The Front How to Deal with Turrets

Facing turrets in The Front as a time-traveling resistance fighter? Wondering how to destroy them? Our guide, "The Front How to Deal with Turrets," has the answers you need.

How do you deal with turrets in The Front, where you are a resistance fighter sent back in time to stop the rise of a tyrannical empire? How do you destroy them? If you are looking for the answer to this question, you are in the right place, our The Front How to Deal with Turrets guide will help you.

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The Front How to Deal with Turrets

How to deal with turrets? How are turrets easily destroyed? If you are looking for answers to these questions, our The Front How to Deal with Turrets guide will give you detailed information.

Just Use Smoke Grenades

Most turrets rely on line of sight for targeting, so you can block them with smoke grenades.
Some details:

  • Smoke grenades start emitting smoke ~2 seconds after throw, and cloud lasts for ~10 seconds. Throwing animation takes 1 second.
  • Smoke grenades can be intercepted by turrets, in which case they’ll create a smoke cloud at the position they were shot down after ~1 second (even mid-air).
  • If you’re inside a smoke cloud, direct-fire turrets can’t target you.
  • If direct-fire turret is inisde a smoke cloud, it can’t target anything (you can attach C4 to a machinegun turret in smoke)
  • Turrets regain their targeting immediately when smoke dissipates, so you’ll need to throw new smoke grenade in advance.
  • You need ~10 grenades to approach gatling or machinegun turret if you start just beyond their max range.
  • Works against Automatic Ballista, Automatic Turret, “Phalanx” Defense cannon and “Devastator” Auto Gun. Does NOT work against “Sparrow” AA system.
  • Works against some traps (Arrow Wall, Flintlock Trap, Flamethrower)
  • Vehicle smokes (both engine and grenades) don’t have this effect..
  • Smoke grenades placed on top of the vehicle do not move with vehicle.

Video demonstration:

Tested on 1.0.10

Written by Ragvard Grimclaw

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