Tavern Master 5 Star Hotel

Welcome to our Tavern Master 5 Star Hotel guide. This guide will show you minimum requirements for 5 stars.

Tavern Master 5 Star Hotel

Minimum Requirements

Do not place any lesser version of the Bed or Wardrobe in your room or you will lose stars.

i.e. if you have both a 5-star and 4-star bed, it will only count the 4-star bed.

Here’s an example showing the bare minimum:


With the bare minimum done, let’s see how to be a little more efficient.

The max amount of beds in each room is 5.

Here’s an example of a 6 square room in a 2×3 configuration:

Notice how there’s 4 double and 1 single bed. You can fit 5 double in a 7 square room, if you want.

However, that 7th square is better spent on another room.


Design and build your own medieval tavern!
Tavern Master is a medieval tavern management game where you are responsible for building, maintaining and operating your own cozy tavern!

Buy tables and benches, fill kegs with drinks, hire staff, and then you’re ready to serve your first customers. If your employees are happy and there are enough drinks and seats for your guests, you can quickly grow your business in many different ways.

  • Build a kitchen and hire chefs to serve all kinds of food. Make sure there is enough material or your customers might get angry
  • Organize special events to attract special customers with specific food and beverage requests. They come during the day and stay all day
  • Hire musicians to attract more people to your tavern and make customers more patient while they wait for their drinks to arrive.

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