Stoneshard – Mace Tank Guide

Mace Tank Guide Attributes 1:1 Str / Vit or 1:1 Str /Agi and enchant the missing […]

Mace Tank Guide


  • 1:1
    Str / Vit


  • 1:1
    Str /Agi and enchant the missing HP with Scrolls ( can be expensive )


Berserker Frenzy

For each Enemy we killed we get 15% Weapon Damage and 20% Crit Efficiency for 10 Turns



  • Onslaught
  • Armor Break
  • Respite
  • Hammer and Anvil
  • Finish Off

Shields :

  • Raise Shields
  • Shield Bash

Geomancy :

  • Stone Armour ( not needed )


Buff Yourself with Raise Shields followed by Hammer of Anvil. Let the Enemy step in your Range. Attack with Onslaught if Onslaught Knockback the Enemy u follow with a charge the Enemy and Attack again

a.) The second attack hits the enemy and you have a XY% Chance of Daze him if this happens Finish Off
b.) The Second Attack doenst hit the enemy then you hit him with Armor Break followed by Finish him.


At the beginning we start with a Shield and a Mace. Nothing special , nothing expensive. We buy Food and Water , Bandage , Splint.
Our Goal is to buy the Mail Parts from the Merchant in the first City. This is extremly expensive. It needs Time and constantly Saving.
Speak with the Elder and catch up your first Bounty Quest. Kill ome Monster on the Way to the Location of the Quest. Maybe go Back and Save. Sell the Goods. Dont go to the Points of Interrest they could be Dangerous at Low Level.

Rest is a little Bit up to you. Im wearing at Lvl 9 the Starting Belt from Jorgrimm because of the Crit but it is not nesesscary.

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