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Starfield: Contraband Locations & Sell Without Scanned

Explore smuggling, contraband items, hiding spots, selling, and avoiding detection in Starfield.

Welcome to our guide on Contraband in Starfield. Let’s start by summarizing what this guide covers. We’ll explore the concept of smuggling, list of contraband items, how to find them, the art of smuggling, where to sell contraband, and strategies to avoid detection. You can find all these topics below. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need assistance along the way!

What is Contraband?

In Starfield, contraband refers to items or items that are illegal to possess or trade in certain locations or star systems in the game. These items are often banned by local authorities, groups or governments due to their nature, potential harm, or impact on the economy or stability of the game world.

When you acquire contraband in Starfield, these items are marked in your inventory with a distinctive yellow icon so they can be easily identified. Owning and dealing with contraband can have serious consequences if you are caught, including fines, imprisonment or other penalties, depending on the location and severity of the contraband.

Illegal products can range from illegal technology to banned substances or stolen goods. Certain types of smuggling and their legality may differ from one star system to another within the game, and players should take the risk of being caught trying to profit from these illegal items.

where to sell contraband starfield without getting scanned

Starfield Contraband List

Contraband items in Starfield are identified in your inventory or cargo hold with a yellow icon next to them.

Here’s a list of known contraband items in Starfield and their values on the black market:

  1. Aurora
    • Value: 760
    • Mass: 0.1
    • Value/Mass: 7600
  2. Harvested Organs
    • Value: 13500
    • Mass: 3
    • Value/Mass: 4500
  3. Mech Components
    • Value: 12290
    • Mass: 3.8
    • Value/Mass: 3234
  4. Sentient AI Adapters
    • Value: 14840
    • Mass: 2.5
    • Value/Mass: 5936
  5. Stolen Artwork
    • Value: 15600
    • Mass: 3
    • Value/Mass: 5200
  6. Va’Ruun Heretic Writings
    • Value: 8190
    • Mass: 2
    • Value/Mass: 4095
  7. Xenowarfare Tech
    • Value: 16110
    • Mass: 2.5
    • Value/Mass: 6444

These are items that are considered illegal contraband within the game. They can be found or obtained during your adventures, but possessing and trading in them can lead to various consequences if you are caught by authorities or law enforcement. Be cautious when dealing with contraband in Starfield, and consider the risks and rewards before attempting to profit from these illicit items.

Where to Sell Contraband Items?

In Starfield, you can sell contraband items at various locations, but it’s important to choose your selling point wisely to avoid getting caught. Here are some key places where you can sell contraband items

Where to Sell Contraband Items in Starfield

Contraband Locations

  1. The Den, Wolf System (Recommended): The Den, a space station located in the Wolf System, is often considered the best place to sell contraband early in the game. It stands out because it doesn’t require a scan upon arrival, making it a relatively safe place to sell illicit items.
  2. The Key, Kryx System: The Key, located in the Kryx System, is another option for selling contraband. However, be aware that scans are conducted upon arrival in this system, so exercise caution.
  3. Neon, Volii Alpha: Neon, located in Volii Alpha, allows you to sell contraband. Please note that scanning is present here, so be careful when dealing with contraband in this area.
  4. New Atlantis, Jemison: New Atlantis, located in the Jemison star system, is a place where you can sell contraband. However, it’s a location where scans are conducted, so be prepared for potential scrutiny.
  5. Cydonia, Mars: Cydonia, particularly Mars, is a location where you can sell contraband, but as with other faction-controlled areas, scanning is conducted upon arrival.
  6. Akila City, Akila: Akila City in the Akila star system is another option for selling contraband. However, similar to other faction-controlled areas, be prepared for scans.

When selling contraband, it’s essential to consider the risks involved, including potential fines, imprisonment, or other penalties if you are caught by authorities or law enforcement. Additionally, keep in mind that each vendor or trader in these locations has a limited amount of credits available for transactions, so you can only sell as much contraband as the trader has credits to purchase.

If a trader runs out of credits, you can use the pass time mechanic to wait for 48 hours, and their credits will be replenished, allowing you to sell more contraband to them.

Best Place to Sell Contraband

Best Place to Sell Contraband: The Den in the Wolf System.

Best Place to Sell Contraband: The Den, Wolf System
  • Location: The Den is a space station located in the Wolf System.
  • Advantage: The Den is the best choice for selling contraband because it does not require a scan upon arrival, unlike star systems controlled by the United Colonies or Freestar Collective. This means you can sell contraband without the risk of immediate detection.
  • Recommendation: As soon as you acquire contraband, it’s advisable to head straight to The Den to sell the illicit items, as traveling to other star systems in the interim increases the risk of detection.

Where to Sell Contraband Without Getting Scanned

In Starfield, you can sell contraband without getting scanned at “The Den,” which is a space station located in the Wolf System. The advantage of selling contraband at The Den is that it doesn’t require a scan upon arrival, making it a safe location for these transactions. This information is based on the details you provided about The Den being a recommended place to sell contraband without scans in Starfield.

How to Smuggle Contraband and Avoid Scanned

To smuggle contraband and avoid detection in Starfield, you can employ several strategies and precautions, as outlined in the information you provided:

  1. Improve Your Deception Skill: Investing in the Deception skill can reduce your risk of getting caught during contraband scans. This skill is available in the second tier of the game’s social skill tree. As you level up this skill, your chances of getting flagged during scans decrease. At rank one, your risk is reduced by 10%, and at rank four, it’s reduced by 50%.
  2. Use a Shielded Cargo Hold: Upgrading your ship with a shielded cargo hold is a crucial step in avoiding detection. Shielded cargo holds make it more challenging for scans to detect contraband. Remember to store your contraband items in your cargo hold instead of your character’s inventory to benefit from this upgrade.
  3. Acquire a Scan Jammer: Some ship services merchants that deal in black market goods also sell scan jammers. These devices block scan signals and increase your chances of hiding contraband during scans. Scan jammers are more effective when used in combination with a shielded cargo hold.
  4. Store Contraband in Safe Locations: You can temporarily store contraband in locations where scans are not conducted upon arrival. These safe locations include outposts you own in star systems not controlled by major factions and, if you have the Starfield Dream Home trait, your house, which is not subject to scanning.
  5. Avoid Keeping Contraband on Your Person: Keeping contraband in your character’s inventory makes you 100% likely to be caught when scanned by a faction ship. To avoid this, transfer all contraband items to your cargo hold before traveling to a faction-owned star system.
  6. Consider the Quantity of Contraband: Even with precautions, there is always a chance of failing a cargo scan if you have contraband on your ship. The more contraband you carry, the higher the risk of authorities discovering it, regardless of the precautions you take.

Remember that smuggling contraband in Starfield is not without risk, and the consequences of getting caught can include fines, imprisonment, or other penalties. Therefore, it’s crucial to weigh the potential rewards against the risks and use these strategies wisely to increase your chances of avoiding detection while smuggling contraband in the game.

To sum it up, this Starfield Contraband guide equips you with essential knowledge. You’ve discovered contraband types, locations to find and sell them, and smuggling techniques to avoid detection. Use this information wisely and stay safe in the world of Starfield. See ya!

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