SYNTHETIK It’s Over 9000 Achievement Guide

Welcome to our SYNTHETIK It’s Over 9000 Achievement Guide. This guide will show you how to quickly and easily unlock the “It’s Over 9000!” Achievement.

SYNTHETIK It’s Over 9000 Achievement Guide

Do you struggle getting 9999 credits while in a run?

SYNTHETIK Its Over 9000 Achievement Guide 1

Chances are you do! The steam achievements don’t lie…

Dont worry i got you fam, this is one of the easiest achievement to unlock if you know what youre doing.

Heres how to do it

Make sure you’re playing Engineer.

You’ll need to have his lvl 10 Talent unlocked.

This Talent makes it so every 3 recycled items grant you a free item of any rarity.

SYNTHETIK Its Over 9000 Achievement Guide 2

We will need this to generate more credits.

Next, we will need the Transmutate Perk as our primary Module, this gives it a 25% efficiency boost.

SYNTHETIK Its Over 9000 Achievement Guide 3

Transmutate increases your recycle profit & most importantly gives you an item of equal rarity the first time you recycle something in your run.

We will abuse this…


Boot up a game on Tactical mode.

SYNTHETIK Its Over 9000 Achievement Guide 4

On Tactical mode you receive 2 new starter items that replace your original Loadout.

However it takes the game a couple seconds to wipe your inventory and add the new items back in.

QUICKLY DROP ALL OF YOUR ITEMS (except your turret).

SYNTHETIK Its Over 9000 Achievement Guide 5

If any of them get replaced, you might have to restart.

Wait for the game to give you your tactical gear.

One of the items you can get is the Stun Mine.

SYNTHETIK Its Over 9000 Achievement Guide 6

This item will always be Divine Rarity and thus counts as legendary to our Transmutate Perk.

Restart until you get it, its pretty common so it should’nt take many restarts to obtain.


Thanks to our Transmutate Perk, not only will we get 2000+ credits but also a free Legendary item.

SYNTHETIK Its Over 9000 Achievement Guide 7

Next, pick up your original starting items and simply recycle everything, thanks to our lvl 10 talent we get even more items to recycle and since tactical mode boosts items to 200% power by default, they recycle for even more credits.

We also kept our original 3 items, so we have even more to recycle and trigger our lvl 10 talent!

Doing this you should hit the 9999 Credit cap and unlock the achievement!

SYNTHETIK Its Over 9000 Achievement Guide8

Its as simple as that, rich before fighting a single enemy. This glitch is also pretty fun to use for generally playing tactical mode as it allows you access to a legendary item right off the bat.

I hope this was helpful, enjoy your riches fellow Androids!

(Fun fact: you can also drop your gear on random runs and keep your original loadout along with the new items. Spices up the daily run even further).

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  1. A quick comment: this guide worked, although not exactly as described. On a PC, I couldn’t recycle my starting gear fast enough to get rid of mostly everything; the item icons didn’t appear fast enough to give me time before I got the Tactical items. However, the general idea is good. I managed to recycle the divine stun mine, then all I had to do was play long enough to get a few more items to recycle. Ding! Achievement done. Thanks!

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