Sunflower Pie: Walkthrough and Achievements

Step by step options and how to get all achievements.

The path you follow in Sunflower Pie will lead you to success. So what path should you follow? In this guide, what you need to do and the successes you will achieve are explained in detail.


This guide will show you the choices and walkthrough to get all the achievements.

Hold CTRL to skip text. Press “O” to open options. Save option is unavailable. Avoid pressing “Esc” (It closes the game)


  • Please, dont make me…
  • Yes, Mother
  • I feel like i’m having a nightmare
  • Do what you want
  • (Stay safe)


  • You put something in this, didn’t you?
  • Did your support group tell you to feed me this?
  • It tasted just like Sunflower Pie
  • Thanks you for getting me out of here
  • Shoot yourself
  • Do what you want
  • (Stay true)


  • You put something in this, didn’t you?
  • Yes, Mother
  • (Stay a while)
  • Press “Esc” to close the game

Start the game and choose French

  • Click the eye in the lower left corner of the main menu
  • Press “I” on your keyboard
  • (Infohazards)
Walkthrough and Achievements
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