Super Mario RPG Walkthrough %100 (1-7 Star Pieces)

Our new Super Mario RPG Walkthrough guide covers obtaining all 7 Star Pieces, the main objective in the game.

Completing Super Mario RPG without almost any assistance is nearly impossible. We’ve gathered everything you need to obtain the seven Star Pieces, which are your main objective in the game, in this Super Mario RPG Walkthrough. If you are stuck on any parts or have any other questions, write a comment and we will help you as soon as possible.


Super Mario RPG Walkthrough

The Super Mario RPG Walkthrough consists of 7 chapters. In each chapter, you will get 1 Star Piece.

1st Star Piece – Mushroom Kingdom Region Walkthrough

Mario’s Pad

Guide to Mushroom Kingdom Region Walkthrough in Super Mario RPG

After the events at Bowser’s Keep, Mario finds himself back at his home, knocked clear of the castle. Toad bursts in, concerned about the situation. Jump off the clothes hanger to move freely.

Guide to Mushroom Kingdom Region Walkthrough in Super Mario RPG

Mario’s Pad is small but has a bed for HP recovery. Interact with the Fungi Light lamp to turn off lights, allowing Mario to regain lost HP while napping.

Guide to Mushroom Kingdom Region Walkthrough in Super Mario RPG

New to the Super Mario RPG Remake is the Storage Box. Extra recovery items are automatically stored here, avoiding item discarding.

Speak to Toad outside for a reminder of the Save Point, a block with a star. Perform a manual save; the game also has autosaves in new areas.

Leave and try to return to Bowser’s Keep. Exor, the giant sword, claims Smithy Gang owns the keep. The bridge is destroyed, prompting a return to Vista Hill.

Guide to Mushroom Kingdom Region Walkthrough in Super Mario RPG

Toad asks Mario to join him in the Mushroom Kingdom. Before leaving, Toad mentions the nearby Save Point. Head southeast to the map screen.

Guide to Mushroom Kingdom Region Walkthrough in Super Mario RPG

As you try to return to Bowser’s Keep, Exor destroys the bridge. Head back from Vista Hill. Enter Mario’s Pad, find Toad, and pantomime the events. Toad runs ahead, giving Mario a Mushroom.

Ambushed by a Goomba, Toad introduces Action Commands. These commands enhance damage or reduce incoming damage. Practice timing for increased effectiveness.

Guide to Mushroom Kingdom Region Walkthrough in Super Mario RPG

Action Commands apply to special moves. Mastering them increases the Action Gauge, leading to team attacks in the Super Mario RPG Remake.

After the tutorial, Toad gives three Mushrooms. Proceed to Mushroom Way.

Mushroom Way

Explore Mushroom Way, facing basic enemies like Goombas. Master Action Commands and timed hits. Bonus Flowers may appear after defeating enemies, providing buffs.

Guide to Mushroom Kingdom Region Walkthrough in Super Mario RPG

In the third area, deal with a Lakitu tossing Spikeys. Level up; choose Physical, HP, or Magic stats for Mario.

At level 2, face the first boss: Hammer Bros. Use Action Commands, and equip the Hammer they drop. Toad joins for a team attack. Earn a Flower Jar and Toad’s random item.

Guide to Mushroom Kingdom Region Walkthrough in Super Mario RPG

Mushroom Kingdom

Guide to Mushroom Kingdom Region Walkthrough in Super Mario RPG

Arrive at the Mushroom Kingdom. Save and explore. Head to the Castle with a Star icon.

Hidden Treasure Chest 1

As you enter the castle, jump on Toad’s head to reach a platform with a Hidden Treasure Chest containing a Frog Coin.

Guide to Mushroom Kingdom Region Walkthrough in Super Mario RPG


Toad advises checking the Vault. Find a Mushroom, Flower, and 10 Coins in Treasure Chests. Equip the newly acquired items.

Hidden Treasure Chests 2 and 3
Guide to Mushroom Kingdom Region Walkthrough in Super Mario RPG

In the Item Shop’s basement, talk to the old Toad. Follow his instructions to find two Hidden Treasure Chests, one containing a Flower and the other holding a Signal Ring.

Chests 3

Guide to Mushroom Kingdom Region Walkthrough in Super Mario RPG

Mallow Joins the Party

Explore the town. Meet Mallow, who seeks Mario’s help to recover his grandfather’s stolen Frog Coin. Go to the Item Shop and learn about Mallow’s quest.

Equip Mario and Mallow at the Item Shop. Purchase essentials and head to the Inn to save.

Bandit’s Way

Chase Croco through Bandit’s Way. Use Jump Shoes on Spikeys, and explore to find treasures.

Guide to Mushroom Kingdom Region Walkthrough in Super Mario RPG
Hidden Treasure Chest 4

In the second area of Bandit’s Way, find a Hidden Treasure Chest containing Croaka Cola, a special full recovery item.

Guide to Mushroom Kingdom Region Walkthrough in Super Mario RPG

Boss Battle – Hammer Bros

Guide to Mushroom Kingdom Region Walkthrough in Super Mario RPG

Encounter Hammer Bros as the first real boss battle. Utilize Action Commands, timed hits, and special moves to defeat them.

Boss Battle – Croco

Guide to Mushroom Kingdom Region Walkthrough in Super Mario RPG

Chase Croco through Bandit’s Way. Face Croco in a boss battle. Use Thunderbolt to clear enemies and exploit Croco’s weaknesses.

Return to the Mushroom Kingdom, facing Shy Guys. Save Toads and clear Shymores from houses for rewards.

Boss Battle – Claymorton

Guide to Mushroom Kingdom Region Walkthrough in Super Mario RPG

Enter the castle. Face Claymorton, a member of the Smithy Gang, in a boss battle. Exploit Thunderbolt to defeat Bodyguards. Use timed hits and special moves to defeat Claymorton. Claim the Star Piece.

Mallow suggests meeting his Grandfather at Tadpole Pond. Before leaving the kingdom, trade Mallow’s Frog Coin for a Cricket Pie. Resupply at the Item Shop, then head to the east gate to advance to the Tadpole Pond Region.

2nd Star Piece – Tadpole Pond and Forest Maze Walkthrough

Embark on the second chapter of Mario’s enthralling journey in the Super Mario RPG Remake. This leg of the adventure leads us to Tadpole Pond via the Kero Sewers, where we’ll meet Mallow’s grandfather, uncover the mysteries of Rose Town and the Lost Woods, and join forces with a mysterious character to secure the elusive second Star Piece.

Kero Sewer Exploration

Upon reaching the next region, follow Mallow through a lone pipe into the Kero Sewers, where he warns of the creature Belome. Navigate through the flooded chambers, dispatching Cheep Cheeps effortlessly. Explore the various warp pipes, encountering Rat Funks and Boos along the way.

Beware of mimics among the treasure chests, like the formidable Huhwhat. Defeating it yields a Flower Jar and a Trueform Pin. Return through the warp pipe to discover the mimic transformed into a chest containing 50 coins.

Continue your journey, utilizing warp pipes strategically to navigate the multi-level sewers. Confront Hobgoblins and Rat Funks, utilizing jump attacks and Pure Water to your advantage.

Discover a Super Star hidden behind a warp pipe in an upper room, clearing the path of enemies. Progress through the warp pipes, defeating enemies, until you reach a room with a pool of water. Drain the water by hitting a green ! switch, revealing a new warp pipe.

Explore this pipe to find a ledge above with a Treasure Chest containing a Mushroom and a Save Point.

Reaching the Kero Sewers Chest

While a Treasure Chest above the Save Point may tantalize you, accessing it via the warp pipe later in the game proves more rewarding. Focus on the main path for now.

Prepare for the boss battle against Belome by taking the warp pipe beyond the Save Point, confronting a large yellow and red creature in a chamber.

Belome Boss Battle

  • Recommended Level: 5
  • Recommended Party: Mario, Mallow
  • Recommended Accessories: Trueform Pin (Mario), Wake-Up Pin (Mallow)

Engage in a challenging battle against Belome, exploiting his weakness to lightning. Coordinate Thunderbolt and Healing Rain with Mallow, while Mario focuses on timed Jumps or attacks. Use accessories to counteract Belome’s debuffs, and be mindful of his tongue attacks.

As the battle progresses, Belome may swallow Mallow, transforming the fight into a 1v1. Continue the assault, using Toad Assist strategically.

Defeat Belome, triggering a flood that sweeps you into the Midas River.

Midas River Minigame

Navigate the Midas River, a thrilling minigame with two segments: a waterfall descent and a barrel run. Collect coins, avoid Cheep Cheeps, and utilize caves for advantageous outcomes.

Optimize your coin collection by choosing specific paths during the waterfall descent. In the barrel run, jump to grab coins, navigate barrels, and beware of Cheep Cheeps stealing coins.

Meet a Toad at the end offering trades for Frog Coins. Decide whether to exchange coins for valuable items, including the NokNok Shell.

Tadpole Pond Visit

Arrive at Tadpole Pond, where tadpoles verify your hero status. Cross the pond to meet Mallow’s grandfather, the Frog Sage, who reveals the absence of Princess Peach and Bowser from Bowser’s Keep.

Accept the quest to defeat the Smithy Gang, aligning with your mission to find the Princess. Mallow joins the adventure, and the Frog Sage rewards you with the Froggie Stick.

Explore Tadpole Pond’s amenities, including the Juice Bar. Enhance the bar’s offerings by assisting Toadofsky in creating a musical suite, earning the Alto Card.

Having completed all tasks in Tadpole Pond, continue your journey by leaving the area.

Rose Way

Navigate the expansive pond in this area by hopping across several floating blocks suspended over various sections. The floating blocks ensure you won’t fall into the water, but watch out for the tricky Starslaps that inhabit the region. These mischievous creatures may attempt to deceive you with their wiggling movements and surprise attacks.

To progress, reach the first island and ascend to the second floating block toward the central island. Collect a Mushroom there, then return to the floating block to continue its journey eastward. Take another floating block to an island in the northwest, near a shore path. Stay on this block, and it will lead southwest to an island with a Flower. Afterward, return to the northwest island, board the other floating block to reach the shore, and head northwest.

In a dead-end area, you’ll encounter swinging blocks with Shy Guys. These enemies use slingshots and may inflict status effects like muting your allies with the Doom Reverb or putting them to sleep with Lulla-Bye. Jump from the first swinging block to the second and ride it to the back to find a Treasure Chest containing a Frog Coin.

Back at the large pond, stay on the floating block as it returns to the nearest island and then travels northeast. Jump to grab a Coin along the way and ride it to the northeast shore, continuing north. In this region, watch out for Crooks, who tend to flee at the start of battle but can be lucrative if caught. They may be accompanied by Arachnes, resilient spiders not yet vulnerable to your attacks.

Follow the curving path leading back to the pond, take the first floating platform to the south island, and stay on it as it leads west, allowing you to collect more Coins. Take the platform back to the far northeast island, then board the second platform and ride it southwest for another Coin and south to the final shoreline.

In the last major area of Rose Way, discover sets of Treasure Chests with Shy Guys perched on top. Knock them off to steal the contents before they revive and engage you in battle. Snapdragons, formidable plant enemies weak to Mario’s Fireball ability, may also join the fight.

Loot each chest—four containing 5 Coins each and the fifth holding a Mushroom—before moving to the final section. There, you can witness Bowser ordering his minions around. Follow his trail to make your way to Rose Town.

Rose Town

Rose Town appears peculiar, covered in a hazy fog, with citizens either cowering in fear or paralyzed by random arrows. Speaking to the townspeople reveals that a shooting star fell nearby, coinciding with the arrows raining down. Head north to a house on a high hill, where a Toad asks for help reaching the house. Jump on his head to create stairs.

Inside, discover two Treasure Chests for 2 Flowers. Upstairs, a boy asks for help creating stairs to reach his father. Jump on the green ! switch to form the stairs. Behind the house, a hidden character hints at a secret.

Equip Mario and Mallow with Thick Shirt and Thick Pants, respectively. Sell old gear, buy the Fearless Pin, and use the roof entrance in the Item Shop to find a high Treasure Chest holding a Flower.

Talk to the hidden Toad behind the house on the hill for directions to a secret location in the Forest Maze. Admit to stealing treasure for a reward. Rest at the Inn and witness Gaz’s doll, Geno, leaving the inn overnight. Save your game and head to the Forest Maze.

Forest Maze

In the maze, collect Mushrooms for quick health replenishment. Jump on a Wiggler to gather coins but beware of its attacks. Enter an underground cave for more Mushrooms and battle Amanitas, Buzzers, and Guerrillas. Use Mario’s Fireball ability against them.

Follow the maze, and discover sets of hollow tree stumps. Explore each stump, collecting Treasure Chests and avoiding enemies. Wake up a sleeping Wiggler to shift the maze’s path. Uncover a secret path by following Geno or the Treasure Hunting Toad.

In the maze’s final area, face Buzzers, dodge arrows, and explore the hollow stumps for hidden treasures. Encounter Bowyer, a member of the Smithy Gang, and witness Geno’s arrival. Engage in a boss battle against Bowyer, utilizing Geno’s abilities. Defeat Bowyer and obtain the second Star Piece.

Return to Rose Town

With the arrows gone, Rose Town returns to normal. Enter the Inn, meet Gaz and Geno, and learn about a sparkly object in Moleville. Before leaving, talk to the hidden Toad for a clue about Yo’ster Isle.

Visit the Item Shop, then embark on a detour to Pipe Vault.

Pipe Vault

Explore the optional Pipe Vault filled with Lava Bubbles, Goombas, and Piranha Plants. Navigate through warp pipes, avoid Thwomps, and participate in the Goomba Thumping mini-game for rewards.

Exit the Pipe Vault and reach Yo’ster Isle.

Yo’ster Isle

Save at the entrance, and explore the island inhabited by colorful Yoshis. Use Yoshi Cookies to challenge Boshi in a race. Win the race and gain Yoshi as a summon in battle. Leave Yo’ster Isle when ready.

  • (Optional) Pipe Vault – Pipe Vault is an optional area with a series of challenges, including jumping across floating platforms over lava, avoiding Thwomps, and engaging in the Goomba Thumping mini-game. Successfully completing the challenges rewards you with items like Flower Tabs, Frog Coins, and more.
  • (Optional) Yo’ster Isle – Yo’ster Isle is an optional area where you can interact with Yoshis and participate in a race against Boshi. Winning the race grants you Yoshi Cookies, which can be used in battle to summon Yoshi. Yoshi can turn enemies into items or provide healing.

3rd Star Piece – Moleville Mountain Walkthrough

Embark on the third chapter of Mario’s exhilarating journey in the Super Mario RPG Remake. This time, our destination is Moleville, where we’ll navigate the treacherous Mole Mines to rescue stranded kids, confront the notorious Croco once again, and uncover the path leading to a peculiar bomb maker in pursuit of the elusive third Star Piece.


Upon reaching Moleville, locate the Inn immediately as you enter for a chance to save progress and rejuvenate. A young mole girl inside will reveal that two moles, Dyna and Mite, ventured into the mountain where a fallen star trapped them.

Proceed to the left to find the Item Shop and ensure your team is equipped with the latest upgrades:

If you’ve already acquired Geno’s new weapons from Gaz in Rose Town, prioritize obtaining the Punch Glove and Mega Shirt for Mario, and the Cymbals and Mega Pants for Mallow. While the Mega Cape is available for Geno, consider the Work Pants as they offer substantial benefits for any character. Additionally, purchase higher-tier mushrooms and syrup not commonly found in the wild.

Most of the town is deserted, with adults focused on freeing Dyna and Mite from the mountain mine. Head to the far back right to witness Bowser and his minions grappling with dwindling morale.

Once they depart, ascend to the mountain’s top from the rear, encountering moles struggling to make progress. Descend to the main mine entrance on the left, converse with the people outside, and prepare to enter the mines.

Mole Mines

The initial room harbors sturdy Magmites, accompanied by explosive Bob-ombs. Prioritize dealing with the latter due to their high damage potential. Clusters, encountered later, demand attention for their powerful attacks and crystal chunks. Navigate through the caverns, avoiding or engaging foes strategically.

Proceed to the next room, where a treasure-seeking Toad explores rafters for rare items. Jump down, bypass the left passage, and utilize a springboard to progress, leading to a room with Croco.

Chase Croco through various areas, engaging in battles and encountering the new Enigma enemy. Block their Echofinder ability, and swiftly defeat them with Jump attacks.

In a circular chase, locate hidden Crooks to reclaim stolen coins and Flower Tabs. Strategically position yourself to trigger a second encounter with Croco.

Boss Battle – Croco (Mole Mines)

  • Recommended Level: 7
  • Recommended Party: Mario, Mallow, Geno

Engage Croco, focusing on timed Super Jump attacks with Mario and regular hits with Geno. Keep an eye on FP, as Croco will confiscate items during the battle. Use powerful moves like the Triple Attack, and be vigilant against Croco’s object throws and jumps.

After dealing sufficient damage, Croco returns stolen items and inadvertently provides a Microbomb.

Guide the minecart trail upward, leading to a mole in need. Offer the Microbomb to clear debris and proceed. Navigate the mine, obtaining rewards like a Frog Coin and a Super Star. Face the peculiar enemy and continue to the next room.

Boss Battle – Punchinello

  • Recommended Level: 7
  • Recommended Party: Mario, Mallow, Geno

Battle Punchinello, who relies on bombs. Prioritize clearing Microbombs and transition to Bob-ombs. Concentrate attacks on the boss, utilizing Thunderbolts against groups. Be cautious during his ultimate move, and capitalize on your Triple Attack if possible.

After victory, the Star Piece dislodges, marking the third one acquired.

Exit the minecart minigame and return Dyna and Mite safely to their parents. A trio of Snifsters interrupts, hinting at Princess Peach’s potential location with a peculiar man named Booster.

Before leaving town, explore new features:

  • Purchase Fireworks from the mole selling them for 500 Coins.
  • A “Pur-tend” Store offers secret items in exchange for Fireworks.
  • Exchange unwanted items with a mole woman for points to obtain useful items.
  • The treasure hunting toad at the Item Shop sells unique items.

Restock supplies, save, and prepare to track Princess Peach’s whereabouts at Booster Tower.

4th Star Piece – Booster Tower and Star Hill Walkthrough

Embark on the thrilling journey in the fourth chapter of Mario’s latest adventure within the Super Mario RPG Remake. Our quest involves locating Princess Peach at Booster Tower, encountering a former adversary turned ally who joins our party, solving challenging puzzles within the tower, and proceeding to Marrymore to thwart an eccentric wedding and claim the fourth Star Piece from Star Hill.

Booster Pass

Traverse this arid landscape, populated with peculiar artichoke-shaped bushes. Beware, as some conceal formidable foes! Artichokers pose a threat with lightning and poison attacks, but Mario can thwart them with well-timed jumps or Fireballs.

Navigate the valley pass patrolled by Lakitu, dropping Spikesters. Unlike previous encounters, climb the rocks to ambush Lakitu and halt enemy reinforcements.

Introducing the Carroboscis, a carrot-like enemy with the annoying ability to turn your party into scarecrows. Prepare by equipping the Trueform Pin and Antidote Pin to counter various threats.

Hidden Treasure Chest 16

In the first Booster Pass area, ascend the northwest plateau to discover a Hidden Treasure atop an artichoke-like bush, containing a valuable Flower.

Proceed to the next area by climbing rocks to the northeast.

Hidden Treasure Chest 17

Before leaving the first Booster Pass area, locate a Hidden Treasure just before the exit, offering a Rocky Candy for your journey.

Explore the rocky plateau with Spikesters jumping out of holes. Discover a note mentioning a Monster List Agent, offering services for Frog Coins.

Uncover a hidden person in a small alcove above the note, filling your Monster List with enemy stats and thoughts. Don’t forget to pick up a Flower nearby before continuing to Booster Tower.

Booster Tower

Arrive at Booster Tower to find Bowser facing challenges and grappling with loss of control. Princess Peach calls out from above, prompting Bowser to reluctantly join your party.

Adjust your party to include Bowser, a formidable powerhouse. Explore the tower, engaging in battles with the elusive black-robed Snifsters and their elemental attacks.

Hidden Treasure Chest 18

In the Booster Tower stairway room, ascend to the north corner to reveal a Hidden Treasure containing a Frog Coin.

Chase Booster through various rooms, overcoming challenges and encountering Chain Chomps.

Get Mario’s Masher Weapon

Before pursuing Booster, obtain Mario’s Masher by carefully navigating a plank and dislodging a Bo-bomb.

Continue the ascent, activating a green ! switch and uncovering an 8-bit Easter egg.

Solve the Booster Portrait Puzzle

Navigate through rooms, defeating enemies and solving puzzles. In a portrait-filled room, follow a specific order (6, 5, 3, 1, 2, 4) to receive an Elder Key from Booster.

Discover hidden areas, including Bowser obtaining a Chain Chomp Weapon. Evade Chain Chomps, Rob-bombs, and complete challenging platforming sections.

Hidden Treasure Chest 19

In a tall room with platforming blocks, find a Hidden Treasure in an alcove containing a Frog Coin.

Traverse a room with Lava Blubbles, collecting coins and a Room Key.

Unlock a door using the Room Key, uncovering Zoom Shoes in a small area.

Explore rooms with Chain Chomps, defeat them using lightning attacks, and progress towards the tower’s top floor.

Hidden Treasure Chest 20

At the top floor, discover a Hidden Treasure beneath the lowest yellow block, containing a Mushroom.

Hidden Treasure Chest 21

In the same room, cross to the far right and find a Hidden Treasure Chest above a chest, containing a Goodie Bag for coin rewards in battle.

Encounter Booster in a room with toys, curtains, and a Mario doll. Choose to either engage in a short boss battle or remain hidden to receive an accessory.

Hiding From Booster

Successfully hide behind curtains, avoiding detection by Booster and his Snifsters. If caught, engage in a boss battle; if successful, receive Booster’s Charm as a reward.

Boss Battle – Booster (When Caught)

Engage Booster and his Snifster team using Bowser’s Terrorize and Mallow’s Thunderbolt. Block attacks, including bombs and the Loco Express.

Focus on timed Super Jumps, regular hits, and healing to swiftly defeat Booster. Regardless of the outcome, Booster flees with his minions, revealing a surprising password.

Chase Booster to the balcony, only to encounter two new adversaries. The adventure continues with unexpected twists and turns at every corner!

Boss Battle – Knife Guy and Grate Guy

Recommended Level: 9 Recommended Party: Mario, Bowser, Mallow Recommended Accessories: Wake-Up Pin (Mario/Mallow), Booster’s Charm (Bowser)

Prepare for a challenging encounter against two formidable adversaries with substantial health pools and the potential for significant damage. To maximize your chances, initiate the battle by having Bowser employ his Terrorize skill to weaken the opponents. However, your primary focus should be on tackling one opponent at a time. Start by targeting Knife Guy due to his slightly lower health.

Knife Guy employs a charging attack that can be challenging to predict. He runs up, juggles his knives, and then lunges at you. Wait until he stops juggling and extends his arm backward before blocking the incoming attack. Grate Guy’s attack is less potent, but be vigilant as he rolls up, angles himself, and springs up for an attack.

Coordinate your strategy by having Mario use timed Fireballs on Knife Guy, Bowser assisting with well-timed regular attacks, and Mallow alternating between healing and regular attacks as needed. Meanwhile, Grate Guy may interfere by using his trumpet to blow a sleep bubble. The Wake-Up Pin, especially on Mario, is advisable. Use Cleansing Juice on the affected character to quickly bring them back into the fight.

After sustaining enough damage, Knife Guy will jump onto Grate Guy, transforming into a combined team. While you can still target them individually, Knife Guy will cast Crystal (block the third chunk), and Grate Guy will unleash an unblockable Meteor Shower.

Despite their fused form, continue concentrating damage on Knife Guy until he falls off and is defeated. Then, shift your focus to Grate Guy, utilizing timed regular attacks with everyone, except Mallow, who should use Shocker to exploit the vulnerability to lightning.

With Grate Guy defeated, Mario and the team will leap off the balcony to pursue Princess Peach at Booster Hill.

Booster Hill

Your initial visit to Booster Hill differs from subsequent ones once the Beetle Mania minigame is unlocked. Nevertheless, the fundamental rules remain consistent:

Booster ascends the hill with Princess Peach on his back, while Mario automatically pursues alongside three Snifits. Barrels begin rolling down the hill, requiring you to maneuver by running or jumping to avoid them.

The primary objective in this minigame is to approach Princess Peach closely, prompting her to reward you with a Flower. Achieve a speed boost by jumping off barrels or Snifits, which randomly increase speeds and move around the area.

Timing is crucial: aim to land on barrels rather than jumping over them. Avoid Snifits approaching from behind or jump at the last moment to bounce off them.

Multiple Flowers can be earned by catching up to Peach multiple times. As you progress, the challenge intensifies with the addition of red barrels that cannot be jumped on, and the Snifits’ positions becoming more rapid and widespread.

Upon reaching the hill’s summit, you’ll tally up the collected Flowers before proceeding to Marrymore.


Upon reaching Marrymore, a crowd has gathered outside the grand church where Booster is preparing a ceremony for Princess Peach. Before intervening in the wedding, explore the town:

  • Recommended Level: 9 Recommended Party: Mario, Bowser, Mallow Recommended Accessories: Wake-Up Pin (Mario/Mallow), Booster’s Charm (Bowser)

Inside the large hotel on the northwestern path functions as both an inn and an item shop. If you’ve acquired Mario’s Masher and Bowser’s Chain Chomp per our walkthrough, skip purchasing new weapons and instead buy the Whomp Glove for Mallow and the Hand Gun for Geno. Additionally, consider obtaining the Happy Shirt, Happy Pants, and Happy Cape, while keeping the Work Pants equipped on Bowser for now.

The Nuture Ring, now called the B’Tub Ring, can only be equipped by Peach. If you prefer to save coins or allocate them to consumables, postpone purchasing it.

Investing in the Inn’s Special Suite service for 200 coins is a pricey but rewarding option. The one-time gift of a Flower Tab and the chance to buy Pick Me Ups for 10 coins and the rare Croaka-Cola for 150 coins during Room Service make it worthwhile.

After a comfortable rest, when you reawaken, express your enjoyment to the bellhop for an additional gift: a Max Mushroom!

Hidden Treasure Chest 22

In Marrymore, visit the large three-story inn. Inside, head to the hotel’s regular room on the second floor. Jump on top of the bookshelves in the far top left corner and leap from the highest shelf to reveal a Hidden Treasure Chest containing a Frog Coin.

Save your progress at the Save Point in the inn. Now, proceed to the chapel, where Snifits barricade the front door after tossing a couple outside. To find an alternative entrance, interact with the front door Snifit, who inadvertently left the back entrance unlocked. Locate it around the corner to the right, hidden behind a crate.

Descending the stairs, you’ll reach a kitchen where two armored Koopa chefs work on a cake. Jump on top to engage Chef Torte and his Apprentice. Continue upstairs to reach the foyer, where Bowser substitutes for a Snifit to open the next door. Upon reaching the small room with a Save Point, Bowser again assists in opening the door.

In the chapel room, Princess Peach is displaced by the commotion, dropping her shoes, ring, brooch, and crown. Engage in a mini-game where Snifits run around claiming the items. With a timer, retrieve the items back from the Snifits and claim the crown by jumping onto Booster’s head. Collect all items before the third candle lights up to receive a kiss from Peach. Otherwise, three or more lit candles result in a different outcome.

As Mario and Peach exit the chapel, Chef Torte arrives with the cake, barring your exit until you taste his creation.

Boss Battle – Bundt and Raspberry

  • Recommended Level: 9 Recommended Party: Mario, Bowser, Geno Recommended Accessories: Booster’s Charm (Mario), Fearless Pin (Bowser), Wake-Up Pin (Geno)

This battle commences with two chefs (Torte and Apprentice) defending the large monster cake, Bundt. Focus on the cake, ignoring the chefs with 100 HP each. As you damage the cake, it gradually turns to face one chef. After enough damage, they realize the cake is alive, allowing you to concentrate solely on the cake.

The cake’s top two layers must be removed by blowing out five candles. Use timed regular attacks to extinguish the candles. Be cautious, as Bundt can relight candles during his attacks. Avoid using special abilities on Bundt to prevent candle relighting.

Bundt’s attacks include an unblockable Sandstorm inducing Fear, and other unblockable attacks like Blizzard and Pain Spout. He may also attempt to put someone to sleep with Lulla-Bye. Prepare to block a quick projectile attack and a Diamond Saw that requires precise timing.

Upon extinguishing all candles, have Mario unleash timed Super Jump attacks to exploit the vulnerability. Deal sufficient damage to make Bundt fade away, leaving Raspberry, the bottom layer, to confront.

Raspberry lacks new threatening moves but can deal significant damage with group-wide unblockable attacks. Keep the team healed using consumables or Mallow’s abilities.

With no candle gimmick in the second phase, initiate timed Super Jump attacks with Mario and regular attacks with other party members. The battle concludes when the Snifits return with Booster, presenting the cake to him and ending the encounter. Princess Peach rejoins the team.

Upon acquiring Peach, explore Marrymore before proceeding. Visit the inn and item shop, purchasing items or equipment as needed. Take note of the special suite service at the inn for potential rewards.

Return to Mushroom Kingdom

With Peach safely rescued, exit Marrymore through the main gate. If you returned the Wallet to the blue Toad below the inn, speak to him again for a Frog Coin as a thank-you gesture.

Inside the castle, update the Chancellor on recent events, including the unexpected alliance with Bowser and the mission to defeat the Smithy Gang. Although Peach expresses her desire to help, the Chancellor advises against it. Peach leaves the party but later rejoins in regal fashion, equipped with her own weapon and armor.

Reunited with the complete team, Mallow suggests returning to his grandfather at Tadpole Pond to determine the next course of action.

Return to Tadpole Pond

Cross the tadpole bridge and speak to the Frog Sage, who reveals that a star crashed down into Star Hill. Before departing, talk to the tadpole on the right side to learn about his favorite song from the Moleville Miners: “Mi Do So Do Re La Ti Do.”

Return to Toadofsky’s area in Melody Bay and recreate the song “Mi Do So Do Re La Ti Do” using the provided image. Successfully completing the song earns you the Tenor Card, allowing you to purchase a Finless Cola at the Juice Bar in the previous area for 90 coins, restoring 150 HP to the entire group.

Unlocking Fat Yoshi

Backtrack to Yo’ster Isle, where a Baby Yoshi is among a pile of eggs. The Baby Yoshi requests numerous Yoshi Cookies, and if you feed it a minimum of 30 over time, you’ll encounter the mythical Fat Yoshi.

Fat Yoshi provides random reward items when given specific amounts of Yoshi Cookies. These rewards include Bracers, Energizers, Yoshi Candies, Red Essences, and the Yoshi-Aide, acting as both a Bracer and Energizer in one.

Backtrack to Booster Pass

Return to Booster Pass to claim a reward after pressing the green switch in Booster Tower. In the first large area, head northwest to find a new tunnel below a Hidden Treasure Chest above a large plant. Inside the tunnel is a Snifit Training Course with several platforms, an Apprentice Snifit, and three chests containing a Croaka Cola, Flower, and Frog Coin.

The Secret of the Nurture Ring

Before heading to Star Hill, purchase the Nurture Ring from the Marrymore Inn and Item Shop. While it initially appears inactive, its secret lies in Moleville. Return to Moleville and talk to the Treasure-hunting Toad at the Item Shop. Purchase the Mystery Egg for 200 Coins.

In battle, use the Mystery Egg with Peach equipped with the Nurture Ring for 10 uses. Afterward, the Mystery Egg transforms into the Lamb’s Lure, an item that turns enemies into lambs, removing them from battle.

Star Hill

Enter Star Hill, where star-shaped doors with locks lead to different areas. Unlock the doors by finding and interacting with star-shaped plants that light up.

In the first room, unlock the doors using five Star Plants and proceed to Marrymore. In the second main area, interact with six Star Plants to advance. In the final area, find and light up six Star Plants to unlock the exit and discover the fourth Star Piece.

Explore Star Hill, facing various enemies weak to fire. Utilize Mario’s Super Fireball ability and consider swapping Mallow for Peach for healing abilities.

Upon unlocking the final door, exit Star Hill toward Seaside Town to continue your quest.

5th Star Piece – Sunken Ship Walkthrough

This walkthrough will provide you with a detailed step-by-step approach to conquer this challenging underwater dungeon. We’ll cover enemy encounters, puzzles, boss battles, and valuable tips to help you succeed.

Initial Exploration

  1. Upon entering the Sunken Ship, head east to find a save block.
  2. Proceed to the northwest door to begin your adventure.

Encounter with Greapers and Dry Bones

  1. The next two rooms are infested with Greapers and Dry Bones. You can choose to engage in battles or avoid them.

Alley Rats and a Hidden Flower

  1. In a room full of Alley Rats, drop into the hole in the corner to discover a valuable Flower.

Solving Puzzles with Greapers

  1. Continue through rooms with Greapers blocking your path. Each door presents a unique puzzle:
    • Room 1 – Iron Ball: Guide a Paratroopa to push an iron ball onto a switch. You’ll receive a clue and a full heal upon success.
    • Room 2 – Trampolines: Stop trampolines by hitting blocks, allowing the iron ball to bounce on them and activate a switch. You’ll earn a Flower and another clue.
    • Room 3 – Maze (Optional): Leftmost door contains a 3D maze. Navigate it to collect a clue and Royal Syrup.
  2. Leave the maze room and proceed to the next area.

Coin Collection and Cannonball Challenge

  1. Enter the leftmost room, where you must collect all the coins in a specific order, leaving the moving coin for last.
  2. In the middle room, activate blocks to control the cannonball’s path. Collect the coins and another clue.
  3. Enter the northeast door, which leads to another room.

Barrel Puzzle and Password

  1. Save your progress and tackle the barrel puzzle. Roll barrels onto switches to receive rewards and clues.
  2. Discover the “R” comes before the “L” clue.
  3. Head to the door where you’ll input the password ‘PEARLS’ to unlock the next section.

King Calamari Boss Battle

  1. After unlocking the door, you’ll face the boss, King Calamari. Use Fire Bombs to defeat this formidable foe.

Continuing the Adventure

  1. Upon defeating King Calamari, you’ll land in a lower area of the Sunken Ship. Continue through the door, avoiding bullet bills, and collect items.
  2. In a room with a cloaked figure, stock up on armor, weapons, and healing items.
  3. Proceed further and face more Greapers, guarding three doors.

Coin Challenge and Final Puzzle

  1. Enter the leftmost room, collect all coins from the coin trail, and leave the moving coin for last.
  2. In the middle room, solve a cannonball puzzle by timing your actions correctly.
  3. Head to the northeast door, save your progress, and tackle another puzzle involving barrels.
  4. Discover the “S” in the password.

The Sunken Ship Password

  1. Enter the room to input the password. Arrange the boxes to spell ‘PEARLS’ to unlock the door.

Hidon Boss Battle

  1. After unlocking the door, you’ll engage in a battle against Hidon. Prepare with Mushrooms and target its weakness with Mario’s Jump attacks.
  2. Defeat Hidon to receive the Safety Badge, protecting against status ailments.

Treasure Hunt and Pirates

  1. Continue through the Sunken Ship, collecting items, and battling enemies.
  2. Face a group of pirates who will flee upon defeat. Open the Treasure Box for a full heal.

Final Boss – Jonathan Jones

  1. Enter the door that opens and confront the final boss, Jonathan Jones. Utilize the strategies outlined in our How To Defeat Jonathan Jones guide to secure victory.

Claiming the Fifth Star Piece

  1. After defeating Jonathan Jones, you’ll obtain the fifth Star Piece.

Return to Seaside Town

  1. Exit the room, use the trampoline to return to the world map, and head back to Seaside Town to continue your adventure.

Sunken Ship Enemies

Before diving into the walkthrough, let’s familiarize ourselves with the enemies you’ll encounter within the Sunken Ship:


  • Description: Ghostly figures resembling Shy Guys.
  • Abilities: Can cast potent magic spells.
  • Strategy: While they can use magic, Greapers aren’t overly difficult to defeat. Standard physical attacks should suffice.

Dry Bones

  • Description: Skeleton-like creatures that reassemble after being defeated.
  • Abilities: Resurrect after falling apart.
  • Strategy: Normal attacks won’t keep them down. Utilize special moves or enlist Mallow in your party to target them collectively.

Alley Rat

  • Description: An upgraded version of rat enemies.
  • Abilities: Can inflict poison.
  • Strategy: Alley Rats are relatively weak, except for their ability to poison party members. Dispatch them swiftly.

Enigmax / Gorgon

  • Description: Powerful foes capable of using the Diamond Saw spell.
  • Abilities: Diamond Saw deals heavy damage to a single party member.
  • Strategy: Beware of their powerful spell. Defeat them quickly or ensure you have a dedicated healer.


  • Description: Long-ranged attackers with low magic defense.
  • Abilities: Vulnerable to spells.
  • Strategy: Take advantage of their low magic defense by using spells to eliminate them swiftly.

Straw Head

  • Description: Can turn party members into scarecrows.
  • Abilities: Inflict scarecrow status.
  • Strategy: Equip the Trueform Pin to protect your party from becoming scarecrows.

Whuhoh / Hidon

  • Description: Hidden inside Treasure Boxes, these enemies are formidable.
  • Abilities: Counter normal attacks and summon additional enemies.
  • Strategy: Use Jump attacks to exploit their weakness and defeat them.

6th Star Piece Walkthrough


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