline. Also in case you want tools both use heroics and flashpoint rewards or visit elements region of fleet and buy object changes in your degree. I for my part degree with none tools on account that the whole lot has degree scaling in any case simply ensure to have at the least a degree 10 object in each slot.

Level Sixty Five

If you have hit degree 60-sixty five xp from heroics will prevent being as properly and could sluggish you down. At this level i recommendation switching to leveling with flashpoints till you hit degree 70 after which choose up the “ossus storyline” and development it to the brand new storyline on onderon so that you can praise plenty of xp from degree 70-seventy five. preserve in thoughts this can bypass any preceding storyline so in case you plan to do it later then simply prevent traumatic approximately velocity leveling and do it all. If you need to keep predominant quest for later then simply preserve doing flashpoints from 70-seventy five. You also can do operations/ops (raids) for better xp whilst 70-seventy five or even be a part of an “ev farm” run if any nevertheless exists.

NOTE: All in all leveling could be very smooth on this game, i heard from new gamers the common from 1-seventy five is round 2-three days simply gambling the sport and doing anything. The quickest i ever did it became round 4-5h doing heroics after which a raid leveling farm from 50+ that existed on the time. in recent times it takes longer however now no longer via way of means of plenty.

I yet again recommendation walking predominant tale however in case you are in a rush then move heroics till sixty five then flashpoints to 70 then latest storyline/dlc.

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