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Super Dragon Ball Heroes World Mission – Card List

Standard Card Tier List You are not going to want to use all characters from the […]

Standard Card Tier List

You are not going to want to use all characters from the God Tier. Cards in this game have synergies and you’re going to want to focus on 1 or 2 and build a deck around them.

Note that this tier list does not include any promo cards (P or CP).

God Tier

•SH1-SEC2 Vegito: SSGSS (EL)
High damage potential. Usually one shot victory in round 2.

•SH2-SEC Cell (Xeno): Perfect (BS)
Protect against first round one shot builds.

•SH3-SEC3 Vegito (Xeno): Super Saiyan 3 (BS)
High Damage potential with Hero Energy generation.

•SH4-SEC2 Dark-Masked King (EL)
One of the best for Hero Energy generation.

•SH6-SEC2 Great Priest (SP)
Huge power boost for the entire team.

•UM2-031 Goku: Super Saiyan (Beserk) (BS)
Potential to for one shot.

•UM2-SEC Goku: Ultra Instinct (BS)
Potential huge damage boost if losing. Super Ability can deal some high damage as well.

•UM2-SEC3 Evil Saiyan (BS)
Counter to high hero energy teams. Also has some good damage boosts. Difficult to use though since there are a lot of one shot builds.

Z Tier

•SH2-58 Demon God Gravy (BS)
Counter to Hero Energy production.

•SH2-SEC2 Bardock (Xeno) (HR)
Pretty good damage boost with no energy requirement.

•SH5-SEC Gogeta (Xeno): Super Saiyan 3 (BS)
Hero Energy with potential freeze attack.

•SH6-SEC3 Vegito (Xeno): Super Saiyan Kaioken (BS)
Damage increase for high-power teams. Also lowers CI speed.

•SH7-SEC Bardock: Super Saiyan 4 (EL)
High damage increase, but high energy cost.

•SH7-SEC2 Dark Broly (BS)
Damage increase depending on enemy energy level.

•SH8-SEC Gogeta (Xeno): Super Saiyan 4 (HR)
Potential first turn victory with three attacks and the right boosts.

•UM1-62 Gogeta (GT): Super Saiyan 4 (HR)
Strong damage boost if you can reduce damage taken below 5k each round.

•UM1-SEC Goku: Ultra Instinct (HR)
Huge damage potential for the first two rounds.

•UM1-SEC3 Fu (EL)
Good boost option for offensive or defensive decks to increase Power.

•UM2-034 Vegeta: SSGSS (HR)
Power increase for all attackers and possible counter.

•UM2-SEC2 Golden Cooler (EL)
Stamina regen with possible damage boost and bypasses Guard.

Tier 1

•SH2-49 Goku (Xeno): Super Saiyan 3 (HR)
Stamina regen, Power increase and potential freeze for enemy attack.

•SH2-57 Demon Goddess Putine (EL)
CI speed control for both teams.

•SH2-60 Trunks (Future): Super Saiyan Rage (HR)
Damage buffs and reduce enemy damage reduction.

•SH3-35 Android 17 (HR)
Reduce enemy hero energy and potential to counter certain power increasing abilities.

•SH4-36 Hit (HR)
Power or Guard increase and counters an enemies damage increases.

•SH4-SEC Mechikabura (SP)
Full team Power Level increase

•SH5-33 Golden Frieza (HR)
Stamina recovery, reduce enemy hero energy, and power boost depending on enemy energy.

•SH5-50 Gogeta (Xeno): Super Saiyan (EL)
Higher damage to those with slower CI speed. Also increases damage if your starting HP is lower.

•SH5-SEC2 Janemba (Xeno): Evil Demon (EL)
Potential to decrease stamina, Power, and Guard of enemy team.

•SH6-42 Kale (BS)
Higher damage potential.

•SH6-SEC Dark Demon God Buu (Xeno): Xeno Janemba Absorbed (EL)
Steals hero energy and boosts power.

•SH7-25 Goku: Ultra Instinct -Sign- (HR)
Increased damage reduction.

•SH8-21 Goku: Ultra Instinct -Sign- (EL)
Repeatable damage boost and potential high damage super.

•SH8-52 Supreme Kai of Time: Time Power Unleashed (EL)
Increases Miracle Perfect chance.

•SH8-53 Bardock (Xeno): Super Saiyan 3 (BS)
Makes super attacks available without energy and potential freeze.

•SH8-SEC2 King Vegeta (EL)
Increases enemy CI speed and potential reduction of enemy Guard.

•UM1-17 Goku: Ultra Instinct -Sign- (HR)
Potential high damage after round 2 and power increase in round 3.

•UM1-19 Vegeta: SSGSS (Evolved) (EL)
Good counter ability if paired with other attackers.

•UM1-63 Broly: Super Saiyan 4 (HR)
Power increase equal to HP level of team and other high power boosts.

•UM1-SEC2 Jiren: Full Power (BS)
Potential high first turn damage.

Tier 2

•SH1-40 Zamasu (Fused) (BS)

•SH1-54 Demon Goddess Towa (HR)

•SH1-SEC Raditz: Super Saiyan 3 (BS)

•SH2-51 Vegeta (Xeno): Super Saiyan 3 (EL)

•SH3-27 Goku: SSGSS (BS)

•SH3-49 Vegito (Xeno) (EL)

•SH3-59 Frieza: Riding Pod (SP)

•SH4-29 Vegeta: SSGSS (BS)

•SH4-50 Trunks (Xeno): Super Saiyan 3 (HR)

•SH4-59 Demon God Salsa (EL)

•SH5-39 Jiren (HR)

•SH5-52 Demon God Shroom (BS)

•SH6-25 Goku (HR)

•SH6-43 Caulifa: Super Saiyan 2 (BS)

•SH6-59 Demon Goddess Towa (EL)

•SH7-47 Goku (Xeno): Super Saiyan 4 (BS)

•SH7-59 Mira: Towa Absorbed (EL)

•SH7-61 Dark Masked King (BS)

•SH7-SEC3 Kefla: Super Saiyan (HR)

•SH8-50 Vegeta (Xeno): Super Saiyan 4 (HR)

•UM1-59 Goku (GT): Super Saiyan 4 (BS)

•UM2-036 Trunks (Future): Super Saiyan Rage (HR)

•UM2-037 Mai (SP)

Tier 3

•SH1-29 Goku: SSGSS (HR)

•SH1-49 Trunks (Xeno) (HR)

•SH1-50 Vegeks (Xeno) (EL)

•SH1-60 Bulma (SP)

•SH2-59 Gine (SP)

•SH3-58 Demon God Dabura (Xeno) (HR)

•SH4-56 Turles (Xeno): Rampaging (BS)

•SH5-58 Gohanks (Xeno) (HR)

•SH7-42 Dyspo (HR)

•SH7-60 Paragus (Xeno) (HR)

•SH8-47 Goku (Xeno): Super Saiyan 4 (BS)

•UM1-61 Vegeta (GT): Super Saiyan 4 (EL)

•UM1-64 Bardock: Super Saiyan 4 (EL)

•UM2-032 Goku (Xeno): Super Saiyan 4 (EL)

•UM2-060 Android 21 (EL)

Tier 4

•SH6-46 Toppo (HR)

•SH7-43 Macarita (EL)

•SH8-39 Analiza (SP)

•SH8-61 Mechikabura (SP)

•UM1-54 Goku (EL)

•UM1-56 Trunks (Future) (HR)

•UM1-60 Gohan (GT): Super Saiyan 4 (BS)

Honorable Mentions / To be Sorted

•SH5-61 Mosco (EL)
Potential for high damage, but requires full Hero Energy.

•SH3-SEC2 Dark Demon God Buu (Xeno): Dabura Absorbed (EL)
High damage potential with some Hero Energy generation. Possible first turn win if fighting something with low Guard.

•PCS-05 Supreme Kai (BS)
Good against damage increasing builds.

•SH6-ACP5 Tarble (HR)
Alternate Hero Energy generation.

•SH8-65 Dark Broly (HR)
High damage potential with abilities.

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