The Henry Stickmin Collection Walkthrough & Achievements

The Purpose of this Guide is to help you get the The Henry Stickmin Collection Secret Achievements & Walkthrough in the game.

Updated January 24, 2023

The Henry Stickmin Collection Walkthrough and Achievements

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Prologue: Breaking the Bank

*Chirp Chirp*

  • After using shovel, click on the cars
The Henry Stickmin Collection
The Henry Stickmin Collection Secret Achievements and Walkthrough

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Episode 1: Escaping the Prison – The Henry Stickmin Collection Secret Achievements and Walkthrough

Donut Want

  • Collect the 5 donuts.
  • 1 Donut On the Pizza Box

(After going left in the vent) 3 Donuts On the Desk

1 Donut in the cop’s hand


  • In the “Lobby Turn”, go down


  • In the credits of the sneaky ending, click the sun

It’s a joke

  • When using the opacitator, click on the word “opaque”

Episode 2: Stealing the Diamond -The Henry Stickmin Collection Secret Achievements and Walkthrough


  • At the “Backdoor” Select Snap Neck
The Henry Stickmin Collection
The Henry Stickmin Collection – Secret Achievements and Walkthrough

Like a D6

  • After Sneak In, Choose Jumble Hoppers 3 times in a row


  • Click on multiple windows during Pokeball

tl; dr

  • Click on the word “Here”


  • Click on all 40 Paintings
  • Too hard to make with pictures so there’s only the video:

Episode 3: Infiltrating the Airship


  • In the credits of the RPEC ending, click on the tf2 icon

Famous Movie Line

  • At the fail screen of Ninja Star, click on the letters M-U-L-A-N


  • Click on the sun during the RBH ending

Bound to the Earth & Last Reverie

  • Bound to the Earth= Yo-yo then Goods
  • Last Reverie= Dirk then Tools


  • Click on “oooooohhhh Banana” at the banana bomb fail screen

Barnyard Blitz

  • Choose Make an animal noise


  • Click on the word butterfingers at the Parachute fail screen

You Win!

  • Choose Sticky Hand then Ball ‘n Chain


  • Hover your mouse on the Fail Text

Biggol Sword

  • First, get (click) the gold key on the book (i took the screenshot too late, but its supposed to be on the book next to the computer)
  • After freeing the prisoner, you will get to the ruby, where he reappears very briefly, and also drops a flashdrive, click the flashdrive (top right corner on the blanket)
  • Now get to the PBT ending where you have to choose CDs, but instead of choosing the CD, choose the USB (and remember the code)
  • Now choose earpiece then vacuum, and click on the keypad on the wall
  • Now input Code
  • A door will open, now when you get to the chase with the toppat clan leader, you will enter the door and get the sword, GG

Episode 4: Fleeing the Complex – The Henry Stickmin Collection Secret Achievements and Walkthrough


  • On the Plunger Boots fail screen keep clicking “aeiou”


  • Choose Sniper and Crossbow, then click the “replay” on the fail screen


  • Choose the building, and at the fail screen wait a bit

Easy Achievement

  • Click on “here” at the slingshot fail screen, then follow the instructions of the box (be careful, it tries to trick you)


  • Click on Bruno 3 times
  • 1st one is the moon at the docks when selecting Shadozer
  • 2nd one is the moon in the PD ending (in the credits)
  • 3rd and last is when you choose the Item Box when escaping you need to spam click the item box to get bruno


  • Click on Waldorf behind the rock which is left to the right arrow (Bike Exit)

Nailed It!

  • Click on the ground when Henry lands
  • 1st at Power Jump
  • 2nd at Helium
  • 3rd and last at Leaf

Rise ‘n Shine

  • Click on all 5 Gmen
  • 1st after using Leaf
  • 2nd after Tactical (Yard)
  • 3rd after doing Earthbend
  • 4th after Toss
  • 5th and last After calling the toppat clan

Episode 5: Completing the Mission

Speedrun Strats

  • Click (spam that button) on the white tank
The Henry Stickmin Collection
The Henry Stickmin Collection – Secret Achievements and Walkthrough

This is fun!

  • Click Swap until Charles scolds you


  • Press the F key at the mannequin fail screen

Lockpick Pro

  • Click on Lockpick until you get to the fail screen

Greasy Delight

  • Click on the word butterfingers

Play of the Game

  • Click on the word “Play of the Game” at the Absorb fail screen


  • Click on the sun in the capital gains credits sequence

Assemble the Crew

  • Click on all the dolls


Dark Blue

Dark Green








Cyan (Light Blue)

Light Green

Multiverse Correction

  • Requirements are unknown, however all i can say is that the only way i got it was to have all fails, all endings, and all Bios from each game except CtM (episode 5)

20 thoughts on “The Henry Stickmin Collection Walkthrough & Achievements”

    1. One of the multiverse correction requirements is to go to the chaos containment choices and click the dmthe note on the right at first it has a bar that needs to be filled (i dont know how to fill it) then once full it’ll open a fix button its the best achievement to get

  1. I believe you unlock the multiverse collection from getting all the endings. When I unlocked it I didn’t have all the bios in any of the games and I can’t remember if I had all the fails or not.

    1. P.S. No you don’t have to 100% I could get it with the first 3 games fully completed but have [episode 3, all endings & fails, missed an achievement, missed a bio] [episode 4, I got everything except, Rise & Shine, and 8 Bios] [episode 5: Again I got everything except 31 bios, I already got the Universe Imbalance achievement before posting this.]

  2. No. The multiverse ending is acquired by getting all of the fails and endings in all of the games. You do not need to get all of the achievements or bios in order to get this ending. Have fun!

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