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THE FINALS Quick Cash with EFT Strats

Discover easy ways to earn quick cash with EFT strats. Our detailed guide provides valuable information to help you succeed in THE FINALS.

If you are looking for easy ways to earn quick cash with EFT strats, the detailed information in our guide may be useful to you.

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THE FINALS Quick Cash with EFT Strats

This game mode is flawed. Win easily quick cash game mode by using an effective low effort/high reward method from EFT, Hunt Showdown and other similar extraction titles. Not intended to other game modes.

Low Effort / High Reward camping

This game mode it is flawed which allows camping… for the sake of testing it out I have not lost a match since then by just doing little effort, regardless of skills…

Apply the Low Effort/High rewards: basically consists to do less and steal over the loot from others players that have made most of the arduous job in the game (very common in EFT, Hunt Showdown and other similar extraction titles).
100% winrate.

  1. As soon as the match starts, let the other 2 teams fight over the vault and transportation of cash. You don’t have to worry who claims first the cash from the vault (see the section below to know why).
  2. Meanwhile during that time the 3rd team (you and partners) should find an advantageous camping area near the cashout site and chill.
  3. Pay attention at distance where the Team 1 and Team 2 are fighting over, which is up to you how to engage and execute the ambush at the last ~20 seconds (3/4 circle full), swipe the weakened teams and capture objective. Let the rival teams gets weakened during the first 30 seconds.
  4. At this last step, the only engagement you have to do with your team is to get involve at the
    last 20 seconds left…
    At this time you’ll see a 3/4 circle:
    – Swipe the weakened teams or rival players left…
    – You need at least ~6 seconds to capture. This means you don’t have to even hold and defend the objective for more than 5 seconds…
    – It will be TOO LATE by other players to even recapture the $10K,
  5. Repeat the steps for each cashout.

Easy win in Quick Cash w/ EFT strats

Quick Cash allows up to 3 teams. Anyone who gets $30K first, wins.

What do you need to do/know:

  • Unlike Bank It, Quick Cash does not provide extra money or advantage with amount of kills, there is no real incentive if you get the money first from the vault, transportation of cash or delivery at the cashout site A/B..
  • Each cashout requires around 6 seconds to steal:
  • The team gets a fixed amount of cash ($10K) as long the circle finishes completely from the cashout site, regardless of the amount of time you’ve been defending or holding out the objective
  • Team comp: At least 1 Light class, or x2 Light class in order to engage quickly from the camp area to cashout site and capture.
  • Medium and small class detection items works for a few meters, it is useless to counter the campers due to the limited detection range (below 15 meters).
Written by FINAL_B

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