TEKKEN 8: Kazuya Combos

This guide will show you detailed about Kazuya combos in TEKKEN 8.

Easy Kazuya Combos

Some reliable combos with stable and fairly doable routes for my fellow Kazuya players, even beginners!

On Normal Hit

  1. (E)WGF, (E)WGF(, f1), df1df2, dash, 31 df3
  2. ff3, ss3, b22, df1df2, dash, 31 df3
  3. twin pistons, (12)43, b221+2
  4. ws2, ws1+2, b22, df1df2, dash, 31 df3
  5. (as D Kaz) ss2, u1+2, dash, b22, df1df2, dash, 31 df3

On Cunter Hit

  1. ss3, cd1, b31, db2, ff4
  2. cd1+2, dash, 314, df321, dash, b221+2
  3. ff4, df321, ff, df14
  4. df2, 314, df1df2, dash, hellsweep to left hook
  5. d1+2, ws1+2, b22, df1df2, dash, 31 df3

Quick Remark

Most combo fillers and enders are obviously interchangeable, depending on what one wants. For example, we end combos with;

  • 31 df3 (if we’re looking for damage)
  • df14 (if we’re close to the wall and want a sweet wall splat) or even b24
  • 221+2 (for something in between since this ender does 13 damage instead of 15 and 9 and wall splats decently sometimes and especially if we screw/bound our opponents afar from us).

Main Wall Combos;

  • df3+412 (most damaging)
  • b24, df2 (best if dashing in from afar)
  • df14, 1+2 (at point blank)
  • (E)WGF, 1+2 (for the swag)
  • df321 (best for wall or balcony break).
  • Alternatively, one can do;
  • b241 (for wall or balcony break)
  • b31, df2 (if you feel stylish).

Lastly, Don’t Forget That After; (On Normal Hit)

  1. while crouching df3+4,
  2. ss1+2
  3. ff1+2


  1. f4 (on counter hit)
  2. db2 (on ch),
  3. ws1+2 (on ch),

ff4 is always guaranteed if one is fast enough!!

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