Tales of Arise Language Options

In this content, we will provide you with our information about the Tales of Arise Language […]

In this content, we will provide you with our information about the Tales of Arise Language Options and Tales of Arise Language Change. Follow the guide step by step.

Tales of Arise Language Options


Does anyone know if the full version of the game on PS4/5 will have both Japanese and English text options? I don’t care which region I would have to get to have this. (I know demo version has both options, but nothing is listed, nor could I find any info on that in either JP or EN for the full game).

I saw that Steam lists the language options and they have both, but personally I prefer my games on console. Though I will go with the Steam one if that’s the only way to get both.

Having this info is essential for me as I don’t want to have to get the game 2x (I play in JP, my partner in EN).


I think it would be safer to get the Steam version. The demo may have both languages, technically, but all you can choose is the audio language—the text language seems to be set by your console’s region and I don’t think anyone has managed to change it, even by changing the console’s language settings.

I’m sure if you hold off till release day, though, people will be able to tell you one way or another.

On Steam:

  • Right click the game in Steam Library >>> Properties

Tales of Arise How to switch to Japanese Voices

Here’s how to switch to Japanese Voices in Tales of Arise.

Tales of Arise allows players to play the game with either Japanese Voices or English and also allows players to change to either voice setting on the go. Because of this, players have more freedom to customize their game to their language preference.

That being said, If you ever want to switch to Japanese Voices in Tales of Arise, it’s easy. Just head to the main menu by either returning to the title screen while in the game or by launching the game.

When you reach the title screen, there will be an option labeled voice selection. Click it, and you will be able to change the voices of all characters in the game from English to Japanese vice versa.

Once changed, you may need to reload or relaunch the game before the changes take effect, but in most cases, the voices should change without needing to restart the game.

After you change the voices to either English or Japanese, just reload the game and the changes will be made, and all characters in Tales of Arise voices will change from either English to Japanese or Japanese to English.

If you change the voices to Japanese, just make sure that subtilities are on, beyond that, that’s all you need to know about how to change voices in Tales of Arise.

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