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The House Of The Dead Remake Cheats Codes

Welcome to our The House Of The Dead Remake Cheats Codes guide. The House Of The Dead Remake revives this experience for the modern player while containing a lot of the classic game tropes, including cheat codes. It’s enjoyable to play through normally, but cheats can change things up in very entertaining ways.

The House Of The Dead Remake Cheats Codes

It used to be that going to the neighborhood arcade with a pocketful of pennies was a delightful way to spend an evening. Despite the fact that arcades are no longer popular, their games linger on and impact people today. House Of The Dead was a classic arcade shooter in which you and a partner were sent on a mission to exorcise the dead… from their homes.

Enter Codes

While many new and old games have a panel with a keypad-like UI where you can enter codes, the practice is to start the game and enter a combo. The House Of The Dead Remake follows tradition by allowing you to enter most of the codes while staring at the main menu on your controller.

You’ll know you entered the code correctly when a bright green text prompt pops up telling you that the code has been activated. The cheat will remain in effect until you stop or reset the game.

Since The House Of The Dead Remake is available only on the Switch, the cheat code combinations rely on a sequence of button presses that are still reminiscent of classic Nintendo controllers. However, most of the cheats don’t come free and require you to earn a certain number of Achievements before you can use them.

Cheat Codes

  • =amount of achievements required
  • 8 Unlimited Ammo: Q, E, Q, E, M, M
  • 16 One shot kill: Left, Up, Right, Down, M, M
  • 24 All Weapons Unlocked: M, M, K, K, Q, E
  • 32 Free Play: Up, Up, Up, E
  • 40 Invincible: Left, Right, Left, Right, M, M
  • Unlock All Secrets Characters (available at the start): On the Character Select screen, hold down L + R then enter up, down, X, Y, and Z.
  • Show High Score (available at the start): From the Pause Screen, hold down L + R then enter X, X, and X.

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