Succubus Prison Walkthrough Guide

Hello from our Succubus Prison Walkthrough Guide. You were dragged to rob a house by a few thugs, but what you discovered there is beyond anything you could have imagined. In this guide, you will find the walkthrough details you need.

We know that there are people who have a hard time finishing the Succubus Prison game. If you are one of those who find it difficult to finish the game, let’s take you to our Succubus Prison guide.

Succubus Prison Walkthrough Guide

Welcome to our Succubus Prison Walkthrough Guide. You’ll get the good ending if you don’t die a single time, so multiple saves will help just in case. If you die at all you’ll get the bad ending; you can unlock three death scenes by doing this though.


1. Eat food, Nemea will be right outside the door so this makes her go away.
2. Head to Vinum’s room and make a deal with her. (I’m here to beg for my life -> Keep after her -> Accept her offer)
3. Head to the downstairs bathroom and grab the gloves. (Shampoo holder thing in the top right.)
4. Wait in your room until 10:10. (Make sure Nemea leaves her room.)
5. Read diary in Nemea’s room. (Dresser in the top left.)
6. Order pizza on Nemea’s computer. Time it to arrive at 12:00 (Should be 1 hour 45 minutes, but if you’re off by a little you can wait a bit to time it right.)

*For step 4 hold the right arrow key and step 5 hold A, it should help with being fast enough.

7. Nap in your room.
8. Wait until noon / pizza delivery.
9. Receive the key from Vinum in your room.
10. Nap again.
11. Wait until 14:05 (Make sure Vinum leaves her room.)
12. Go to Vinum’s room and read bookshelf tiles 2, 3, and 4.
13. Unlock her drawer next to her bed and get the Strange Gem.
14. Wait until 14:37, then go to Nemea’s room.
15. Grab the holy water from her white drawer.
16. Go to Myusca’s room and collect hair.
17. Head downstairs to the dining room and get the Bewitching Medicine. (Interact with the drinks
at the top right of the room.)
18. Go down into the kitchen and grab milk from the refrigerator.
19. Interact with the darker tile on the kitchen floor and enter the code 3984.
20. Summon a demon in the basement using Bewitching Medicine and Milk.
21. Use Holy Water to defeat it and you’ll receive Demon’s Ashes.
22. Go into the downstairs bathroom and do the minigame with Nemea.
23. Ejaculate in the bathroom next to your room after receiving Nemea’s hair.
24. Take a nap and eat if necessary.
25. Go downstairs to the library and make a deal with Vinum (Blame Myusca –> Some book)

*Make sure to screenshot the book she shows you.
*The possible book locations are the dining room, kitchen, and three in Vinum’s room.

26. Find the book and return to Vinum in the library to get the House Key.
27. Wait until 19:00 (7:00) and head to the downstairs bathroom to do the minigame with Vinum.
28. Ejaculate in the bathroom next to your room after receiving Vinum’s hair.

Optional: Go back to your room and eat some food.

29. Use the Strange Gem in your inventory three times to power it up with their hair.
30. Go downstairs to the front door and interact with it twice.
31. Head into the kitchen and turn the lights on.
32. Interact with the rice cooker tile on the counter to receive honey.
33. Interact with the front door again and you should be good!

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