Stardew Valley Make Money Big Time

Welcome to our Stardew Valley Make Money Big Time guide. This guide will teach you how […]

Welcome to our Stardew Valley Make Money Big Time guide. This guide will teach you how to get money! (Stonks:BIG TIME in smart people langauge).

Stardew Valley Make Money Big Time

If you are here you probably want to learn how to earn money big time. And don’t worry you have come to the place. We know that there are people who have a hard time finishing the Stardew Valley game. If you are one of those who find it difficult to finish the game, let’s take you to our Stardew Valley guide.

Tips before the Guide

  • Pick up daffodils and dandelions during the guide for extra gold.
  • Open the trash when no one is looking, who knows you might get something good.
  • When Marine comes to bother you about a lost cat, call it “CoinAssistant” for extra motivation
  • Do easy quests like “Robin’s Lost Axe” They typically give you a lot of money.
  • Collect 300 wood for an easy source of money – you can repar a bridge at the beach to get a lot of expenisve loot.

Day 1 – 5

The first step is to initiating the money bomb, this is how you will earn stonks big time. Ok first of all you have to make a new save file because this will be too good for your normal one. Now on Day 1 you want to go normal without anyone suspecting how much money you are about to make. Get seeds, plant them, water them, go to sleep, repeat this step until you harvested your first parsnips and then you can get 100 gold by completing the advancement Getting Started (F key for advancements). Now sell the parsnips and have a good night’s sleep. You will get farming level 1 and you will be able to get a scarecrow, craft that and then put it on your farm.

Make Stonks: BIG TIME

Day 6 – 12

On day 6 you want to go to Pierre’s and buy as many potatoes as possible, yes potatoes. They are the best crops for Spring because they give more money than parsnips and grow faster than cauliflower. So you will need to repeat this step until day 12. On day 12 harvest your first potatoes and sell them and sleep.

Make Stonks: BIG TIME

Day 13 – 28

Today is the big day! It is the Egg Festival the key to success on JojaLover’s first year. Why, well I am glad you asked, strawberries! You can buy strawberries at Pierre’s small area near the entrance of the festival. Now that you are not broke you can afford a strawberry seed that costs 100g each. Just buy as much seeds as you can and get out of there, quickly water the seeds before you pass out and sleep. Also if you want to waste your time do the egg contest, but you only get a hat and the next year you will get 1000g which is feels like 1€ by year 2. During you wait for your strawberries to reproduce you can go to the beach and get the fishing rod from Willy’s long cutscene, then you can fish for gold (2 fish at least a day) to make mass profit.

Make Stonks: BIG TIME

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