Terra Invicta Cheats

Welcome to our Terra Invicta Cheats guide. This guide is only intended to show you quick […]

Welcome to our Terra Invicta Cheats guide. This guide is only intended to show you quick and easy ways to make your game easier. Go give it to those aliens for what! We know that there are people who have a hard time finishing the Terra Invicta game. If you are one of those who find it difficult to finish the game, let’s take you to our Terra Invicta guide.

Terra Invicta Cheats

This guide is only intended to show you quick and easy ways to make your game easier. Go give it to those aliens for what!

Getting a Better Start

1. Go to C:Program Files (x86)SteamsteamappscommonTerra InvictaTerraInvicta_DataStreamingAssetsTemplatesTIFactionTemplate.json. It can be opened with any text editor, such as Notepad.

2. Find the faction you want to play next and scroll down to their “baseAnnualIncomes”. Right below that should be “startingResources”. These represent, as expected, the faction’s base resource income (before being modified by everything you do in a playthrough) and its starting resources.

3. Take note of what these values are currently.

4. Edit them to be higher.

5. Start a new save file with the edited faction (if you edited startingResources) or just load a current one (if you edited baseAnnualIncomes).

Congratulations, you are now rich! Like Earth’s protectors/guiders/overlords/whatever should be. Enjoy a much easier game.

Make sure you edit the values back to their original before your next game! Unless you want to make things harder for yourself, which is a valid option. You could also verify the game files via Steam to reset the values.

From Profugo Barbarus: “Additionally, I’ve found that in the faction template, you can add negative monthly income to a faction. Want to be stronger without being overtly overpowering? Give everyone else some handicap, rather than your own buff.” Thank you for this information.

Save File Editing

1. Launch the game and select “uncompressed saves” from the in-game option menu. Of course, this will cause the save files to take up a lot more storage space.

2. Make a new save on your playthrough. Note its name.

3. Go to C:UsersYourUsernameDocumentsMy GamesTerraInvictaSaves. You should see the save file as a .json and be able to edit it with a text editor as normal.

Save file changes are not reverted by verifying the integrity of the game files.

Useful procedures:

  • Search one of your councillors’ names and you will be able to edit their stats (including loyalty) and XP. I don’t know what the stat cap is, if any. The XP cap is 99, beyond that the game won’t allow the councillor to spend XP.
  • You can also change councillors’ traits, however some of the traits have different programming names than their in-game name. You can copy/paste a trait from another councillor to make sure the name is correct.

You can also edit your resources, both stockpile and income, by searching for “resources”: { in the save file. Make sure the numbers you’re looking at match up with your resource numbers in-game. Otherwise you could be editing another faction.

  • “You can search for the countries to get their country code (for easy reference), scroll up to “directInvestmentedIPsThisYear” to reset the 200 point max to zero so you can reinvest.”


I haven’t fully looked through all the .jsons or the uncompressed save file, but there’s probably other good things to edit. I also saw the AI factions’ decision-making weights in TIFactionTemplate.json, so perhaps you could edit that to make them lay off an activity that’s hindering you?

Obviously there is a lot more that can be done with modding and save file editing. Someone has put a debug mode mod on the Steam Workshop already, very impressive. But this guide is just intended to show quick and easy ways to make your playthrough easier. Go give those aliens what for!

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