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Stardew Valley How to Get Achievements Easily

Welcome to our Stardew Valley How to Get Achievements Easily guide. How to get all of the hardest achievements in Stardew, with no effort required.

Stardew Valley How to Get Achievements Easily

All of the methods in this guide are more or less variations of two glitches. The Item spawning glitch, and the “multiplayer” duplication glitch (Don’t worry, having a second controller also works)


Item Spawning

Spawning in items in vanilla is actually quite simpler than you might have otherwise thought. The way Stardew keeps track of items is by assigning each item an item ID. For example, the Prismatic Shard’s ID is [74]. How is this relevant? Well, by naming ourselves an item’s ID in the farm creation screen, we can get NPCs to say the ID of the item, therefore giving us that item. It’s ok if you don’t fully understand it now, I will tell you exactly what to do when the time comes.

Item Duplication

Duplicating items is slightly less complicated. If you play a lot with your friends, you might have even accidentally stumbled across this dupe method. If you and another player break anything (debris, furniture, etc.) at the same time, The game gets confused and gives both players the items. This is commonly used in multiplayer speed runs. However, it doesn’t stop there. If both players simply pick up an item off of a table at about the same time, it gives both players the item. This, combined with the item spawning glitch, gives you theoretically infinite of any item you want. You can achieve this with a second controller, or your friends alternatively.

Also Note

These glitches will give you a huge leg up to almost every achievement in the game, but I’m only including step-by-step instructions for the hardest ones.

Warning: Don’t spawn in a stardrop. It could potentially ruin your save file.

Legend – Stardew Valley How to Get Achievements Easily

How to EASILY get all achievements (with glitches)

“Earn 10m Gold”

Money is going to be quite useful for the other achievements, so it makes since why we’re doing this one first. Remember the item spawning glitch from the overview? We need to use it now. You may want to start a new farm at this point in time.

From the character creation screen, name your character “[163][74]”. Additionally, make sure “skip intro” is Unchecked, and Starting cabins is set to at least 1.

How to EASILY get all achievements (with glitches)

You can skip the first part of the intro by pressing Escape. Make sure to not skip past the bus cutscene!

Wait until Robin first says your name. This will prompt the game to give you the Legend fish (which is coincidentally the name of the achievement) and a prismatic shard. You can now skip the rest of the intro. Don’t sell the anything just yet!

For now, you can just hold on to the prismatic shard. It will come in handy later. The reason why we are using the legend is because it has the highest item sell price in the whole game. We will now duplicate the Legend using the Multiplayer glitch.

Connect a controller to the game. Under the settings menu, select “Start Local Co-op”. If you don’t have another controller, another friend could also work, though it is less recommended. And now, for the glitch. Take a table from the house, and put the Legend on top of it. Now, both players need to pick up the Fish off of the table at the same time. You will find that you had one extra legend then when you started.

How to EASILY get all achievements (with glitches)

After spending the entire Stardew day doing this, you should have about 300-400 Legends. Go and sell them, but make sure to keep at least one spare. Repeat this process a few times, and you should have 10 mil in no time.

Note: this achievement uses total farm revenue, and not current purse balance, so don’t be afraid to spend some of the money along the way.


How to EASILY get all achievements (with glitches)

“Ship 15 of every crop”

Despite what the achievement’s description says, you actually don’t need to ship EVERY crop. I’m not entirely sure why, but it makes our life easier. The following crops are the only ones that count towards the achievement.

  • Cauliflower [190]
  • Coffee Bean [433]
  • Garlic [248]
  • Green Bean [188]
  • Kale [250]
  • Parsnip [24]
  • Potato [192]
  • Rhubarb [252]
  • Strawberry [400]
  • Blueberry [258]
  • Corn [270]
  • Hops [304]
  • Hot Pepper [260]
  • Melon [254]
  • Radish [264]
  • Red Cabbage [266]
  • Starfruit [268]
  • Tomato [256]
  • Wheat [262]
  • Amaranth [300]
  • Artichoke [274]
  • Beet [284]
  • Bok Choy [278]
  • Cranberries [282]
  • Eggplant [272]
  • Grape [398]
  • Pumpkin [276]
  • Yam [280]

The reason why we are doing this achievement in particular is because it is a great way to get introduced to some later-game options for item spawning. For this achievement, we will be looking at two in particular. The Marnie chicken method, and the less commonly known Wizard/Clint method. Whichever you choose, you will want the highest backpack upgrade regardless as you will have lots of items in your inventory.

You can look at both methods and decide which one you want to do.

Wizard Method – Stardew Valley How to Get Achievements Easily

To do this method, 3 things must be done first:

  • Talk to Clint
  • Obtain a telephone
  • Get to 4 hearts with the Wizard

Talking to Clint is easy, and so is the Telephone, assuming you have money from the previous achievement. If you don’t, It’s ok because it only costs 2k from Robin. The only “hard” part about this is getting to 4 hearts with the wizard. But hold on, remember the prismatic shard you got at the beginning? This is where is comes into play. Using the aforementioned multiplayer dupe glitch, duplicate the prismatic shard a few times. Or, alternatively, get some NPC’s to say your name.

Now you have to repeatedly give the wizard prismatic shards. Note that his birthday is Winter 17.

All done? Cool. Bring your telephone and a chest to the now unlocked wizard basement. The shrine there will allow you to change your name, for the low cost of 500g. This should be nothing, considering that you have 10m. change your name to as many ID’s of the crops that will fit. For example, your first name should be “[190][433][248]”.

After you have done that, call Clint during his work hours on your telephone. The reason why we are using Clint is because all of his telephone responses have him saying the player’s name.

How to EASILY get all achievements (with glitches)

Repeat this process until you have all of the crops needed. Duplicate them with the multiplayer glitch until you have 15. The Chest is for extra storage.

Chicken Method

Chances are you have seen this done before. In case you haven’t, I will explain it to you.

What you need to do:

  • Build a coop
  • Have Money
  • That’s it

Buy the resources from robin and build a coop. Continue to Marnie’s and purchase a chicken. The only difference between this and the Wizard method is that instead of Clint reading your name, It will be Marnie reading the new Chicken’s name.

How to EASILY get all achievements (with glitches)

And that’s It! Collect 15 of each via duplication and ship.

Full Shipment – Stardew Valley How to Get Achievements Easily

How to EASILY get all achievements (with glitches)

“Ship every item”

This achievement is done best on a save file that already has a decent chunk of the items already shipped. It can still work on the new file, but it will probably take a while because there are quite a few items to ship.

A Complete Collection

How to EASILY get all achievements (with glitches)

“Complete the museum collection”

There are 2 strategies to get this. If you are on an older save file that just needs a few more donations, then I would just spawn them in, one by one.

However, If you are doing this on a fresh save file that has no donations, then you may want to dupe a bunch of Omni Geodes and Treasure Troves, and open them up at the blacksmith. Then, you can spawn the rest you need in, one by one.

How to EASILY get all achievements (with glitches)

Gourmet Chef – Stardew Valley How to Get Achievements Easily

How to EASILY get all achievements (with glitches)

“Cook every recipe”

As you might have thought, the hardest part about this achievement is not the items, but the recipes. There are 4 main ways in which a cooking recipe might be obtained.

  • The Queen of Sauce
  • Leveling up Skills
  • Befriending Villagers
  • Buying from NPCs

Because of this, it is better to do this on a save file that already has pretty high skills and some recipes unlocked. You probably won’t be able to get this on a fresh save file, even with the glitches.

Once you do get all the recipes, it is the same process as all the others. However, I would recommend giving yourself a cookout kit [926] so you can cook the recipes remotely.

Fector’s Challenge! (and Prairie King)

How to EASILY get all achievements (with glitches)

“Beat ‘Journey Of The Prairie King’ without dying”

Here we are! The achievement that most of you are here for. This tiny exploit will allow you to easily beat JOTP without dying, except… well, let me explain.

Every time you start a new stage, e.g. 1-2, your progress will save. If you exit out of the game via hitting Escape, you have the option to “continue journey” after interacting with the game again, therefore resuming your progress at 1-2.

Lets say you beat 1-1 and 1-2 deathless. But then on 1-3… Oops! You died. Well, instead of continuing the stage, press escape and, after interacting with the game again, “continue journey”. You are now at the start of 1-3 again, and still going strong, deathless.

With this little trick you can skip having to reset the whole run when you die, and only have to reset the level you are on. You should get the achievement in no time!

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