Terraria: Best NPC Placement for Happiness 1.4

Check out and learn Best NPC placement and housing guide for happiness in Terraria.

In this content, you can read the terraria optimal npc setup and happines guide. There are certain settlements to regulate housing guide in terraria. You can find them in our guide and we will provide terraria best npc setups and placements for you.

Also be sure to check out our latest Terraria hoiks guide. Be sure, there are many things that you do not know yet that will be useful to you.

Terraria NPC Housing Guide

Below I will provide an explanation for in a quick description why I have located who I have collectively in the identical household. I am open to reviews and different idea’s so sense free to comment and permit me know.

NPC Placement for Happiness

If you already know what happiness is and the way it outcomes the NPC, sense free to skip this part.

In the new 1.4 update, NPCs now have individual choices about living close to other NPCs or what biome they stay in which in turn affects their costs. The lowest fees they are able to get all the way down to are 75% of the original fee when they’re happy. The highest fees they can stand up to are 150% of the original price.

So, this device blessings gamers who treat their NPCs with care and now not don’t simply cramp all of them into one small box. You will need to elevate the happiness of any NPC Vendor before they’ll sell you Pylons for the biome they’re currently in. You may have a max of 2 NPCs inside 25 blocks and a max of four NPCs within a hundred and twenty blocks, otherwise it’ll be considered “over crowded” and raise expenses for all NPCs affected.

Get extra of a reduction for putting them with NPCs they love vs just like. If you positioned them with NPCs they dislike or hate, then costs will move up. This would not have an effect on the Travling or Skeleton Merchant; they use exclusive mechanics which I’ll cover below.

Optimal NPC Preview

Terraria Best NPC Placements
Terraria Optimal NPC Setup and Happiness

NPC Housing Guide


  • Guide + Merchant – Near/in your foremost base inside the forest
  • Zoologist + Golfer – Anywhere at the least 25 blocks faraway from the Guide and Merchant so that you do not get terrible happiness


Prior to shifting the Tax Collector (or Santa) you will need to transport Mechanic and Cyborg to the snow biome and buy the pylon.

  • Santa – Likes the snow but hates Tax Collector so make sure he’s far sufficient away
  • Tax Collector + Any NPC Pet – Likes the snow, I’m now not sure if happiness impacts how much/rapid he makes money needs testing but will maximum probable flow him as soon as I get Santa. Need 2 NPCs to use the Pylon and pets remember as an NPC to use Pylons.


  • Steampunk + Cyborg – Best charges for Steampunk, she loves Cyborg and Desert and Cyborg likes Steampunk
  • Gun Dealer + Nurse – Getting satisfactory charge from Gun Dealer


  • Witch Doctor + Dryad – They just like the jungle and each different
  • Painter + Clothier – Painter likes the jungle and wished a spot to put the Clothier (I do not value him very excessive if you can’t tell he is free to roam)


  • Pirate + Angler – Best fees for Pirate for buying gadgets to reinforce your defenses for invasions
  • Stylist + Dye Trader – Best charges for Stylist, she loves the Dye Trader and Ocean

Mushroom Surface

  • Truffle + Any NPC Pet – Truffle will spawn on Mushroom surface, however you will want to create it manually first while in hardmode. Need 2 NPCs to use the Pylon and pets matter as an NPC to use Pylons. You will need to move any other NPC (Dryad for example) with Truffle to shop for the Pylon first then you may circulate the Dryad out and move the Pet in


  • Wizard + Party Girl – They both like Hallow and each other


  • Demolitionist + Tavernkeep – Love each other and likes underground, desirable to have the pylon right here for gem tree farm
  • Goblin Tinkerer + Mechanic – Best charges for reforging with the Goblin Tinkerer

Traveling and Skeleton Merchants

Traveling Merchant

His costs are maximum the the closer he’s to the initial spawn. The further away he’s from the initial spawn the decrease his prices are. He has a risk to randomly spawn every day next to 2 NPC’s. So make certain to have city in Ocean biome and what ever biome is next in your dungeon and wish he spawns there for the lowest fees.

Skeleton Merchant

His prices and item he sells are suffering from the phase of moon which I will display the charge exchange below. During the sunlight hours his expenses will pass up 10% and all through night time time there may be no effect to prices. Note that he spawns randomly underground and could despawn as soon as he’s off.

Terraria Traveling and Skeleton Merchants
Terraria Optimal NPC Setup and Happiness

Terraria NPC Layout

Here is an instance of the format I will be using. 8 x 8 11 x 8 eight x eight (counting outer walls).

This leaves room for you to add a few chests or decorations if you want around the pylon.

Terraria NPC Layout
Terraria Optimal NPC Setup and Happiness

Pre-Hardmode NPCs

NPCHow To Unlock
GuideUnlocked by default
MerchantHave a total of 50 Silver
NurseHave more than 100 Health
DemolitionistObtain an explosive
Dye TraderObtain dye
AnglerFind at the beach
DryadDefeat any boss other than the Wall of Flesh or the Slime King
PainterUnlock 8 other NPCs
GolferSpeak to him in the underground Desert
ZoologistFilled 10% of Bestiary
Arms DealerObtain bullets or a gun
TavernkeepDefeat the Brain of Cthulhu or the Eater of Worlds
StylistFree her inside a spider cave
Goblin TinkererDefeat the Goblin Invasion
Witch DoctorDefeat the Queen Bee
MechanicFound in dungeon
Party GirlWith 14 NPCs, she will have a small chance to spawn
ClothierDefeat Skeletron
terraria best npc setups

Hardmode NPCs

NPCHow To Unlock
WizardFound in Cavern
Tax CollectorUse Purification Powder in the Underworld
TruffleCreate a surface Glowing Mushroom biome
PirateDefeat the Pirate Invasion
SteampunkerDefeat Skeletron Prime, The Destroyer, or The Twins
CyborgDefeat Plantera
PrincessUnlock all other NPCs besides Santa Claus
Santa ClausDefeat the Frost LegionOnly available from December 15 to December 31
terraria best npc setups

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  1. Thanks for this guide! I have never bothered about putting my npc’s in different biomes, but now I will for sure do so!

  2. 2000HTerrariaPlayer

    Hey. Nice. Thanks. This works great for me. If you want ultra specific detailed guides on npc happiness to find the best prives for the yaw you love to play (and pay), then find something else. If you want functionality at the cost of maybe a few gold every once and a while (over time), this is your setup. Been using this guide since happiness was a thing, and it still works great. Nice job on writing this, and for players, go ahead and use this setup. It works great. GGs buddy 🙂

  3. camerashuttercount

    This guide is amazing! I’ve been struggling to find the right NPC placement for my Terraria world, but this guide has been so helpful. The tips on encouraging certain NPCs to move in are spot on. I can’t wait to try it out and see how it affects my world’s happiness. Thanks for sharing!

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