The Entropy Centre Terminal Message Locations

Welcome to our The Entropy Centre Terminal Message Locations guide. Most of the locations. Currently more will be added when 73/76 finds them. We know that there are people who have a hard time finishing the The Entropy Centre game. If you are one of those who find it difficult to finish the game, let’s take you to our The Entropy Centre guide.

The Entropy Centre Terminal Message Locations

Most of the locations. Currently more will be added when 73/76 finds them.

Act 1

  • 2 right where you wake up
  • computer on left side of first open room after elevator
  • testing lab, left side
  • across from ball testing area, stand on scaffold and rewind it
  • Atop the “falling debris” in office 01A before level 0101

Act 2

  • 2 Office 0204D right before level 0204
  • Office next to 0205 start, Rewind power breaker on wall through grate

Act 3

  • 2 Puzzle 0302 up high across from entrance
  • 2 Inside puzzle 0304, left side up high. Jump from top level onto jump cube placed below at the start.

Act 4

  • 2 Puzzle 0403, down the stairs and to the left
  • 2 After 0403, to the left row of computers under HR Sign on a desk, one in the back

Act 5

  • Top of stairs before you detach the container
  • 2 Puzzle 0503, down and to the left, next to cat posters
  • Puzzle 0504, left at the start, desk with lots of files

Act 6

  • After getting off the giant elevator, off to the right in the supermarket area
  • Puzzle 0601 Across the bridge cube bridge, in the office.
  • Right after 0601, grab power box from 21 and open bean office
  • Puzzle 0603 far side of room, use bridge and jump cube to access
  • After exiting puzzle 0604, on the right on a low table

The Entropy Centre Terminal Message Locations Act 7

  • Straight ahead from exiting the elevator
  • From the first beach, walk around the rocks to the right into a small cave
  • 2 To the right of the entrance to the museum on a table
  • Top floor of museum, next to giant screen
  • Puzzle 0703, desk right across from the start
  • Puzzle 0704 Take bridge cube across the river and then go through the forest on the far side until you get to the edge, terminal is across the gap in the open office hanging off the cliff

Act 8

  • 2 Puzzle 0801, reverse up the broken bridge, inside office where laser cube is
  • 2 After Lockdown room, office around the corner on the left, lots of fans
  • After 0804 exit, on the left

Act 9

  • After the next lockdown room, rewind up to the second level and go into the far door that has a green light, desk on the left
  • 2 Pass under that same rubble into an office area, desk on the left
  • After 0905 exit, office on the left, back left corner on a desk

Act 10

  • 2 After the next lockdown and elevator ride, office on the left, back left corner desk
  • Back left corner of the conveyer belt area, next to the jump cube
  • Puzzle 1002 desk right side after first double jump
  • Puzzle 1003 Right side desk

Act 11

  • Level 5 of the personnel quarters, with the bridge cube
  • Level 6 before the exit, door on the right side
  • After puzzle 1102 in the ping pong room, left of path
  • Puzzle 1104 Desk right side

Act 12

  • Puzzle 1201, right side at start
  • Office 04J, found after rewinding metal stairs and fighting some robots
  • After puzzle 1204 office 05D to the right of the exit, desk on the right

Act 13

  • 2 After falling from the core, off to the right behind the pillars, in the dark on a desk
  • After falling from the core, ahead and to the left behind the pillars. In office 04D
  • After meeting E again inside the next building desk on the right
  • 9 in the office loop

The Entropy Centre Terminal Message Locations Act 14

  • Rewind up to the second story after dropping the container
  • After 1403, in an office on the left
  • Puzzle 1405 use tall cube to get to left side of orange area on the left
  • Evacuation Bay after second jump
  • Evacuation Bay, after opening the gate before going up the stairs, back and to the right

Act 15

  • Puzzle 1501 in an office up and to the right, reset the cubes to have the bridge cube point at door, use bridge cube to get there

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