The Coffin of Andy and Leyley All Achievements Guide

Discover the specifics of earning game achievements in our guide, providing detailed insights into what you need for success.

What do you need to get achievements in the game? Here’s what you’ll learn in detail in this guide.

All Achievements Guide

This guide is for the people who want all the achievements in: The Coffin of Andy and Leyley. All you need to to is complete both episodes and you get these achievements.

Vision Watcher

1 After Ashley tells you to go inside the motel room instead go back inside the cultist lair

2 enter the staff room with Ashley

3 Interact with the elevator and go back to the stairs

4 A cultist wil arrive and escort you to the lair

5 Interact with the circle

6 Light up all the candles

7 Turn the music behind the bar and interact with the cultist

8 A demon will appear

9 after that you will be escorted back, once you are in the halls you will talk with ashley and you should get the achievement after the dialogue has ended

Hitman Wins

1 When you are in the motel room after the hitman entered it, instead of going for the laundry just interact with the closet and you are done!


1 After killing the hitman and go for his car and have a chat with Andrew

2 After falling asleep you will enter the demon dream thingy

3 After you get to this part make sure to collect all flowers that are in here otherwise you cant get to the present

4 After collecting all the flowers go trough the left door

5 after you get here again make sure you collect all the flowers (except the middle one that one is useless

6 Then just build a flower bridge to the present and interact with it and you are done!

Vision Watcher

1 After Ashley wants to leave to collect the money you need to pick trust Andrew

2 After mom gives you the deal you need to accept it in order to get the achievement

3 Long long after that ashley will go to sleep

4 when you get to this part build up to the plank

5 with the plank get to the flowers and collect them all

6 After that return to where you picked up the plank and make a flower bridge to the key

7 after picking up the key go trough the door and you will get to this part

8 just get to this top door and go trough it

9 after that just interact with the demon and you should get the achievement!

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