Team Fortress 2 – Sentry Buster

Sentry Buster How to Destroy?

Tired because you just hitting sentry with your wrench? Tired because you have to wait sentry buster to come into your sentry? Wanting sentry buster to get destroyed immediately so you dont have to leave your nest? Fear no more. This simple guide will help you to easier/deal your work againts sentry buster


You have to get maxed jump height for your engineer. It costed 300 Money total to get maxed jump height. And also you need to haul your sentry in order to destroy sentry buster immediately (Placing in spot near exploit is really recommended / Using Rescue ranger to pick up your building and reach exploit area quickly)

1: Mannhattan

This is the exploit spot where you can destroy sentry buster immediately.

And also this is the spot if you want to reach exploit area quickly.

2: Rottenburg

Simple place if you want to reach The exploit place at Rottenburg. By jumping and standing in this big rock (shown by image)

Just stand on that place i circled there.


It takes about 2/3 seconds to make sentry buster detonate. And keep in mind, if you are too late to detonate sentry buster, it will be disaster for your teammate because battlefield is the place where your team is fighting.

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