TarisLand Classes and Character Creation

We are with you with the Classes and character creation guide of TarisLand, the new mmorpg game of Tencent Games, which draws attention with its similarity to World of Warcraft.

TarisLand Classes & Character Creation

Tarisland Classes

Chinese gaming tycoon Tencent, the owner of League of Legends, has been accused of “plagiarising” Blizzard’s iconic MMORPG, World of Warcraft, as a new trailer bears a lot of resemblance to the WoW.

Entitled ‘Tarisland,’ the first trailer for the game dropped a couple of weeks ago, but has since been picked up by the World of Warcraft community.

Opening with a scene ominously reminiscent of WoW’s Dark Portal in The Burning Crusade, we see several zones that bear similarities to Ardenweald and Revendreth, and a character that looks very like the Alliance’s fallen king, Anduin Wrynn.

There are airship battles akin of Mists of Pandaria, creatures that resemble Murlocs and the Naga, minotaurs that look and act like Tauren, a Horde-style logo – you name it. The combat and character creation also looks like it walked straight out of Azeroth.

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