Stardew Valley – Getting Started

Stardew Valley Events If you checking the calendar at pierres store you can see days with […]

Stardew Valley Events

If you checking the calendar at pierres store you can see days with purple flags it means on that day a event will starts example flower dance.

Crafting / Buttons

If you press e or ESC a menu opens you can check your backpack look at the map and also check everything in the game the bag emoticon means the inventory the next is your charachter page the heart is the friendship the earth is the map the hammer (its selected) the crafting the yellow bag is shows you what kinda items you collected the game controller is the options if you want to harvest a fruit / vegetable you need to press Right click.

Friendship and Marriage

First there is 12 charachters can be married in stardew valley you can earn Hearts (friendship points with them).

Also you can marry one charachter.

How Marriage Works?

First you need earn 10 friendship points with the charachter you want marry then you need to reapir the little bridge next to elliots house at the beach then at a rainy day (don’t go at winter) a man going to stand try talk with him and buy the item he sells then give it to the charachter you want marry and the marriage will be 3 days later.


Building and Animals


If you want build something example: (its a coop)

You need to go robin go to the mountains (more up from the community center) then click on build and boom its done.


You can store animals.

In coop you can only have chicken at Deluxe coop you unlock duck you need a barn for cows deluxe barn unlockes goat.

And you need upgrade your buildings to get more rare / expencive animals.

A Little Secret

If you mining a lot you can find paper items in startdew valley .

Here i am going to tell you 1

Well you don’t have to do much follow the steps go to the train station and dig in the corner you will find a treasure chest.

That’s all.

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