the Gnorp Apologue Talent Points Build

In (the) Gnorp Apologue, skill points contribute to your progress in the game. You can create skill points with the information in this guide.

This is the guide IIe4enka it was created by. You can find the author’s link at the end of the guide.

21 Talent Points Build (4.8G/min Collection Rate)

After 20+ hours I’ve figured out the biggest dps build and made it to 21 talent points. Probably could’ve gone up to 22-23 If I wanted.

Talent Tree

21 talent points build (4.8G/min collection rate)

This build requires 17 (Arrow’s last hurray is useless here) talent points to run. Crucial talents are:


Basically the build relies on Riflegnorps shooting grenades to quickly reset weakpoint discovery.
Rockets then pop these weakpoints which triggers shrine’s Overdrive accord for multiplying amount of overdrive bars being filled. Overdrive accord 3% of last 1minute damage stacks up on intself and propels your dps into ghorposphere.

Damage graph ends up looking kinda like this:

21 talent points build (4.8G/min collection rate)

Progression & Gnorp Allocation

You should be careful as this build relies on proper gnorp allocation and you should not waste any if you want to save your time.

To make this build work you need to have as many drones on Compression 9 as possible. To do that you need insane collection rates to keep up with your growing gnorpconomy.

You’ll need to get:

  • 3-5 zygnops (affinity to drones)
  • 30-50 runners (mode set to mountaineers)
  • 20+ mountaineers
  • 30 bombers (any mode)
  • as many riflegnorps as you can (modern warfare)
  • at least 15 drones on Compression 9 (fastest mode)


  • Enriched Puke + Amplified observation + Flowerpower
  • All 3 accords
  • Vulnerability
  • Terathrusters
  • Ice Arrows
  • All Rock Analysis upgrades, excluding Reclamation Nulification
  • Gnorp Propulsion all upgrades and Timeshift Impact set to 1

I’ll update the guide someday with the more efficient setup if I have the time

Written by IIe4enka

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