Details about mehtods for Perfect Electric Wind God Fist in the game.

If you need methods and tips to make it easier to practice the Perfect Electric Wind God Fist in the game, you can find PEWGF and EWGF details in this guide.


The Electric Wind God Fist (EWGF) stands out as a hallmark maneuver within the Mishima style Fighting Karate. It shares the same input as the standard Wind God Fist but demands precise timing, constituting a “just frame” execution. If a player inputs the d/f command and the 2 input on the exact same frame, the Electric Wind God Fist will supersede the Wind God Fist.

Normally executed in 14 frames, there exists an elite variation known as the “Perfect Electric Wind God Fist,” abbreviated as PEWGF, achievable in just 13 frames. Only Kazuya possesses the prowess to execute this move, owing to his mastery of the mist step technique.

In Tekken 8, when Kazuya, Reina, or Devil Jin are in Heat, the stringent just frame requirement is relaxed. Instead, players can opt for the standard Wind God Fist input, albeit at the cost of depleting a portion of the Heat bar. Notably, executing the just frame input for EWGF during Heat won’t consume that portion of the Heat bar.

Explanation of What Needs Fixing

So the reason I wasn’t able to do this is that I discovered I wasn’t making a clean Down + Forward arrow input. (2+6 or 2+4, ↘ or ↙)

Despite it seeming easy, if you turn on Input History in Practice Mode, you’ll see that a lot of times Down or Forward comes out a frame earlier than the Down + Forward itself. Any inconsistency in this will ruin the input.

The same thing becomes the problem when you start pressing Right Punch. You will see Right Punch is frames earlier or later than Down + Forward.

How to Correct your Inputs

The only way to make your Down + Forward and eventually Down + Forward + RP (Right Punch) inputs clean is to do them one at a time.

Notice: Your hardware matters here! Controllers with joined D-Pads are significantly harder to get to do a clean input because the button presses can come out inconsistently since they affect each other. If you have an SNES-Like controller or a joined 4-Way pad of any kind it is HIGHLY recommended you switch to something else. Otherwise you might be in for a much longer struggle here than you’re willing to stick out.

Down + Right

Go into practice mode. Turn on Input History.

Now practice pressing Down + Right until you can consistently do it without any individual Down or Forward button presses appearing in the history, before or after.

Do this until you can do as many as you want in a row, at least 20. (This might take days or weeks, so be patient.)

Down + Right + RP

Now practice pressing Down + Right + RP at the same time the same way.

Input such that no individual Down, Forward or RP inputs appear before Down + Right + RP in the input history. (It does not matter here if they appear after, but you are extra good if they don’t.)

Extra Tip #1: You might need to “piano” these keys by thinking about it in your mind such that you believe or feel as though you’re pressing the RP button before the Down and Forward buttons. This is because on many controllers, the directional arrows are more sensitive than the Shape / Letter buttons, and thus take less time to register an input. Your thumbs also don’t move at the same speed because they are always oriented slightly differently due to the difference in shape and distance between the Direction and Shape / Letter buttons. You will have to get used to how your input device of choice handles and feels.

Extra Tip #2: I’ve seen this tip other places and it has worked for me. If you’re playing on Pad, it is significantly easier to get a clean Down + Forward + RP input by practicing with the RP button mapped to the Left Bumper or Trigger instead of Y / Triangle. This is because it is easier to perform simultaneous button presses on the same hand. If you embrace changing the default button mappings, this might help you as well.

Do this until you can do as many as you want in a row, at least 20. (This might take weeks or months this time, so be patient again.)

Forward Press

Finally, once you have mastered the Down + Right + RP input, simply input Forward and let go before activating this input from muscle memory.

The tip or hint here is to wait until you feel yourself pull your thumb / hand completely off the Forward button or motion after the input to ensure the input is clean and accurate.

This part is significantly easier not just because it’s only one input, but because the Neutral frames you need afterwards happen automatically. As long as you completely let go of Forward at any time, you have already done this correctly. Just don’t press anything again until you feel this happen.

Having done that, all you have to do then is press Down + Forward + RP in time for the PEWGF to happen, like you have already practiced thoroughly.

Final Notes About PEWGF Rules

The only requirement here is that you complete the Down + Right + RP input successfully on or before frame 13. This means 12 frames can pass before you press Down + Right + RP for the PEWGF to still come out. The only other requirement is that there are any number of Neutral frames in between.

In my experience, the faster you do the input, the less room for error, so try to make it come out after you have let off Forward for only 3 to 4 frames. If you’re doing it later than 10, you might need to go back and practice more to make your inputs tighter / more consistent and try again.

Written by Cactus

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