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System Shock Remake Speedrunning Guide

Welcome to System Shock! In this guide, you will find the information you need about Remake Speedrunning in System Shock!

First-person combat to the death in deep space! Welcome to System Shock! Witness the rebirth of one of the most amazing and impressive games ever. Be fully integrated: shoot, attack, crawl, climb, jump and calculate your way to the castle station. In this guide, you will find the information you need about Remake Speedrunning in System Shock!

We know that there are people who have a hard time finishing the System Shock game. If you are one of those who find it difficult to finish the game, let’s take you to our System Shock guide.

System Shock Remake Speedrunning Guide

Welcome to our System Shock Remake Speedrunning Guide. A guide to beating System Shock as quickly as possible, with information on weapons, tech, and all requirements for completing the game.

Security Level Requirements for Each Deck

  • Reactor: No doors that require security reduction?
  • Medical: Security must be lowered below 80% to open Armory (Keypad code 705). Below 75% required to access Computer Node room. 0% required for early Magnum and 3x EMP
  • Research: No doors that require sec reduction?
  • Maintenance: Must be lowered to below 80% to access Medical room and below 45% to access Computer Node room.
  • Storage: 20% for Enviro Pack V1, 0% for Turbo V2
  • Flight: No doors that require sec reduction?
  • Executive: No doors that require sec reduction?
  • Alpha Grove: Must be below 20% to open door to switch for unlocking door to safety interlock disable.
  • Delta Grove: No doors that require sec reduction?
  • Beta Grove: Quick way does not need security reduction.
  • Engineering: Must be below x% to open shortcut to Gamma Satellite and Elevator to Security.
  • Security: Must be below x% to open Armory. 0% required to access the (useless) LG-XX Plasma Rifle.
  • Bridge: No security reduction needed except maybe to open Armory?

Cyberspace Requirements

  • Reactor Cyberspace – Not required, but does unlock Armory.
  • Medical Cyberspace 1 (Magpulse Doors) – Skippable, but means Magpulse is not available until later in the game.
  • Medical Cyberspace 2 (Force Door to Nodes) – Required for progression. Disables nearby force door.
  • Research Cyberspace 1 (Laser Override Code) – Required except on Mission 1, where the override code is 199.
  • Research Cyberspace 2 (Gamma Radiation Trench) – Skippable. Clears radiation in room leading to Isotope X-22 room.
  • Maintenance Cyberspace (Computer Node Door) – Might be skippable with a well placed grenade. Will need to test.
  • Executive Cyberspace (Beta Transit Door) – Skippable. Opens Beta Transit, which can also be opened using a switch in Diego’s Office in Beta. (Just like in the original!)
  • Engineering Cyberspace (Satellite Doors) – Required. Unlocks doors to access the satellites.
  • Security Cyberspace – Might be required, will need to double check.
  • Bridge Cyberspace – Required of course. You fight SHODAN here.


  • Laser: Required. Activate radiation shields with X-22, enter Laser Override code and flick switch, then fire lasers using button on Research.
  • Anna Parovski: Skippable, just like in the original. Leads to what’s intended to be the first encounter with a Cortex Reaver in realspace.
  • Groves: Required. Disable safety interlocks in each grove, Defeat Diego to flip master jettison enable. Replace broken interface demodulator in Relay 428 in Delta wing after jettison enable fails. Return to enable it then jettison Beta Grove. Must be done to enable elevator to Engineering.
  • Satellites: Required. Grab 4x Plastique from Storage, navigate to Engineering Cyberspace to unlock all satellite doors, then destroy all four satellites on Engineering.
  • Reactor: Required. Hopefully you’ve been writing down the number from each floor’s Computer Node room! That’s the reactor destruct code. Enter the reactor area and flip a switch in the upper portion to remove force doors protecting the grav shaft to the keypad. Type in the code then flip the switch behind you to start the reactor destruct countdown. Note: May be possible to skip Satellites if code can be entered before TriOp authorizes it. Need to test.
  • Escape Pods and Diego Fight #2: Skippable, just like in the original.

Key Items

  • Isotope X-22: Required to activate radiation shields.
  • Interface Demodulator: Required to repair relay. Can be picked up as soon as Maintenance is accessible. (Takes up 4 inventory slots in a square pattern)
  • Plastique: Four are required to destroy the satellites. Stackable and only take up 1 slot.
  • Isolinear Chipset: Required to open door to SHODAN’s chamber. Found on Cortex Reaver on the Bridge instead of in jail cells, making the fight required.
  • Enviro Pack V1: Might be skippable if Fast Beta Grove route is used, though is much more risky than in original.
  • Enviro Pack V2: Skippable, but found along required route. Just bring detox for Reactor Destruct. Radiation in Bridge core can be purged.
  • Abe Ghiran’s Head: Required to get past the retina scanner that opens the door leading to Maintenance Cyberspace and the Enviro Pack V2.
  • Micro Pocket Dimensions: Skippable, but helps with inventory space. There’s two of them (One in Storage, other in ?)
  • Energy/Projectile Shield V1: Skippable, but invaluable early on. There’s one in Research in the irradiated room near the Cyborg Conversion switch.

Combat Notes

  • The Lead Pipe will be your weapon of choice until you collect a working Sparqbeam or Minipistol. There is a hidden Wrench in a corridor in Medical that does slightly more damage but has a slightly shorter range.
  • The Magnum 2100 can be found early on Medical if security is lowered to 0%. Otherwise, the earliest you’ll be able to find one is on the Storage deck where the Enviro Pack V1 is.
  • The First Aid Kit animation is slow and you WILL DIE if it does not complete before you take more damage. Use while behind cover or outside combat. Medipatches are faster in combat but may not heal you fast enough.
  • The Laser Rapier (found in a corridor on Maintenance guarded by a Security-1 Bot) is the best melee weapon in the game, but it suffers from short range and slow attack speed. It will also drain your energy with every successful hit. Use alongside Berserk patches and the Shield to kill Diego 1 or the Cortex Reaver(s) quickly.
  • The Grenade Launcher found on the Storage deck is extremely useful as it makes grenades explode on impact. However, it takes up 8 inventory slots (2×4) like most rifles.
  • The Shotgun (found as early as Research) is incredibly useful early on. Flechette rounds are effective against all targets while Dragon’s Breath rounds are extra effective on mutants (The burning damage is done over time, though)
  • The Scorpion Machine Gun can replace the Minipistol once found (Storage 5 on the Storage deck, past the grav shaft puzzle). While it is full-auto, single rounds can be fired with a quick tap.
  • The Mark III Assault Rifle (Can be found behind a secret door on Flight, otherwise in Diego’s Office on Executive) is invaluable
  • The Railgun (found on Executive) can kill almost all enemies with a single shot to the head and can penetrate through them. Its ammo only stacks up to 10 and recharge takes a long time, use wisely.
  • The LG-XX Plasma Rifle (found on Security) is largely useless despite its potentially high damage output. Plasma Core shots bounce off enemies and walls and will kill you if you get hit by them.
  • All modkits can be skipped. Some may be very useful but are not necessary at all. If you do have credits, consider spending them on Medipatches from the patch vending machines throughout the station.
  • Frag grenades are effective against all targets. Gas grenades are best against mutants but do limited damage to cyborgs and do not affect robots. EMP grenades do no damage to mutants or the Hacker (though it does affect your aim temporarily) and will temporarily disable cyborgs and robots in addition to damaging them.
  • Explosive, Magnetic, and EMP damage can bypass shields, including yours. Loader-bots throw explosive canisters while Striker-bots and Diego 3 have rockets.

Other Notes about System Shock Remake Speedrunning

  • Staminup patches are invaluable for running through levels you’ve already cleared, especially while escaping to Security. Use them wisely.
  • Detox patches will clear Biological and Radiation poisoning as well as any other patches you’ve taken!
  • Code for the keypad leading to Executive Computer Node room and Diego Fight #1 is always on the inner left monitor near Alpha and the elevator to Maintenance. Code is randomized every run except on Mission 1, where it’s the same as the original (711).
  • Save a logic probe for the panel where the Gamma Satellite is to avoid death. Reflex patches are also useful here.

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