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THE FINALS Anti-Cheat Errors FIX

Encountering anti-cheat errors in THE FINALS? Refer to our THE FINALS Anti-Cheat Errors FIX guide for essential information on resolving the issue.

If you need information to fix the anti-cheat error in THE FINALS, you should check out our guide.

Anti-Cheat Errors FIX

This guide provides step-by-step instructions to address anti-cheat errors. By following these procedures, users can eliminate issues related to anti-cheat software and ensure a smooth gaming experience.

First Solution: Resolving Anti-Cheat Issues – Non-English Characters in File Paths

Section 1: Changing Computer and User Names

  • Navigate to “Control Panel” -> “System and Security” -> “System.”
  • Click on “Advanced system settings” and go to the “Computer Name” tab.
  • Click “Change” and modify the computer name to be in English.
  • Save the changes.

1.2 Changing the User Name to English

  • Access “Control Panel” -> “User Accounts” -> “User Accounts.”
  • Choose your user account and select “Change your account name.”
  • Change your user name to English.
  • Save the changes.

Section 2: Modifying Game File Paths

2.1 Renaming the Game Folder

  • Locate the folder containing the game files.
  • Rename the folder to eliminate any non-English characters in the path.

2.2 Renaming “Мой компьютер” to English

  • On the desktop, right-click on the “This PC” (or “Computer” in older versions) icon.
  • Select “Rename” and change the name to English.


  • Upon completing these steps, restart the game to see the resolution of the anti-cheat error. This guide aims to ensure a hassle-free gaming experience by addressing issues related to non-English characters in file paths.

Second Solution

Disable Crosshair Software and Other Programs

  • Some players have reported success by disabling crosshair software or any other programs that may interfere with the game, including NVIDIA Panel or other helper applications used in different titles.

Verify Integrity of THE FINALS’ Files

You can verify the integrity of the game’s files to check for conflicts with the anti-cheat system. To do this:

  1. Open the Steam client.
  2. Navigate to the game’s data settings.
  3. Select “Verify integrity of game files.”

Additional Steps

Repair the Anti-Cheat Service

If there are no third-party software conflicts compromising the anti-cheat service, you can try repairing the service itself:

  1. Go to THE FINALS’ installation folder.
  2. Access the Anti-Cheat folder.
  3. Run the file named “EasyAntiCheat_Setup.exe” as an administrator.
  4. Choose to repair the service.
  5. Restart your PC.
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