Stardew Valley Secrets Guide

Transform overgrown fields into a thriving home in Stardew Valley. Uncover secrets and enhance your gameplay with insights from our Stardew Valley Secrets guide!

Can you learn to live off the land and turn these overgrown fields into a thriving home? So how will you solve some secrets in this adventure where you will learn a lot? Here you will solve the secrets in the game with the information in this Stardew Valley Secrets guide and move forward!

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Stardew Valley Secrets Guide

This Stardew Valley Secrets guide will show you details about secrets in Stardew Valley.

All Secrets in Stardew Valley

Changing The Title Screen

All Secrets in Stardew Valley

There are a few things you can do to change how to title screen looks, for example:

  • By clicking on the letter E 10 times and an alien will show for a brief moment.
  • By clicking on any of the leaves 10 times, three Junimos will appear on the screen
  • By clicking 10 times on the lower right screw of the letter “W” butterflies will appear on the screen
  • A little happy face will appear by clicking the bottom-left corner of the title box a few times. You can then click on the hole present in the letter R to place the happy place there
  • When you use a controller, you can press B or O to make the clouds move quicker (this only works when you see the two birds flying)
  • If you click on the ConcernedApe logo during the loading screen, the eyes will open, and you’ll hear a duck sound.

Mayor Lewis Caught In The Act

All Secrets in Stardew Valley

Players can actually find Mayor Lewis in someone else’s bed if they follow him around on a certain day. On the 9th day of fall, Mayor Lewis can be seen going into Harvey’s clinic for his yearly check-up. If players interact with him, they can hear him asking Harvey if the conversation is confidential.

He will then eventually will leave at 5:30 PM, but if players follow him, it seems he isn’t making his way home. Instead, players will find him making his way to Marnie’s Ranch, and certainly making himself at home. If players hang around for a while, and their friendship with Marnie is high enough, at 9:20 PM, he can be seen hopping into Marnie’s bed.

The Statue In The Secret Woods

All Secrets in Stardew Valley

There’s a particularly handy secret hidden in the Secret Woods in Cindersnap Forest. If players make their way to the statue of Old Master Cannoli in the far left corner, and offer it a Sweet Gem Berry, the statue’s eyes will turn red. Players can grow a Sweet Gem Berry by purchasing the Rare Seed from the Traveling Cart. It can only be grown in Fall and takes up to 24 days. However, the effort is worth it.

If players interact with the statue again, they’ll find themselves being gifted with a rare Stardrop. Stardrops are incredibly valuable items in Stardew Valley, and will increase a player’s maximum energy.

Stardrop Saloon Secret

All Secrets in Stardew Valley

If players head to the backroom of Stardrop Saloon, they’ll notice a hidden box behind some of the barrels. To open this box, they’ll need to interact with it and place some Duck Mayonnaise inside. This can be made by simply putting a Duck Egg inside a Mayonnaise Machine.

Once opened, they’ll receive a very strange statue called ??Pinky Lemon??. Despite its unusual appearance, it’s quite cute. It has a tan color, and has an adorable heart antenna and shoes.

Hidden Collectibles

All Secrets in Stardew Valley

There are various hidden items around Stardew Valley. A large Junimo plush can be found from the bush above the playground near the Community Center on the 28th of any month at exactly 12:00 PM. Secret Note #13 actually hints at this.

Also near the Community Center, actually behind it, the stone Junimo statue can be found on the second day of Spring every year, unless the player bought the JoJa membership. Secret Note #14 hints to this as well.

After following the directions in Secret Note #19, players can actually find a solid gold Lewis statue that they can put on display for everyone to see.

Iridium Krobus Statue

All Secrets in Stardew Valley

There are various statues players can find whilst fishing. One of which is the Iridium Krobus. Players can obtain this statue by heading to the entrance to The Sewers in the South of Cindersnap Forest. They can acquire this funky statue if they fish into the ocean from that spot. However, players will need to have a minimum Fishing level of 15 in order to cast long enough to access the ocean.

Although, lower-level players can also achieve this with level 10 Fishing, as long as they consume a gold-quality Seafoam Pudding that has been cooked with Qi Seasoning in order to maximize the cast their rod has. Players will be able to obtain the statue their first time fishing there, although only one can be acquired per player in each game.

Willy’s Hidden Item

All Secrets in Stardew Valley

Once the players have completed three Community Center Bundles, they will have access to the backroom of Willy’s Fish Shop. Here, they will find an out-of-service old boat and a hidden dock that they can help to put back together.

Players will also be able to use this as a new fishing spot. Whilst they’ll likely collect a load of trash, the player should eventually be able to fish up the Lifesaver furniture if they persevere. Players will then be able to display this proudly on their walls.

Endless Grass Trick

All Secrets in Stardew Valley

Some players can often find themselves forgetting to feed their animals, or simply just find it a chore. However, luckily for them, there’s a cheeky way to produce endless grass. Players can place down a Grass Starter Kit, purchasable from Pierre’s for 1,000g, and then put fence posts around one square of it, it will continue to spread for their animals every day.

The original point of grass will be protected by the fence, and will never disappear, providing players will an endless supply of spreading grass.

Share The Hats!

All Secrets in Stardew Valley

Most Stardew Valley players will know that they can unlock hats for their character. However, these hats can also be placed on numerous other things on their farm too. For example, Sea Urchins that are in fish tanks can adorably have their very own hat if players hold the hat and click on the fish tank. If the player decides they’d like their hat back, they can always remove it by opening the fish tank’s inventory and selecting their hat.

Players can also give Rarecrow #3, the Alien, a hat too. If they want it back though, they’ll have to break the Rarecrow first.

Secret Scarecrow Recipe

All Secrets in Stardew Valley

There is a hidden recipe players can unlock once they have acquired the eight collectable scarecrows. The first is available at the Stardew Valley Fair, and the second can be purchased at the Spirit’s Eve Festival. Rarecrow #3 is available at the Casino, from the mysterious store. The Traveling Cart will provide players with the fourth during Fall and Winter, or they can buy it at the Festival of Ice. Rarecrow #5 can be purchased at the Flower Dance in Spring, and players will have to buy the sixth from the Dwarf.

Both #7 and #8 can be unlocked after donating a certain amount of Artifacts to the Museum. Collecting them all will reward players with the Deluxe Scarecrow recipe. It’s certainly worth the effort, as it protects double the amount of tiles of a regular Scarecrow, by 16 tiles each way.

High-Value Honey Variants

All Secrets in Stardew Valley

Players can actually create different types of Honey, depending on what various flower types they have placed within five tiles of their hives. This will increase the value of their Honey significantly. In Spring, players can surround their hives with Tulips or Blue Jazz to produce Tulip Honey and Blue Jazz Honey respectively.

In Summer, they can do the same with Summer Spangles, Sunflowers and Poppies. Finally, in Fall, they can produce Fairy Rose Honey, which is the highest-valued Honey variant. Players can increase the value of this Honey by 40% by selecting the Artisan profession.

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