Super Smash Bros Ultimate Classic Mode Unlocks

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Classic Mode Character Unlocks Separate from simply playing Smash Matches, fighters are […]

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Classic Mode Character Unlocks

Separate from simply playing Smash Matches, fighters are also guaranteed to appear after completing Classic Mode with any character. These unlocks follow a very different path, although button inputs from fighting in Classic Mode still counts toward Vs. Mode Unlocks. Because of this, combining the Classic Modeand Vs. Mode unlocks may be the quickest route for someone playing solo.
Depending on which character you complete Classic Mode with, you will begin to unlock characters in a very specific order, and that order can change the more you play and which character you use next. Unlockable fighters appear to be linked to certain groups, and playing one of the 8 default characters or the fighters they unlock will go down that list.
For example: Playing as Mario in Classic Mode will have you unlock Sonic on his first run through. You can then play through again as Mario – or play as Sonic- and you’ll unlock Bayonetta next, followed by Little Mac.
On the other hand, play as Link, and you’ll reveal King K. Rool. Play as either of them for the next Classic Mode run, and you’ll unlock Ice Climbers, and then Simon. We’ve also found that after unlocking enough characters from one default fighter’s path will eventually lead to another – so if you keep playing as Link, you can eventually unlock Sonic without having to play as Mario.
The list below contains all the info discovered by playing Classic Mode with various characters – If there is a specific character you wish to unlock, find the default starting fighter that begins that unlock path.
Also please note that this list is still being tested – It appears that unlocking characters in different lists or modes, or challenging and losing to an incoming fighter may throw off the list until it reaches the next one.
Default CharacterUnlock Order > Left to Right
MarioSonicBayonettaLittle MacIke
LuigiRoyDr. MarioOlimar
Donkey KongBowserPKMN TrainerRosalina & LumaKing Dedede
SheikGreninjaDiddy KongDuck Hunt
LinkKing K. RoolIce ClimbersSimonMeta Knight
SnakeYoung LinkRichterToon Link
SamusInklingWii Fit TrainerPitIncineroar
Dark SamusCloudWarioDark Pit
FoxCaptain FalconZero Suit SamusPeachFalco
DaisyBowser Jr.WolfMewtwo
Mega ManIsabelleMr. Game & WatchPichu

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