Supermarket Simulator: Achievements and Tips

You should determine strategies to make money while running your own supermarket and achieve success by multiplying your earnings. You can benefit from the information in our guide for tips on orders, market order, price determination, achievements you need to achieve and many more.


It’s worth setting the price, rounding it up or down.

For example: if the market price is 3.21 – set it to 3, if the price is 12.58 – 13.
With such manipulations, there are extremely few complaints, and life has become easier.

Personally for me – this became a salvation, because there is so much to replenish… So we came from work to continue working in the game.

Examples of prices with these manipulations:

ATTENTION: Do not forget to lower or raise prices (you can find information on the computer if you did not remember on which product to raise the price, and on which to lower)

Keep one or two boxes of goods in reserve. (Until there is a warehouse – keep them near the shelves where this product is located, to make replenishment easier).

I recommend allocating no more and no less than 2 shelves for each product (except for products that can fit more than 14 pieces on one shelf)

The logic in purchasing – it is not worth buying a license where there is milk/eggs/cheese, etc., until you have refrigerators / because you will not have these products for sale immediately, and visitors will complain that there is no cheese, no milk, how to live /
// +some products are ONLY available in refrigerators and other special places //

Always before closing, see what you don’t have in stock and add it to the shopping list, and in the morning buy it all. Replenish until you have 4-5 boxes left, and then open the store. You will have 1 hour of game time before opening and you will have time to do everything.

P.S. If you ACCIDENTALLY click on the store opening sign, after opening, the day will skip and night will come immediately. Just know that.

It’s not worth buying a cashier immediately at level 10 of the store, because he performs his function, but slowly, the queue builds up, and before closing I once had 5 people in line at this maestro-slowmo. I managed to solve it by buying another cash register.

A pressing and quite large topic. G R C buttons will be needed in any case. The G button allows us to remove the box from our hands, you can spin the box with the mouse wheel.

The C button allows us to CLOSE the box Which is quite convenient, because I often have 2 boxes of goods.

The R button allows us to DROP the box Do not be afraid, the goods will not fly out and will not break, because this is not real life. This button is quite convenient to use when you have a large delivery and do not want to run back and forth a million times.

On the right mouse button, we put the goods, and on the left mouse button, we can take the goods from the shelf!

Do you see milk here? No?

And here???

Like this?

In general, boxes are very tricky. If you throw away a box with goods – no additional notifications will be displayed to you, and no one will return the goods to you.


Hardworking Cashier

Supermarket Simulator Achievements
  • Completed 50 checkouts. That’s a lot of change giving.

You need a cashier

Supermarket Simulator Achievements
  • Completed 100 checkouts all on your own. Consider hiring a cashier or two.

The greatest!

Supermarket Simulator Achievements
  • Purchased all expandings.

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