Stay Out of the House Note Locations

Welcome to our Stay Out of the House Note Locations guide. Locations of all the notes you need for Investigator! We know that there are people who have a hard time finishing the Stay Out of the House game. If you are one of those who find it difficult to finish the game, let’s take you to our Stay Out of the House guide.

Stay Out of the House Note Locations

We got the achievement on 2 different accounts after testing so it should be all of them!

Night Shift

Note Locations1. Your tasks


Note Locations1. right outside the bathroom (not sure if this counts but yeah)

Note Locations2. Near the mill and trucks

Note Locations3. Church (go through the cornfield)

Note Locations4. Cornfield (follow the dog)

Note Locations5. Inside the van


Note Locations

1. mannequin room 2nd Floor

Note Locations

2. same room

Note Locations3. Barricaded room close to the cage room

Note Locations4. Passage to the food buckets room

Note Locations5. The food buckets room closet leads you to this room

Note Locations6. Save room

Note Locations7. In the vent near the surveillance camera that’s next to the kitchen

Note Locations8. Butcher’s closet near the basement stairs (there are 7 notes)

Note Locations9. Room near the garage and the scale

Note Locations10. Outside the scale room go left until you get to this room


Note Locations1. Security room

Note Locations2. Pump room

Note Locations3. Cow room

Note Locations4. Storage

Note Locations5. Notes disk from computer lab

Note Locations6. Kitchen door

Note Locations7. Refrigerator

Note Locations8. Footlocker

Note Locations9. Lab 2nd floor

Note Locations10. Camera room lab 2nd floor

Note Locations11. Next to the red key slot

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