Stardew Valley Rizz Tips

Welcome to our Stardew Valley Rizz Tips guide. This guide will show you how to have […]

Welcome to our Stardew Valley Rizz Tips guide. This guide will show you how to have unspoken Rizz in Stardew Valley! We know that there are people who have a hard time finishing the Stardew Valley game. If you are one of those who find it difficult to finish the game, let’s take you to our Stardew Valley guide.

Stardew Valley Rizz Tips

Have you been struggling to attract a female partner in Stardew Valley? This guide will show you how to rizz up any of the 6 beautiful, single women in Stardew Valley (Haley, Emily, Abigail, Penny, Maru, Leah) and become a Rizz God in Stardew Valley

General Rizz Tips

Before we go into detail on how to rizz up a specific character in Stardew Valley, I will teach you general unspoken rizz tips that will work on every single female in Pelican Town. Every woman will fall in love with you if you do these things:

Talk to the females

Try to talk to single women every day. This will slowly build friendship points (+20) and make them like you. Queens don’t like to be bothered, so don’t attempt to rizz her up while she’s busy, make sure she’s attentive to receive your rizz better

How To Have Unspoken Rizz In Stardew Valley

For example, a rizz god would not bother Haley in this picture as she is busy, and talking to a woman while she’s busy will make you look desperate and like you have no rizz

Keep track of their hearts

In Stardew Valley you can easily see how much characters like you by their heart meters
The maximum number of hearts singles can have before married is 8. Keep track of the hearts as they show your rizzing progress how much a woman likes you. This way you know when to talk about marriage

Go to the Flower Dance

Taking women to the Flower Dance will make them like you more, always make sure to dance but only if you have at least 4 hearts of rizz or else you will get rejected (getting rejected = no rizz). Do NOT get rejected EVER

Give liked and loved gifts

Over time, you will learn what each women like and what all women like (universal liked and loved gifts[]). As rizz gods, we give queens what they like the most but not more than twice a week so that we don’t look desperate. Preferably don’t spend too much money on gifts though as rizz gods should have a lot of money and you can’t afford to waste it as a farmer, especially not on the females. Gifts you picked up off the ground and out of the trash are the bests gifts for rizzing while also protecting the money, but make sure the girls like the gifts (they will never know you got it out of a trash can). Also it goes without saying but make sure you only go through the trash at night or in the rain because you don’t want any queens seeing you rummage through trash cans or else you will look broke (no rizz)

The Queens

Since we’ve been through general, non-specific, unspoken rizz, now it’s time to decide who to rizz up. I will go through the reasons to rizz up each of these single queens in Pelican Town and any specific tips on how to rizz them up.

Haley (Mean Girl)

To date Haley you must have a humiliation kink or something because Haley will be an to you until you rizz her up enough for her to start being nice. However, it’s rewarding as Haley is the only blonde baddie in Stardew Valley. You must be willing to accept the insults for a while but it’s possible to make her love you and stop bullying you eventually. Haley’s birthday is Spring 14. The fountain and the beach are good places to rizz her as she will usually visit them and not be busy, however since she is a she will sometimes ignore you.


Liking Emily there must be something wrong with you for liking a woman with blue hair but if you want to ignore this huge red flag, Emily isn’t that bad. Emily works as a bartender so you can find her in the Saloon and even though she is working she will always be open to receiving rizz when she is working at the Saloon. Her birthday is on Spring 27.


Leah loves nature so make sure you hide your love for the money from her and engage in love for the planet and the environment and nature. She likes food off the ground (forage) so if you find her in Cindersap Forest you can easily rizz her up by picking something off the ground and giving it to her. This makes her quite an easy character to rizz without spending money as she is not in love with the money like most women. She lives in Cindersap Forest and that is the best place to find her. Buying her salad when she’s at the Saloon will for sure make her love you. Her birthday is on Winter 23.


While not one of the most popular marriage candidates in Stardew Valley, Maru will instantly be nice to you unlike Haley and she is excited to meet you when you move in. She lives in the mountains and works at Harveys. Her birthday is Summer 10. Maru is good for farmers who like smart women as she is gifted in technology and science. She likes metals as that’s something she can use and expensive precious metals like gold and iridium and also diamonds are loved by her. She loves battery packs and even radioactive metals! Overall Maru is an underrated person to rizz so consider her if you want a friendly smart wife in Stardew Valley


Abigail is the e-girl of Pelican Town. She is also the Wizard’s daughter and naturally has purple hair which is pretty cool and makes her a pretty popular rizz candidate. She likes eating amethyst so give her some expensive rocks to eat and she will love you. Her birthday is fall 13. She is the perfect girlfriend for you if you want a magic gamer girl to be your girlfriend.


Penny is shy but she is a very kind and generous person who tutors children. She is poor and lives in a trailer, but if you marry her and make her your queen she will move into your house. She will be into Sam at first but if you rizz her up she will like you more. Her birthday is fall 2. Her mother is nasty old Pam but personally Pam can be a good friend so if you take Penny away from her make sure to be nice to Pam.

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