SUMMERHOUSE: Keybinds and Hotkeys

If you are tired of constantly clicking in the game, you can benefit from our hotkeys list in this guide and enjoy the game quickly and efficiently.

This guide was created by peppermint.

Simple Hotkeys

Why point and click? when you can just use these keybindings in SUMMERHOUSE to help you build much more easily and better immerse in your gameplay. I found these easy key binds so you don’t have too!

These had help me massively when navigating around, streamlining my SUMMERHOUSE experience.

Key BindsFunction
W A S DMove camera to different directions
QMove blocks back
EMove blocks forward
RStart or stop replay
FFlip block horizontally
HToggle to hide the UI off and on
J or KChange the environment or scenery
IToggle eyedropper tool
Hold AltTo use eyedropper tool
ZUndo your builds
Shift + ZRedo if you accidentally undo
XToggle Destructive mode
LMBPlace blocks
RMBCycle through blocks
Mousewheel or N or MZoom in and out
F1Display game version
F2Display FPS
F3Start console
F4Pause console output
Hotkeys List

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